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from Blu-ray.com:


Film Chest, in conjunction with HD Cinema Classics and Virgil Films, has announced *Kansas City Confidential* for Blu-ray release on February 15, 2011. This 1952 film noir is is a taut and gritty melodrama, and reportedly the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino?s Reservoir Dogs. It has been "digitally restored in high definition from original 35 mm film assets" and will include a new 5.1 surround sound mix.


Special features include:

Before-and-after film restoration demo


Collectible postcard reproduction of the original movie poster



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The same company is releasing THE STRANGER with Orson Welles, Loretta Young and Edward G. Robinson in Blu Ray on the same date as KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL. Both films are in public domain. I think I would wait to see what they look like before I jump the gun and purchase theses two items. Amazon has them listed for a low price.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Dec 28, 2010 2:46 PM

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Let me know, but I couldn't find this mentioned before...from VCI









HELL HARBOR: A Caribbean island harbor is the exquisite backdrop for treachery and romance as Anita (Lupe Velez), a descendant of the infamous Morgan the Pirate, gets in the middle of a dispute between her father Harry (Gibson Gowland), who has killed a man, and grimy pearl trader Horngold (Jean Hersholt), who witnessed the crime and demands Anita's hand (and more) in marriage in exchange for his silence! TWO VERSIONS: Both contain the pre-code footage ?84 mins. Limited release version. Transferred from the only known 35mm nitrate print; quality fair. ?64 mins. Subsequent, and widest-release version; trimmed to improve pacing. Transferred from a mint 35mm nitrate print. (Originally released in a 90 min. version of which only the sound track survives)RT: 64/84 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1930


JUNGLE BRIDE: Two women and two men are shipwrecked on an island off the African coast, and take up housekeeping and other forms of dilly-dally in this definite pre-code film. Charles Starrett (pre-Durango Kid) has his way with Anita Page, or is it the other way around? RT: 61 min, B&W, 1.37:1, NR, 1933

Episode: Hell Harbor & Jungle Bride

Starring: HELL HARBOR: Lupe Velez, Jean Hersholt, John Holland, Gibson Gowland, Harry Allen JUNGLE BRIDE: Anita Page, Charles Starrett, Kenneth Thompson, Eddie Borden, Gertrude Simpson

Directed by: HELL HARBOR: Henry King JUNGLE BRIDE: Harry O. Hoyt, Albert Kelley

Produced by: HELL HARBOR: Henry King

Short Actors: Lupe Velez, Anita Page

Short Description: Hell Harbor & Jungle Bride

Bonus Features: ?Jungle Bride? original theatrical trailer

Runtime: 209

Year: 1930, 1933

Color: B&W

Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1, 4x3

MPAA Rating: NR

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Language: English

Country: USA

Region Code: All Region

Release Date: 02/01/2011

UPC: 089859062124

ISBN: 1-55739-716-3

This product will available for purchase on Tuesday 01 February, 2011.




Edited by: ziggyelman on Dec 31, 2010 9:02 AM

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VCI will be releasing the James Mason thriller, Candlelight in Algeria, for March 15th on DVD.




They will also release Thunder in the City, starring Edward G. Robinson, for the same day.




No extras are expected for either release.

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from digitlbits.com:


Warner has also finally issued the official press release for their new TCM Greatest Classic Films and Greatest Classic Legends DVD sets that we've mentioned before. Due on 4/5 (SRP $27.92) each, you'll get *TCM Greatest Classic Legends: Bette Davis* (Now, Voyager, Dark Victory, Old Acquaintance and Jezebel), *TCM Greatest Classic Legends: Marlon Brando* (A Street Car Named Desire: The Original Director's Version, Julius Caesar, The Teahouse of The August Moon and Reflections in a Golden Eye), *TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, Volume One* (Tarzan the Ape Man, Tarzan Escapes, Tarzan and His Mate and Tarzan Finds a Son!) and *TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, Volume Two* (Tarzan?s Secret Treasure, Tarzan?s New York Adventure, Tarzan and the Amazons and Tarzan and the Leopard Woman).

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from Blu-ray.com this morning:


As anticipated, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment officially announced today the Blu-ray release of *Star Wars* for September 2011. The studio will release the saga in three distinct sets "to meet the needs of every Star Wars fan: *Star Wars: The Complete Saga* (a nine-disc set including all six films, priced at $139.99; *Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy* (a three-disc set including Episodes I-III, priced at $69.99); and *Star Wars: Original Trilogy* (a three-disc set including Episodes IV-VI, priced at $69.99).



*Star Wars: The Complete Saga* on Blu-ray will feature all six live-action Star Wars feature films utilizing the highest possible picture and audio presentation, along with three additional discs and more than 30 hours of extensive special features including never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes, an exploration of the exclusive Star Wars archives, and much more.

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*The Ten Commandments* is coming to Blu-ray on March 29th. It will have "an all-new restoration and will come out both in a regular and a BD/DVD gift set release, the latter of which will include the silent version from 1923."


Special features include:


Commentary by Katherine Orrison, author of Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille's Epic, The Ten Commandments

Newsreel: The Ten Commandments - Premiere in New York (in HD)

Theatrical Trailers (in HD)


*Charlotte's Web* also sees a Blu release on that date.


Special features include:


Director Gary Winick

Producer Jordan Kerner and visual effects supervisor John Andrew Berton Jr.

Making Some Movie

Some Voices

Flacka's Pig Tales

How Do They Do That?

What Makes a Classic

Where Are They Now?

A Day at the Fair!

Farm Photo Album

Music Videos

Sarah McLachlan, "Ordinary Miracle"

Bob Carlisle and Lucy Kane, "Make a Wish"

Gag Reel

Additional Scenes

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Kino has announced yet another Buster Keaton film on Blu, *Our Hospitality*. (It will also be available on DVD as an "Ultimate Edition".)


Extras include:


Music composed and conducted by Carl Davis, performed by The Thames Silents Orchestra (in 5.1 Surround or 2.0 Stereo)


Musical score compiled by Donald Hunsberger (2.0 Stereo)


?The Iron Mule? (1925, 19 min.) with music by Ben Model


Original documentary on the making of the film, written by film historian Patricia Eliot Tobias with David B. Pearson


Hospitality -- a 49-minute alternate cut of the film, with an explanatory introduction, and an organ score by Lee Erwin


2 Galleries: Photos & Snapshots



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More details about The Ten Commandments:


Paramount Home Entertainment has revealed the full release details for Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments, which, as reported yesterday, will come out on Blu-ray on March 29 in two editions: a two-disc Blu-ray edition and a six-disc, limited-edition Blu-ray/DVD combo gift set, the latter of which will prominently include the silent 1923 version of The Ten Commandments in high definition and more.


The Blu-ray/DVD Combo gift set comes packaged in a limited edition box featuring an image of the Red Sea that parts when the box is opened to reveal two tablets, which encase all six discs (three BDs, three DVDs) in the set. The set also includes a commemorative photo and archive book, a new 75-minute, in-depth documentary about the film and its impact, original costume sketches, the 1923 silent film The Ten Commandments (also available for the first time on Blu-ray), international premiere photos, production notes from Cecil B. DeMille, correspondence from Charlton Heston, feature commentary and more.


The movie will be split across two discs, both in the two-disc Blu-ray edition and in the gift set.


Special features include:

Two-disc Blu-ray edition

Commentary by Katherine Orrison, author of Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille's Epic The Ten Commandments

Newsreel: The Ten Commandments Premiere in New York

Theatrical Trailers


Gift set

As above, plus:

1923 feature

Commentary by Katherine Orrison

Hand-tinted footage of the Exodus and parting of the Red Sea sequence (from 1923 feature)

Photo Gallery?1923

The Ten Commandments: Making Miracles?75-minute documentary

Photo Gallery?1956


It's up for pre-order on Amazon now.

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Paramount did release *THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1923)* as an Extra in 2006 with the 50th Anniversary Edition of the 1956 feature. While a beautiful, crisp clear Mono-Chrome print, (essentially the same as the 1985 Laser-disc) it was not the 2004 George Eastman House restoration that re-instated all the original tints and tones we see clips from in the De Mille Documentary *AMERICAN EPIC.* Looks like it won't be again on Blu-Ray either. That's disappointing. The hand-tinting they mistakenly refer to yet again, is actually badly faded Two-Strip Technicolor.


Now Paramount/Viacom, Let's get on the ball here. What about *WINGS* in the Photoplay version, with the Carl Davis score? And how about pairing this with the newly restored *BEGGARS OF LIFE (1928).* Both films were directed by William Wellman. Each feature Richard Arlen, and guys will buy such a set just for Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. Better yet, include *CHILDREN OF DIVORCE (1927)*. It's been restored by the LOC 10 years ago. Never has been on DVD or even VHS. Has Clara Bow, Gary Cooper and Esther Ralston. Plus it was partly Directed by Josef' Von Sternberg. So that would be two Clara Bow films. Cooper fans would want it. Von Sternberg and Wellman fans too. Harold Lloyd fans would buy *WINGS* on account of Jobyna Ralston alone.


I'm glad to see *OUR HOSPITALITY* finally being released in America on DVD with the Carl Davis score. That is big! I hoped it would happen, but wasn't to sure about it.

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gagman, re: the 1923 version. I know about that because I have that special DVD set. It will be interesting, though, to see it on the Blu set because by all reports the '23 will also be in high def. And instead of having the '56 version be on just one Blu disc (where it could fit), they have decided to split that Heston version over two Blu discs, like they did with the DVD. Should be interesting. Still, I wonder about the new documentary...they have axed the 6-part one that was on the previous set for this new one.

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In the fall of 2008, it was announced that Paramount was finally working on a New Hi-Def Transfer for *WINGS.* The film has been restored four times. In 1965, the safety copy was stuck, which is the basis of all other sources today.


In 1993 Photoplay Productions produced a new tinted version, that restored some of the original tinting patten but not all of it. More recently, both AMPAS and THE LOC restored *WINGS.* within the past decade. One of the two did restore the color tinting patten except for one War scene that was a Stencil color process. I'm not sure which organization that it was? In any event, excellent materials do exist. Why do we never seen them outside of your occasional live screening event? Apparently, what it comes down to is Paramount is to dang cheap to shell out royalties to any of these other parties.


All TCM has been able to show is the Gaylord Carter scored version that used to run on AMC back in the early 90's. They have tried and so far come up empty as far as I know, to obtain the rights to the Photoplay version. We might get a fresh broadcast master from Paramount next month, but I doubt it. Most likely TCM is running the same beat up old copy from the Paramount laser-disc that they did two years ago. I wish that TCM would confirm what it is going to be.

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There are rumors that Jurassic Park, Scarface (Pacino), and Eastwood westerns and Hitchcock thrillers, plus the possibility of Winchester 73 and Shenendoah, are coming from Universal on Blu in 2011. I am not counting on anything yet because this news was from an interview done with someone at Universal France. When it is officially-released news from Universal here in the U.S., then I will report it.


What can be reported is that on Feb. 14, BFI is releasing a double bill of The Crowded Day (1954) and Song of Pais (1952) on Blu in the UK. This will be a dual format edition, with Blu and DVD in the same set. It wil likely be region locked (non-playable in the U.S. unless you have an all-region Blu player) but hope springs eternal.




Edited by: filmlover on Jan 13, 2011 9:42 AM

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> Gift set:


> 5350666258_a341cc8451_z.jpg


Apparently, you have to buy this giant expensive gift set deluxe release in order to get the 1923 version at all? It isn't included in the smaller sets? Is that correct? If so, what a Joke that is! I'm hoping that TCM runs the 1923 film, as they have never shown it before. This kind of surprises me. Also it should come with more than just one score. And why isn't it the Eastman House restoration??? That would have been ideal for Blu-ray, and spectacular looking. Instead plain Monochrome. The original release was not shown in naked Black and White.

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gagman, you have to get the gift set to get the silent.


that's not to say that will be the way in the future. Oz and GWTW had big box edition that was 3-disc sets, and that was the only way to get the three. however, eventually, they did release the Emerald and Scarlett editions, which are just the three discs without the books, photos, etc. Of course, that was WB, not Paramount, but there is a chance in several months there will be multi-discs without the box set.

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i'll pass on that, then, i already to double-dip on the Ten Commandments the last DVD release to get the silent version, i don't need a big gift set or the same old restoration. the transfers were good enough on the DVD anyway.


this is about the 5th home video release (VHS, DVD, special edition DVD, 50th anniversary DVD, Blu-ray) of the same movie, i wish Paramount would give us something new, like Wings.

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