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Found 7 results

  1. I have TCM through my SLING TV subscription but I don't see SLING TV as a source when I try to set up the WATCH TCM app on my android phone or ROKU. Any help with this?
  2. The Apple TV Watch TCM app is not functioning properly. I can play the host intros, but I cannot play any movies or watch the live broadcast. If I try to play a movie, it loads the player, but the screen is black. I cannot move forward or backward in the video. If I try to watch live TV, it opens at the player and then quickly returned to the main menu. I have no problem with the app on my iPhone or iPad. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it several times and still I am not able to watch any movies. Is anyone else having this problem? My Apple TV is the fourth generation model and is running the latest version of TV OS (11.4.1). I can of course AirPlay but that is less convenient than using a native Apple TV app.
  3. The following films are not loading for me: Morning Glory 1933 Hollywood My Hometown 1965 Dr. Mabuse the Gambler 1922 Goodbye, Miss Turlock 1947 The first two show a counter-clockwise arrow (not buffering circle) and won't load. The second two won't load at all. Anyone out in TCM-land experiencing similar issues? Using a laptop, Windows 10 and DISH subscriber.
  4. Watch TCM works pretty well for me, but... (First... this is about Watch TCM on PC, not 'mobile'.) Watch TCM movie listing/info. - Details: Clicking "Details" in a movie's listing brings up an image and to the right is a brief information display... in a Large, Empty Space. At the top of this displayed info is the movie's rating, length, and... a 'category', usually, such as Comedy, Drama, etc. However, more often lately, I find it very irritating when I see a 'category' of "Adaptation". I can't see how that's useful. I don't really care whether it's an "adaptation" or not... I'd like to know the genre category, at-a-glance, not an origin classification. Since there's so much empty space... once could still include both the origin and a genre category. I think what many viewers are looking for is the GENRE of the film, to decide what to watch, plus... - Starring: It is commendable for TCM to list the lesser known actors, however... this now seems to be done by omitting the major stars and/or well-known actors of the movie. I really want to know whose work I'm going to be watching... I most often base my viewing on Genre and Principal Actors. There's PLENTY of Room to show the majority of the Cast in the Empty Space available in the PC version of Watch TCM. (The mobile version doesn't even provide a 'Details' display, so it's not necessary to conserve space.) if you're going to list the people 'starring' in the movie... you ought to list the Stars... followed by the rest of the Cast... as space permits... with there being a lot of space. The notable, recognizable 'stars' are not always in the image presented, nor necessarily recognizable as the image isn't all that 'big'. If the Details and Starring: matter to you, you might click the Contact Us button and say so. (It would also be a benefit if we could 'subscribe' directly just to Watch TCM over the Internet without the necessity of a cable subscription.)
  5. I'd like to contribute short reviews that appear on Watch TCM film information pages, but don't know how. Also, I read quite a lot of informed, interesting reviews in TCM forums, but the large majority of reviews on Watch TCM are really poor, lacking any informative information, just users inarticulate opinions. Wonder how the ones that are used are chosen?
  6. I am wondering if TCM is heading in this direction. Many people are ditching there $100 plus Cable TV subscriptions for streaming options. Personally, the Only reason I have Cable TV is for TCM.
  7. I usually have no problems watching Movies on Demand on my computer with Watch TCM. But today, I've clicked on several Movies on Demand films, and none of them will play on my computer. It's very frustrating. For some reason, the short "coming attractions" clips for Movies on Demand will play normally, but the full length movies will not. I have no trouble with TCM's Watch Live. My cable provider is ATT U-verse. Is anyone else having this problem? What do you suggest I do? Thank you for your help.
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