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Breathtakingly Beautiful


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Yes, I have to agree, when you watch a Grable movie it's just so *enjoyable*. She really is a pleasure, you know?


About about Garbo: I have to say while Garbo is not a conventional beauty, I can't help but think her to be quite pretty-- mostly during the silent era. (In "Flesh and the Devil" I think she was in her prime)


Has anyone mentioned Jean Harlow? She is one of my all time favorite actresses, and I really think the woman was gorgeous. She's the sort of actress who, in my opinion, when you look at her you just think "classic".

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I glanced through these rather quickly. First of all I think Gene Tierney is a wonderful choice, but ...


My choice is Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. I can't believe that no one else named her.


My second choice is Maureen O'Sullivan in either of the first two Tarzan films (OMG that little dress) or in The Thin Man or Pride and Predjudice. I don't know if anyone else mentioned her.


Rita Heyworth sure!!





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Oh..this had to be the first post I made on the TCM forums.


Being that I am female, I will answer with my male response first. Clearly my moment, would be on the set of "The Third Man" I turn around, and there is Orson Welles, and he gives me that look. (You know that look, the one he gives Holly when he first sees him) I am done for, a puddle on the floor.


And while we are speaking of breathtakingly beautiful, I cannot leave out the ladies, and cast my vote for Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall.

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Paul Newman is definitely goodlooking in "The Philadelphians" and Paul Newman once again in "View From a Terrace". And Marlon, (oh Marlon!) in "Streetcar Named Desire".


Also a sure knockout for me is Cary Grant in the opening scenes of "The Phladelphia Story"--I love the way he wears that hat!


As for females I have to say Norma Shearer had breathtaking, classic beauty in everything she appeared in.



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Carole Lombard. Apparently cussed like a sailor and looked like an angel.


Lucille Ball...in the 1940s, I think she was drop dead gorgeous.


Cary Grant, Cary Grant, Cary Grant.


What's the opposite of beautiful but holy cow they had 'it'? Is that worth a topic?


My vote...no surprise...Warren William.

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Oh Warren William! He was so debonair & cool. He was wonderful in many precode films. He could play comedy and sophisticated melodramas. He always seemed a bit dangerous & cynical. He's the strong good guy in Three On A Match & quite a rogue in Skyscraper Souls & a loveable gangster in Lady For A Day. And that's just to name 3 of his movies. I watch & tape every one of his movies as they're shown. Give yourself a treat & watch one of his movies. :)

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The most breathtakingly beautiful to me are...

Gene Tierney

Linda Darnell

Ada Leonard

Kathryn Grayson

Frances Farmer was quite lovely

Anita Page

Myrna Loy

Jean Harlow at times

Ann Sheridan

Joan Blondell at times

Rita Hayworth of course


The Black Beauties of the screen

Dorothy Van Engle

Francine Everett

Cathryn Caviness

Nina Mae McKinney

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Ingrid Bergman in "Casablanca"

Gregory Peck in "Spellbound"

Clark Gable in "Strange Cargo"

Myrna Loy in "Wife vs. Secretary"

Cary Grant in "The Philadelphia Story"


Those were the movies in which I first saw each actor/actress, and I was breathtaken when I saw them.

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The most breathtaking man in a movie for me is Cary Grant in That Touch Of Mink. He is exquisite.Yowza! In that taxi in a towel chasing down Kathy, or telling her about " simple, fun games" in the hotel room in Bermuda- I don't think I'd end up drunk on an awning that's for sure!As women go, thinking back to the most beautiful a woman appeared in a movie, I think Constance Bennet in Topper looks just like an angel in an Easter egg ( as Toppy himself puts it! ) Her face was perfect- no clefts, pudgy cheeks, bad nose, bad eyebrow or hair job as marrs some beauties, just symmetrical if that makes sense( not to mention that view of her backside dancing next to the table before George joins her- what a body!) Those are my picks ( for today anyway!!)

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I know you all might not think so but since i was a kid evrytime i see the movie "Do not Disturb" and Doris Day

enters a hotel party in a white coat opens it up to a

orange dress that shimmers and shows her whole back, and

the lining of the caoat is the same color as the dress

all i can say is "Wow" what a breathtaking women!....

I love that coat & dress so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doris Day is so superb & sexy in that scene & so beautiful lolite.

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shainabluegirl, funny you should mention Topper! And Cary Grant. I think he is one of the most beautiful human creations ever.


Topper was a film that was constantly shown on PBS stations, apparently, and I must have cut my classic eye teeth on this film. It helped to form my love of the genre, and Orry Kelly-ish gowns, and Cary Grant.


I also...horrors...just realized I don't have this film! tcmprogrammer, can you program it?


At any rate, that dress, that drop dead gorgeous satin dolman-sleeved dress, I wanted one. I wasn't sure where I would ever have a place to wear one, but I wanted one! And the car? That Cord was amazing.


Yes, shainabluegirl, one of my very favorite ever movies. Thanks for reminding me.


Interesting stuff on Constance Bennett via Google. Did you know she was Morton Downey Jr.'s aunt? I didn't.

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