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Found 8 results

  1. I wanted to watch "Assignment in Brittany," but the film does not have closed captions. Jean-Pierre Aumont's French accent is genuine, but it makes his lines hard for this American to understand. I hope someone adds closed captions to what appears to be an excellent WWII movie.
  2. The Defenders of Taffy 3 is a WWII-era documentary that tells the real-life story of US Navy sailors that fought a battle of wits against impossible odds, bravery and the sacrifices they made. I used still photography taken aboard the USS Kidd and actual battle photography from WWII in the making of the film. Some of the images were GIMPed. I used Microsoft Movie Maker to create the video and tried to make full use of the few features the program had to offer. I performed the narration using a really cheapie microphone. The background music is from Maynard Ferguson and Buddy Rich. I used Audac
  3. With the release of the upcoming NEW Midway movie, I hope next month TCM will show the original movie, "Tora! Tora! Tora!". Does anyone have any insight on this??? Reminder: Next month has Veteran's Day in it, so maybe that weekend or the month after on Dec 7, the day of the event. "I want confirmation". Line from "Tora! Tora! Tora!"
  4. Aloha! I am trying to remember the title of a film that Robert Osborne lauded as a favorite many years ago. The film takes place after WWII, somewhere in Eastern Europe that was occupied by American troops, but would eventually become part of the Eastern Bloc. I am thinking Hungary, Czechoslovakia or Germany. The film was shot on location and there was an excellent performance by a child actor who came under the wing of a GI. I remember vividly Robert Osborne's sharing the fate of the young actor, who faced persecution once the communist regime had solidified power in the country. I b
  5. Story of Women, Une Affaire de Femmes, is a Claude Chabrol film based on a true story about the last woman in France to be guillotined. Her name was Marie- Louise Giraud. Her crime was being an abortionist. Under the pro-Nazi French collaborationist government - - stationed at Vichy--abortion was a capital offense. Mme. Giraud was a poor wife and mother, with two small children in Cherbourg, who had a hard time making ends meet during the occupation of France. Like many French women, her husband was in a German prisoner camp. Barely getting by doing domestic work, she starts
  6. Looking for the name of a movie shown on TCM years ago - involves a WWII flight crew sent back to the US for a bond tour. The manager assigned to them turns out to be a woman, she and one of the men (the pilot?) of course end up falling in love. Unfortunately, by the end of the movie it's revealed he's sick and doesn't have long to live. He tips his airplane wings at her in greeting when flying overhead. One of the crewmembers has a wooden leg. Wish I could remember more of this so as to give a better description, but I remember loving the movie and would like to find it to rewatch it. T
  7. I have a difficult one for my fellow movie buffs. When I was quite young, I enjoyed a movie that I barely remember, but really would like to rediscover. The things I remember: - blonde British operative - passenger train scene (he was sleeping? or coming to? or bedding a girl? or all three?) - he's activated on the train somehow? - WWII (possibly) or Cold War? - colour film - filmed in the 60's? ish? Yes, that's all I've got. For some reason my adult-self sees David McCallum as the operative, but I don't think it was a Man from U.N.C.L.E. film (unless this strikes a cord with
  8. Hey classic film fans! Enjoy this interview between my dad and Walter Matthau, and check out our Youtube channel for more classic movie interviews, enjoy! Matthau Interview: Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OrcoDevelopment
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