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Breathtakingly Beautiful


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I have known how many classic movie buf hate Greg. Only Greg. So, I can accept your opinion.

I guess I'm the only Greg fan still around. poor Greg; But, I would stand firm on my statement that Geg looks a lot like Cary Grant in so far as appearance goes.


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Hi Dolores,


I don't know why you don't care for Gregory Peck, but of course, you are permitted to your own opinions.


Personally, he is my favourite male movie star and I was very glad when he won his Oscar for "To Kill a Mockingbird" in 1963.

I was present in the Santa Monica Auditorium when Sophia Loren read out his name as winner. And later, he walked backstage with Sophia and both came into Joan Crawford's dressing room, where I made them both a whiskey sour drink (as mentioned on another thread, I was Joan's bartender that night).

I shook both Gregory's and Sophia's hands that night.


I think & recommend that you see "To Kill a Mockingbird"...



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Yes, I shook his hand and said, "Congratulations, Mr. Peck, I'm very happy for you; you are my favourite actor". He said, "Why thank you very much", and went off with his whiskey sour and Oscar.

Sophia was in some kind of feathered boa concoction that kept getting in her mouth. I shook her hand and said she was my favourite actress and she said, while laughing and spitting the boa out of her mouth, "How kind!" and laughing at those feathers in her face.....

Never saw either one of them again.

But, it was and still is true that they are both my favourites.



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My top choice would be Pier Angeli. She never ended up too famous. She's mostly known for being the love of James Dean. She's absolutely gorgeous and I always say WOW when I see her. Here's my other choices



Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

Vivian Leigh

Hedy Lamarr

Norma Shearer



Paul Newman

Marlon Brando (in Streetcar only)

Robert Taylor



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For breathtakingly beautiful,many classic stars qualify!

IMO: in no particular order


Women: Dorothy Dandridge-sultry!

Hedy Lamarr-amazing beauty!

Ava Gardner-best figure,legs,great face

Elizabeth Taylor-best face

Sophia Loren-defines exotic

Vivien Leigh-aristocratic

Rita Hayworth-vital/sexy,great face,great hair

Gene Tierney-great face


Men: Errol Flynn-really,his looks were unreal,even in candids!

Robert Taylor-extremely symmetric features

Tyrone Power-almost pretty

Harry Belafonte-almost pretty,tall

Burt Lancaster-rugged but beautiful-great body

Tony Curtis-really stunning coloring and face-not often photographed on film expertly-candids,formal shots are amazing!

Laurence Olivier-too much in Wuthering heights!


There are tons of striking people in these old films-it is what made them so successful- a better thread would be: who was overrated lookwise,lol! Still,hollywood today does not cast the beauties like they used to,and I find audience interest in the films and stars is waning as a result(along with bad scripts/concepts). I mean, 50 years ago, a career woman movie would have Ginger Rogers,Hedy Lamarr or Lauren Bacall,Joan Crawford or many other beautiful actresses in the lead-today we have Brittany Murphy or Holly Hunter or Meg Ryan...definitely a fall off in looks and for some viewers, interest. Conversely,everyone wants to see Halle Berry,Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt-wonder what they have in common?

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My choice for the most breathtakingly beautfiul

movie star was: MARLON BRANDO


Brando takes your breath away in "Streetcar Named Desire". He also looks great in his first movie, "The Men". "On The Waterfront" and "Guys and Dolls" also show how gorgeous Brando was in the early 1950's. No other actor had the range of Brando and the good looks either. He was one HOT guy back then.

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You're in luck nooshsaz as, this month, Errol Flynn is being featured on TCM. This Tuesday (April 19), the channel will be airing four of his films as well as an encore presentation of the excellent, new documentary about him. Of the three I've seen, I'd recommend Gentleman Jim (1942) - my favorite of all his films - which will be shown at 11:30 PM ET.


Then, the Tuesday after this one (April 26), TCM will be showing six more of his films, and I can recommend The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939), also with Bette Davis, and The Sisters (1938), which boasts an excellent cast.

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Well I'd not go as far as calling him beautiful but rather expressive features, especially his eyes, crocked grin and when he laughed, showing his teeth--just so photogenic > I'm talking about Monty Clift like in 'A Place In The Sun'

Odd that today, so many just are not watchable. Amazes me such a fuss is even made. I refer to the likes of Keeeue Reeve, Ben Afflict - oh enough; there are really so many, too many...

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leo, leo, leo!


Not what happens if Keeeeue or Mr. Afflict desperately want to be in your movie??!! Or want to read your book, wherever it is hiding?


You'll turn them down, because they're "not watchable"?


Tsk, tsk, Mr. leo, don't bite the hand that may feed you. Now howza a major motion picture director supposed to get more work with words like them?


Oh, that's right, you forgot whom you were imitating today.




By the way, what the heck is a "crocked" grin?

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Leo........first off.......get off Stoney's back you loser.


Secondly, you couldn't get David Hasselhoff to act in that piece of garbage supposed novel of yours. You'd be lucky to get your local Junior High School to even consider putting on a performance of that junky misspelled babble of yours.


Now get lost Ruben.........don't you have a new press release to write?

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Women: Grace Kelly--Most beautiful blonde

Hedy Lamar--Gorgeous face

Ginger Rogers--Spunkily beautiful

Priscilla Lane--I love her smiling eyes & her nose

Kim Novak--Most beautiful profile

Greer Garson--Define's the beauty of purity

June Allyson--A sweet beauty


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Watch this, tom:


>>>>>>Excuse me, tomagain77, or may I facetiously call you "tom in never never land"? I'm sorry to see that you derive pleasure from demeaning my enormous success at book writing and movie production. If you search Books In Print and the Film Industry records, you will see evidence of my many achievements. No disrespect meant, but can you tell me some of your accomplishments? At that time, perhaps you can again attempt to deride my successes. I look forward to reading your reply, Sincerely, leo bertucelli, member of SGA.<<<<<<<


Is that what you meant to say, idiot leo? By the way, 'that' is NOT spelled 'tyha'.



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So THAT is what he was trying to say!


Thanks Stoney, I knew I could count on you.


Now Leo......here is my response to you in the LEOn-ian writing:


Yoo kneed too ghet a life mye frend. Mahbe tri ennroling inn a skool of sum kinnd? I theenk thay hav skools for illiterete awe-thers butt yoou shood investegate itt fer yersellf. Meenwhile, I wil werk onn geting sum taleant of mye owen an maaybe one daye I cen bee lik youu? Yooo are stil my hear-o.



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