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Breathtakingly Beautiful


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> I've seen a blue smiley used here-I looked up the

> source code to find out how it was done,but I've

> forgotten what it was.


:( colon left parenthesis ____:(

:) colon right parenthesis ____:)

:0 colon zero ____:0

:D colon uppercase D ____:D

:P colon lowercase p ____:P

:| colon shift-backslash ____:|

;-) semicolon dash right parenthesis ____;-)

B-) uppercase B dash right parenthesis ____B-)




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Oh, well! Can't have everything, and we already have so much! I think there is a line in a movie about that. "Let's not ask for the moon . . . ." Thanks! You did a great job.


And, personally, I am going to need some of these cause people don't know when I am kidding.

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Found these while searching for emoticons. They don't convert to graphics, though they're worth posting anyway (especially the first one, given the holiday). You'll have to turn your head sideways to see the caricature.


Aren't they breathtakingly beautiful? ;-)


=):-) Uncle Sam


:-)B Dolly Parton


:-.) Madonna


:/7) Cyrano de Bergerac


) Cheshire Cat


o-) Cyclops


=:o] Bill Clinton


B-| Batman


=*0 Felix the Cat

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> Let me try it out! "In the Land of the Blind One Eye

> is King" o-) What am I doing wrong?


That bunch doesn't convert to graphics, unfortunately. They work the old fashion way where you have to turn your head sideways in order to see a rudimentary image.

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Way to go, daddysprimadonna! I hadn't thought about embedding graphics emoticons from other sites. This could get out of hand in a hurry! As in:




Or [nobr]sarcasm.gif[/nobr]


Or [nobr]oldguy.gif[/nobr]


Or [nobr]pals.gif[/nobr]


Or [nobr]hiding.gif[/nobr]


Or [nobr]trippy%20smiley.gif[/nobr]


[nobr][/nobr]Edit: I should point out before someone asks that these emoticons can't be inserted with a simple keyboard combination. They work like the photos that some of us have placed into messages. You have to find the graphics on a website, and then embed the code for them within the text of the message.

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Wow! You guys are really goin' for it! Well, I think I'll stick to the easy ones for awhile. I am not very computer literate, and those look pretty complicated. But, it will be fun to see you guys use them! I especially love the saracsm sign! TOOMANYNOTES, should love it, TOO! Ha! Kidding! :)

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David,you seem like the right person to ask this question-I'm able to change the font color,and the font size,on the TCM forum,but I haven't been able to use different font types here,either alone or in conjunction with the change in font size or color-does that mean that it's probably not enabled here?

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> I haven't been able to use different font types here


Are you trying to change the font locally using a TCM website setting or globally using your browser?


Edit: OK, I see from the "Wizard of Oz memory" thread what you mean. You're using supported HTML code in your messages to change the font color and font size. No, I don't know how to change the message font in the TCM Forums. I'm guessing it isn't supported on this site, because any font that's not natively supported by your browser may not work well. As I understand it, the popular browsers have in common only a narrow range of fonts (such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Courier). When you use other fonts, you can get weird results, so Web applications tend to restrict your ability to change fonts.

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I'd probably say:


Grace Kelly

Eva Marie Saint


Grace is an obvious choice... but why Eva? I don't know, really. Everytime I see her I'm mesmerized for whatever reason. Too bad she didn't do more than she has.

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I agree with those choices. Hitchcock blondes are always elegant and subtly beautiful. The more I see "North By Northwest", the more I appreciate Eva Marie Saint. He even managed to make Kim Novak appear coolly elegant-I always thought that she was attractive,but along the lines of "truck driver queen" until she got the Hitchcock treatment. Tuesday Weld was another. I love the way he dressed his blondes for his films-it takes an Englishman to understand how to dress a woman with chic,I believe :)

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