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Another exclusive R2 collection is being released: THE ROBERT SIODMAK COLLECTION. The films include: PHANTOM LADY, COBRA WOMAN and THE KILLERS. Although the latter film is available on Criterion, the other two have yet to be released in this county. PHANTOM LADY (s Universal release) is a terrific film noir.

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Here are the supplements for the ALICE FAYE BOX SET due out this week. 1) Drew Casper shares his knowledge of Alice Faye and The Gangs All Here; 2) Miles Krueger does commentary for On the Avenue.- 3) Alice Faye - A Life On Screen (18:56), 4) Lillian Russell Biography - "A Woman Like No Other" (20:22), 5) Busby Berkeley: A Journey With A Star (19:30) 6) Alice Faye's Last Film: We Still Are (24:11). 7) Two radio broadcasts of The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show 8) Deleted scenes for three of the films - On the Avenue, From That Night in Rio and The Gang's All Here. 9) Trailers for all except On the Avenue as well as restoration comparisons, still galleries.

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Aren't some of those movies from different studios, though? I think WHV has the rights to Thief of Bagdad and obviously Arabian Nights and other Hall-Montez pics were from Universal...


Don't really know why, but they never seem to do that kind of thing in the U.S. In the UK, sometimes you have DVD sets with movies from different studios. :(

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Aren't some of those movies from different studios, though? I think WHV has the rights to Thief of Bagdad and obviously Arabian Nights and other Hall-Montez pics were from Universal...


Oh, they are, and I knew that. It's just one of those fun things I was thinking.


What I really thimk we need is a good Alexander Korda boxset.

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Hello everyone. I know the Warner HTF chat is tonight, but I found some new info I thought I would share with you. It was posted on TCM's sister site, Movies Unlimited, so it's from a very reputable source.


**Regarding the Esther Williams set: Rest assured! Esther Williams will be splashing onto DVD in the coming months in a deluxe set, so keep the towels handy!


**Regarding some more Cary Grant titles: One of the problems with owning so many great films like Warner/Turner does, is that it?s tough to keep everyone happy. And, yes, Mr. Lucky, an RKO film owned by the company, is a popular Cary Grant effort that somehow fell through the cracks. We?re told this will be remedied with a release sometime in 2007. A nice set with Every Girl Should Be Married and None But The Lonely Heart could be ?grant?-ed soon.


**Regarding June Allyson: We?ve heard different June Allyson film titles bandied about a few times for DVD release, but there is nothing definite as of this moment. Some of the titles mentioned include: The McConnell Story, Two Girls And A Sailor, and The Bride Goes Wild.

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Here's the summary from the Home Theater WB Forum:


Pete Kelly Blues and Kismet coming next year with I Died a Thousand Times under consideration. Also, Hit the Deck is coming soon.


Moonfleet coming next year. Warner no longer has rights to Drum Beat.


A television chat with Warner will be coming later this year.


Also, "Caged" is on the way along with another Joan Crawford Collection in which some mastering issues have to be addressed, an announcement will be forth coming very soon for the latter.


Abe Lincoln in Illinois might be coming in 2009 or sooner.


Bowery Boys is still in the works, but unfortunately, not this year due to Warner searching for better elements.


Dark Shadows films are being released this year.


Blade Runner with all the trimmings, hopefully before the Christmas Holidays.


North by Northwest has to be remastered again before a release on a HD format. Warner is looking towards 2009 for the 50th Anniversary.


Warner no longer owns the rights to Fanny starring Leslie Caron.


Warner working on Abbott and Costello films like Jack and the Beanstalk, A&C meet Captain Kidd and Rio Rita for 2008.


The films The Emigrants and The New Land had their rights renewed by Warner and are under consideration for release.


A Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland Boxset coming this summer with plenty of extras.


Another Forbidden Hollywood boxset coming this year with six films and a brand new documentary on pre-code films. Also, two Forbdden Hollywood films per year starting in 2008.


A Burt Lancaster promotion is happening later this year with perhaps Twilight's Last Gleaming in the promotion.


Warner discussing Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Freebie and the Bean. No plans for Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins.


Warner refusing to discuss anything related to HD formats! Warner admended their comment with the following: we will discuss titles and content as related to HD Media, but nothing else.


Quo Vadis on the way for both SD and HD formats, probably in 2008 with the ultra resolution process.


Northwest Passage is part of the Spencer Tracy boxset, not yet announced.


Warner waiting on Nancy Drew units sold numbers before continuing to Torchy Blaine films.


No plans for Until the End of the World.


Mad Max 2: Road Warrior SE coming, but no set date.


John Wayne's 100th Birthday will be observed by Warner which means more Wayne releases as he was born in 1907. Also, Rio Bravo coming with a 2 disc SE. Six brand new Wayne features coming to dvd.


Elements for The Magnificent Ambersons has been found and that film and Journey into Fear will be released in 2008. Alternate European cuts will be included for Journey into Fear. Also, the Merry Widow is on the way.


More classic horror films coming in 2007 and 2008.


Carbine Williams will be part of the next Jimmy Stewart collection with no set date.


More Cagney, Bogart, Garfield and Edward G. Robinson coming in 2008.


Warner doesn't know when their sister company New Line is releasing the LOTR films onto HD DVD/Blu-ray.


No plans to revisit The Avengers for a DC.


No plans to revisit True Stories.


Kubrick promotion coming before Christmas


Twilight Zone: The Movie coming before Halloween.


LA Confidential coming on it's 10th Anniversary this year, also in HD DVD and Blu-ray.


Trog, a Joan Crawford favorite is on the way.


Greed is coming with the 1923 theatrical cut and reconstructed scenes. Release date not set.


Some more Harrison Ford films being discussed in conjunction with Blade Runner SE release.


The Candidate is coming with a Redford commentary.


Also, Deliverance is coming on SD, HD DVD and Blu-ray later this year.


The Man that would be King coming soon.


More Greer Garson and Norma Shearer films coming in the next 18 months including some Shearer in the Forbidden Hollywood films.


Warner's rights to Electric Dreams has expired. No plans for Reckless or Impulse. Also, no plans to revisit 9 1/2 Weeks.


Philo Vance, Perry Mason, The Saint and The Falcon coming to SD DVD in 2008.

Monogram Charlie Chan films being discussed.


No definite plans for Nothing Lasts Forever.


Busby Berkeley Vol 2 coming in 2008. Golddiggers of 1937, Golddiggers in Paris, Varsity Show and Hollywood Hotel.


O' Lucky Man coming this year.


Captain Nemo and the Underwater City under consideration.


Brewster McCloud next year. No SE for McCabe and Mrs. Miller. No plans for Countdown.


Wheeler and Woolsey films being discussed, but are in bad shape film element-wise.


Alex in Wonderland and The Legend of Lylah Clare being discussed.


Cool Hand Luke 40th Anniversay SE coming this year. Also, The Prize is coming in 2008.


A John Garfield boxset with six films coming in 2008.


Next Lon Chaney boxset coming in 2008 with a Tod Browning documentary. Also, some more silent films coming soon.


Poltergiest coming out on SD DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray this year.


The Hand coming this year. Currently, working on Cruising with Friedkin. Zabriskie Point and The Devils still in the works.


Warner planning on doing 2 disc SE for the Grumpy films with new anamorphic transfers and rare Lemmon and Matthau interviews. Also, Chevy Chase films in widescreen releases. The Ace Ventura collection is an example of what they have plan for Grumpy and Chase films.


New HD DVD and Blu-ray product announcements coming in the next few weeks.


Also, Blade Runner will have the same material as the SD DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray.


Up the Down Staircase coming later this year before school reopens in September. A new transfer.


Ann Sheridan films coming next year.


Wait Until Dark not being revisited for its 40th Anniversary.


There will be more than one Andy Hardy volumes with the first one next year with plenty of bonus material.


Warner will discuss Little Shop of Horrors with altenate ending, especially with HD on the scene. No set plans just yet.


Questions as to the poor quality of the SD DVD releases of Lost in a Harem and A & C in Hollywood was brought up. Warner had no good answers except to say the negatives for both films were lost during the Eastman fire and if they have poor film elements they have nothing to go back to so you do the best you can with what you got. They thought it best to release them at a very affordable price instead of leaving them on the shelve. Also, sometimes it isn't possible to obtain perfection and their technical people do the best job they can with what they have to work with.


Warner has stated they're hesitent to give release dates because circumstances changes due to a number of reasons which is why The Crowd and The Big Parade have not been released in 2006. The last restorations for both of those films were done in 1980s which means that process needs to done from scratch again before a SD DVD release. Warner hates to disappoint consumers, but some times that happens.


No plans for The Boyfriend, Savage Messiah and Lisztomania.


The roadshow version with restored footage of Raintree County coming in 2008. No plans for National Velvet revisited.


Warner still has plans to release every HD DVD title onto Blu-ray including Forbidden Planet.


Warner plans to release plenty of films under the cloud of PD outfits with titles from Monogram, Allied Artists and National General.


Mame is coming, but not in stereo after years of failing to do so. No plans for Hotel.


Mr. Chips (1969) coming in 2008.


A restored How the West Was Won coming in 2008.


Warner discussing Man in the Wilderness, Dark of the Sun and The Cool Ones.


Prince of the City and Straight Time coming out this May.


More Kubrick coming out on HD DVD and Blu-ray later this year.


Warner discussing redoing Hammer films for SD and HD releases.


Also, both, Dark Shadow movies are 16x9 with newly restored film elements.


Warner working on restoring The Phantom Tollbooth witin the next couple of years.


Warner having active discussions about Golden Harvest films.


Warner doesn't own the original The Hitcher.


Warner has big plans for Elvis Presley and his films. Some announcements will come very soon.


Warner working with Clint Eastwood's production company on revisiting some of his titles for 2008.


Guilty pleasure horror films coming including Deadly Friend.


A big MGM Musical Promo coming soon. Eleanor Powell boxset, hopefully, this year. Lana Turner boxset in 2008. No plans for Hedy Lamarr.


Heat coming to HD DVD and Blu-ray in 2008.


Looking at SE for Beetlejuice next year. No plans for Hey, Good Lookin.


SE for Falling Down in 2008.


Lot's of plans for 1970s films, but nothing for They Came to Rob Las Vegas.


Light in the Piazza plan for next Valentine's Day. No plans for Mary, Mary or The Chapman Report and Madwoman of Chaillot.


No plans for a SE of The Specialist.


No Time for Sergeants in the works by special request from Andy Griffith.


Warner recognizes that the audio issue with Camelot needs to be addressed, but has no firm plans at this time.


Show Boat films of 1929, 1936 and 1951 wil be released, but not this year, maybe in 2008.


Also, no MacDonald/Eddy films any time soon, they need extensive restoration and they want to do them right.


Natalie Wood boxset coming in 2008 with a restored new version of Splendor in the Grass. Boxset will include Daisy Clover and Sex and the Single Girl.


Music Man needs to be redone for HD, perhaps next year.


No plans for The Fox and Not with my Wife.


Royal Wedding is being rescued from PD Hell.


The Jazz Singer coming out for it's 80th Anniversary. Also, Branagh's Hamlet before the summer in SD, HD and BR.


Warner wishes they can release one HD catalog title a week.


Also, more announcements of catalog titles coming out on SD, HD and BR in the coming weeks.

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