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Found 10 results

  1. I was just watching Dr Zhivago and I am almost certain that Richard Burton has a brief cameo. Is there any place I can search to confirm this? I have looked in the cast listings on Wiki, IMBD, TCM and Rotten Tomatoes
  2. Can you remember all of Hitchcock's film titles? https://www.sporcle.com/games/g/alfredhitchcock Can you recognize this Hitchcock cameos? https://www.sporcle.com/games/nscox/alfred-hitchcock-cameos-a-slideshow FWIW, Sporcle is a very addictive, trivia-oriented website. Check it out since they have countless of trivia games for just about any topic.
  3. Please solve this great mystery, by sharing the name of film recently aired in which a lead actress plays a football in a performance within the movie. Much appreciated in advance! Gratefully.
  4. Hello, I thought that I've been on the games and trivia forum long enough to start a thread. I'm Canadian, and thought I'd start a trivia thread about Canadian movie artists. Whether they have always been Canadian, were born in Canada, or were born in other countries and later became a Canadian citizen, these all qualify for this category. I'll start with the first question: What actor born in Montreal in the year 1931 moved to Ontario to perform at the Royal Shakespeare Company before moving to Hollywood in movies and later television is a Canadian who has never gotten American citizenship?
  5. While watching "The Scarlet Coat" with Cornel Wilde (1955), I noticed that, on the carriage which is said to be that of Anne Francis' character, who begins as a Tory sympathizer, there is a logo on the carriage door which bears a striking resemblance to the Rolling Stones logo, supposedly created in 1970 for the legendary rock group. Did it actually have its origins in the American Revolution as a Tory symbol. That would be a fascinating link, especially as the Stones were part of the "British invasion"
  6. Hello, everyone! This is a thread about rules, deadlines for giving up and allowing someone else to take a thread by just saying what the answer is. It may end up in the off topic section but I hope not as I think the main guessers in this forum never venture out of it when they are answering trivia questions. This thread is inspired by my attempts to get people to guess COWBOY was the film that starred Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon as the movie that was filmed in chronological order because Jack Lemmon did not know how to ride a horse just like his character did not. I started out giving a couple of clues, realized that no one was getting it and gave out clues such as this; HINT: I STARTED OUT A THREAD ON THE STAR WHO IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ACTORS IN THE FAVOURITES SECTION CALLED; ______________ __________________ FANS HERE. I then posted clues in this thread. The Ultimate Movie Trivia question was thus answered without letting people get bored and ignore it. What time frame rules would you like to see ? I also suggest that people occasionally try retyping all of the clues in one post when a trivia thread as I discovered when I did this question about Cowboy. I did not get angry when Princess of Tap said that she thought she only had to come up with Jack Lemmon as she read only the most recent clue and knew that he was married to Felicia Farr.
  7. I haven't found a thread devoted entirely to the stage in this games and trivia forum. If there is one then I haven't found it. I don't know how many people on a website devoted to movies will know the stage, but I thought that I would give this a try. I thought that I would create a thread for stage related trivia. I put Broadway in the title, but it could be RSC anywhere in the world or the west End in London, etc. It could be musical or non-musical. First question: Which long time composing team created a musical which included a song about being born on February 29th and therefore having had only 5 birthdays though living for 21 years?
  8. I''ve been wracking my brain for a film title... Storyline: A bum who uses rich peoples houses while they are on vactioning somewhere else. So charming....can't remember the stars...thought it was Thomas Mitchell and Joel McCrea but that didn't come up in a search. Someone help please and thank you. Carol
  9. Anyone up for playing "six degrees" with classic movie stars?
  10. I'm not quite sure how to describe this trivia exercise, except to say that the secret is to "answer" the question without really answering it. The point is to keep it going as long as possible without naming the film. Does that even make sense? Maybe not, but I'll give an example: Begin with: "This is Mrs. Norman Maine" Okay, we all know that this is from A Star Is Born, but instead of just giving the title, which anyone could do, you might reply with "Pocatello, Idaho" or "Jack Carson KO's James Mason" or "The night is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter" or any other line or memorable moment you can think of that immediately makes you think of the same movie. And then you pass it on to the next person, and see how long we can extend it and still come up with a familiar reference point. It's more of a community exercise than a competition. Of course "familiar" is subjective, but try not to make it too obscure. The idea is to keep it going. Yes, I know I should get a life, but what the hell, here are five starters, all of which should be easily recognizable for anyone who's seen these "Essentials" from 1933 through 1946: 1. "Must've been tough on your mother, not having any children!" 2. "That's arson!" 3. "Do come again, Mrs. PROWLER" 4. "Do your duty, McPherson!" 5. "Bright boy" Just remember NOT to name the movie.
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