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Can someone help me on this. In playing special features on the new release of FATHER OF THE BRIDE, I find that the newsreels featuring La Liz's wedding to Nick Hilton and that of the cast of FOTB meeting then-Prez HST, to be completely without sound. Is that the way it is meant to be, or did I get a lemon DVD?

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(*-A.M.P.A.S. marker) Well of course you've hit upon my all-timer & what is easily one of his essentials-(Or anybodys for the matter!) *"The Great: Spencer Tracy" was of course nominated (1) of his all leading actor nine times!!! For his peerless comedic timing in "Father of the Bride" Matter of fact the picture itself was up against: "Sunset Blvd"/ "& *"All About Eve"-(that yrs.> 1950 big winner) But it's also one of what I rank as his top (5) definitive films:

1. "Captains Courageous" (1937)-(His 1st of (2) consecutive Best Actor victories! A feat in that category untied for (56 yrs!) *Tom Hanks-(1956-) tied the record in 1993 & 1994 respectively!)

2. "Inherit the Wind" (1960)-(NOTE: I have never seen a greater performance than *Tracy here. & that is anyone ever in cinema history!>Remade twice for tv. 1988 with: *Kirk Douglas & *Jason Robards (**1/2) the last attempt however was just flat (**) Despite the heavyweight actors in the (2) lead roles? *Lemmon & George C. Scott in 1999)

3. "Bad Day at Black Rock" (1955) (NOTE: Most reg. joe's now a days, if they even recall *Spencer? It's for this or "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" for the most pt>SADLY!-Also a bit of trivia: Thee (1) single shot director: John Sturges-(1909-92) "Magnificent Seven"/"Great Escape" had at the gold!?)

4. "Father of the Bride" (1950) (NOTE: I like Steve Martin-(1945-) pretty-much in anything. & his 1991 version was ok, I thought anyway (**1/2) But it's sequel (**) 1995)

5. "Adam;s Rib" (1950) (NOTE: *Spence towards the end, ranked "Judgment at Nuremberg" & the forementioned "C. Courageous" as his finest films. By the way, "C. Courageous," was also remade for tv in 1977 w/*Karl Malden-(1913-)in *L. Barrymore role & Ricardo Montalban-(1920-) as Manuel. But without his overpowering screen prescence, his role was shrunken down to size! Plus this version is more faithful to Rudyard Kipling novel & Capt. Disco Troop played by Barrymore, was the focus) But for me it's close with: "A. Rib" & "Pat & Mike" (1952)-(TRIVIA: Both Ironically written by *Ruth Gordon & *Garson Kanin, of whom *Tracy played her dad in '53's "The Actress???" Another he des. what would have been an even (10) Best Actor nods? He won his sole Golden Globe for the latter actually. "IT'S CHURSE!!!"

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