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  1. United Artists The year started with a western saga The clown and the Kid was a family quickie The Misfits was both the final film for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, and was close to the end for Montgomery Clift and Thelma Ritter as well (they'd all be gone by the end of the decade). The film itself becomes a bit dull toward the end, but one thing is clear, it's Monroe's finest performance. It was time for a Frontier Uprising Dog versus criminals Don Murray brought religion and hope to prison... Flashback to the battle in Burma
  2. United Artists Mark of the Phoenix was a British heist film Victor mature was in Escort West, the rare film that has the genre in the title Maime Van Doren took care of one of the three Gs in Guns, Girls, and Gangsters Operation Murder was a thriller from England Mickey Rooney was a mad killer on death row in The Last Mile. it was back to the west with Mustang Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming spoofed the West in Alias Jesse James Some like It hot was a landmark comedy, a dizzy delight with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon at t
  3. United Artists The Betrayal was a low budget offering from England involving a man seeking to find who sold him out to the Germans This one was also known as Tiger by the Tail and was a British crime film Mark Stevens headed west And another trip west was in store Romance developed near the water The Quiet American was much changed from the Grame Greene book, which had viewed the title character, played by Audie Murphy, in a spectacularly horrible light War was again in the cards Gable and Lancaster came back to UA for
  4. United Artists Drango was a western starring Jeff Chandler The Halliday Brand was another Western this one with Joseph Cotten, Viveca Lindfors, Betsy Blair, and Ward Bond Barbara Stanwyck was suspected of a crime of Passion. Sterling Hayder, Raymond Burr, and fay Wray also starred. Four Boys and a Gun was a B crime film Ruth Roman was in trouble in Five Steps to Danger Chuck Connors went West Boris Karloff ran into the world of Voodoo The above was on a double bill with Pharaoh's Curse The Delinquents was the
  5. United Artists Aan was imported by UA from Bollywood As was the Tiger and the Flame. The Extra Day was a British comedy about a film having to do last minute reshoots Three Bad Sisters was a crime quickie Shadow of Fear was a suspense film with a stepmommie dearest Lilacs in the Spring found Errol Flynn in a musical (!) Mark Stevens starred in the noir Timetable, which had an early role for Jack Klugman Manfish was a white-knuckled underwater film Wendell Corey wanted to off Rhonda Fleming in The Killer is Loo
  6. United Artists This was a year that shows the changes that were soon going to transform UA once again into a force to be reckoned with. There are plenty of B films, but there are some A fils here, and some truly loved classics. The year opened with a Somerset Maugham adaptation, The Beachcomber with Robert Newton and Glynis Johns Battle Taxi was a Korean War drama with Sterling Hayden Sabaka was an adventure film made in India and featuring Boris Karloff Big House USA was a crime saga with Ralph Meeker and Broderick Crawford Joel McCrea starred
  7. William Lundigan, Herbert marshall, and Matha Hyer starred in the sci-fi film Riders to the Stars Personal Affair had Gene Tierney racing to protect husband Leo Genn from horrible claims made about what he had supposedly done to Glynis Johns. Dane Clark, Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee and the Harlem Globetrotters appeared in a sports film, Go Man Go Tony Curtis was among the marines in Beachhead Dragon's Gold was a crime film. Phil Silvers starred in Top Banana, a 3D musical overland Pacific was a B western In The Scarlet Spear, t
  8. Lots of B films for 1953, and unlike 1952, no Best Picture nominees in the pack here. But its a big pack, and the ranks include one that caused some to pass around the smelling salts at the time.... Genghis Kahn was made in the Philippines and arrived with UA backing in the US three years after it was made. The golden Arrow with Jean-Pierre Aumont and Burgess Meredith in the other male lead was even later: 4 years post its UK debut. Guerrilla Girl dealt with a woman who had joined the Communists after facing savage treatment at the hands of the nazis Luxury G
  9. Robert Preston went to England to star in the revenge thriller Cloudburst Thery Were Not Divided was a British war film. the picture is blurry but the man on the left is Desmond Llewllen, later to be known as Q in 17 James Bond films. Three Husbands was a comedy that featured the great Eve Arden. Yvonne De Carlo was up for sultriness in the comedy hotel Sahara, costarring peter Ustinov and David Tomlinson Jean Simmons and Dirk bogarde appeared in a well-regarded British thriller, So Long at the Fair, also with David Tomlinson, Honor Blackman, and Cathlee
  10. the decade began with George Montgomery as Davy Crockett, Indian Scout Gun Crazy is generally regarded as one of the ultimate noirs. the Cisco Kid rode again Love Happy was the final Marx Brothers comedy and the last time that Grocho, Chico, and Harpo all appeared in the same scene together. Teh(e)ran was a thriller in which there was a race against time to prevent FDR from being assassinated. this is the best I can do for The Great Plane Robbery, somebody holding a press sheet. Interesting to note that Margaret Hamilton had second billing.
  11. Just a Big Simple Girl was a French comedy that has seemingly disappeared without a trace, not even a picture remains Maria Montez was The Siren of Atlantis William Bendix received a rare lead in the noir Cover-Up Franchot Tone next took a stab at noir in Jigsaw Continuing the noir theme, it was Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines and Charles Coburn in Impact Concluding the noir quartet was John Payne in The Crooked Way George Raft, usually in noirs, headed off for an African adventure. Home of the Brave was in its day a much praised war
  12. David Niven was out to try to woo Joan Caufield, a woman who has just authored a book rejecting romance, in The Lady Says No. Dan Duryea resorted to desperate tactics to get the little sum he needed in Chicago Calling A Tale of Five Women was a European portmanteau film set in five different cities. The best known cast member was Gina Lollobrigida. Glenn Ford found himself caught up in a web of Nazis and duplicitous women while trying to obtain the missing Green Glove. Obsessed was a murder mystery set in the Victorian era that starred Geraldine Fitzgera
  13. Fanny by Moonlight started the year, four years late after its British release and with 17 minutes shaved off. It was provocative for the time Claudette Colbert, Robert Cummings, and Don Ameche made a sudden shift toward noir in Sleep My Love. On Our Merry Way was a compilation comedy, with 3 different sections. Here (in one of the parts) are Paulette Goddard and Burgess Meredith. Jimmy Stewart, Dorothy Lamour, Henry Fonda, and Fred Macmurray were also in it. Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer found love amidst war in Arch of Triumph. The Angry God was one
  14. 1947 opened with another return of Hopalong Cassidy. The Fabulous Dorseys was a loose biopic based on the Dorsey brothers, playing themselves here. Carnegie Hall was meant as a showpiece for many musical performances of the type the place might play Edward G Robinson came to UA to make The Red House, a psychological thriller Followed by another Hopalong The Sin of Harold Diddlesbrook was the last time for Harold Lloyd; RKO rereleased it under the name mad Wednesday Charlie Chaplin returned with Monsieur Verdoux. For a change, he was p
  15. With the end of the war came some very delayed British films, ones that had appeared in England up to even 4 years earlier..... Mr Emmanuel was a British film involving the plight of a Jewish man forced by a plea to go back inside Germany. Delightfully Dangerous was another musical with Jane Powell. Brewster's Millions was a brash, amusing take on a comedy perennial, handled with skillful timing. It's In the Bag was the only starring role in a film for Fred Allen. James Cagney and Sylvia Sidney starred in the romantic thriller Blood on the Sun
  16. This is a relatively sleepy year outside of the British imports, and there is a reason for that. It was in this year (or was it perhaps 1947?) that the Rank company switched distribution to Universal, and with many of their premier American produced moved elsewhere (Goldwyn moved to RKO in 1941; Selznick was trying it on his own.) So UA had a few leaner years, but they came back in the 1950s. 1946 started with the western Abilene Town with Randolph Scott and Ann Dvorak. George Raft and Ava Gardner topped the bill in the noir Whistle Stop Paulette Goddard was a servant
  17. 1942 started with another one of Hal Roach's comedy streamliners Which in turn was followed by another. note that lead William Bendix would have a breakout year in 1942 thanks to The Glass Key and Wake Island at Paramount Pimpernel Smith was the final leading part for Leslie Howard, who died in 1942. To Be or Not To Be had bad timing. By the time it was released, America had been at war for three months and the film's leading lady had been gone for two. As such the reception wasn't warm. With time though, people have come to realize what a brilliant film it is. Re
  18. The Lion has Wings was a propaganda film meant to raise British morale in World War II Laurel and Hardy were reunited for A Chump at Oxford. Walter Pidgeon fell for married woman Joan Bennett in the House Across the Bay. Did I mention she was married to a gangster? George Raft, Lloyd Nolan, and Gladys George costarred. Bryan Aherne's overly spoiled son Louis Hayward grew up rotten in My Son! My Son! Victor Mature and Carole Landis were cavepeople in One Million BC Laurel and Hardy returned for Saps at Sea Adolphe Menjou and Carole Lan
  19. Hopalong Cassidy started the year. Thornton Wilder's classic book The Bridge of San Luis Ray made its second of three trips to the big screen. Voice in the Wind was a film noir Shelley Winters made her debut in Knickerbocker Holiday, a Nelson Eddy musical Up in Mabel's Room was a comedy based on a play that was then 25 years old. More Hopalong Cassidy.... it Happened Tomorrow with Dick Powell and Linda Darnell was a lovely fantasy comedy that was most endearing with Powell as a man who suddenly started receiving tomorrow's papers.
  20. Merle Oberon won the lottery then proceeded to lose it all in Over the Moon, a comedy costarring Rex Harrison. I found it to be enjoyable. La Inmaculada was another foreign film pickup that seems to be listed places, but unfortunately again, no pictures have turned up. Constance Bennett, Roland Young, and Billie Burke returned to their former roles in the supernatural comedy Topper takes a Trip (the original was put out at MGM) Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard made a fine couple in the comedy drama made for Each Other, where they played a couple who married impulsively
  21. Anne Shirley and Carole Landis were in the modelling business in the musical The Powers Girl Paulette Goddard was chasing after Ray Milland's hand in marriage in The Crystal Ball. Caboose was a steamliner sequel to one of the 1942 offerings. Young and Willing had William Holden, Eddie Bracken, and Susan Hayward as aspiring actors waiting for their careers to take off in a showbiz comedy. UA handled early bookings of The Outlaw, the Western about Billy the Kid, that was more mentioned because of the many leering camera shots of Jane Russell in lowcut numb
  22. Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, and George Sanders started 1941 going with a swashbuckler, The Son of Monte Cristo. Adolphe Menjou, Carole Landis, and Patsy Kelly were off to the circus in Road Show. Martha Scott was a dedicated teacher in Cheers for Miss Bishop. Fredric March, Margaret Sullivan, Frances Dee, Glenn Ford, Erich von Stroheim, and Anna Sten astarred in So Ends Our Night, which was another one of the early anti-Nazi (and one of the most outspokenly so) films to come out before America joined the war. Topper returns was the final of the ghost c
  23. Miriam Hopkins and Gertrude Lawrence vied for Sebastian Shaw in the fierce Men are Not Gods, which also gave a push to Rex Harrison's career. Several Brits needed to attend to some unfinished business in India in Troopship. Henry Fonda and Sylvia Sidney made for a tragic pair of outlaws in love in Fritz Lang's brilliant You Only Live Once. Roland Young starred as The Man Who Could Work Miracles, a comedy written by HG Welles. Vivien Leigh and Rex Harrison, both early in their careers, appeared in Storm in a Teacup, a romantic comedy. leigh was
  24. Clive Brook was trying to clear his name from card cheating in Action for Slander. Ann Todd had top billing though. Joan Bennett and Henry Fonda traversed a long rocky road to love in I Met My Love Again Merle Oberon, Lawrence Olivier, Binnie Barnes, and Ralph Richardson starred in the popular The Divorce of Lady X, one of the first films in color to come out of England. Samuel Goldwyn staged a giant musical revue. Tommy Kelly and Jackie Moran were the famous Tom and Huck in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The Gaiety Girls was a romantic comedy f
  25. Le Golem was a monster movie from France. Cary Grant returned to his native England for The Amazing Adventure. Robert Donat was a ghost less than impressed with the brashness of American society in The Ghost Goes West. I think you can tell by my picture what I think of this next release. Modern Times is my pick for the best film ever made. I think that says enough there. Miriam Hopkins, Merle Oberon, and Joel McCrea appeared in These Three, a much changed version of Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour (filmed in a blunter version by the same director,
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