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I posted this yesterday, but I don't see it, so let's try it again.


Kino has gone the Sophia Loren Award Collection DVD set one better as it releases its Blu-ray set. The Blu set will add Boccaccio '70, not in the DVD set. Release date for the set is Sept. 20th. Boccaccio '70 will be released separately on Blu on Oct. 11th. The other titles in the set are already available individually on Blu: Marriage Italian Style, Sunflower, and Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. Vittoria D, a documentary, will be in the set on DVD. (It is available with the YTT Blu.)



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Jean Renoir's *The Rules of the Game* (1939) is coming to Blu-ray, date unknown, and a revised DVD. Criterion sent out their newsletter yesterday and it reads:



We will soon be announcing revised Blu-ray and DVD editions of Jean Renoir's masterpiece [The Rules of the Game|http://thecriterioncollection.createsend2.com/t/r/l/tyijkjy/vklxjtj/y/|http://thecriterioncollection.createsend2.com/t/r/l/tyijkjy/vklxjtj/y/] as part of our November lineup—we are replacing one supplement and creating new packaging.



Our original DVD edition will then be officially out of print. However, at this time we are offering it at a 65% discount from the suggested retail price at [|http://thecriterioncollection.createsend2.com/t/r/l/tyijkjy/vklxjtj/j/|http://thecriterioncollection.createsend2.com/t/r/l/tyijkjy/vklxjtj/j/] (Use the promotion code *REGLE *at checkout.) We have a limited supply. We will fulfill orders as soon as we can.




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New Criterion releases:



Fanny and Alexander, 1982 (November 8th, 2011) Blu-ray box set (already avalilable in DVD)



High-definition digital restorations of the television and theatrical versions of Fanny and Alexander

High-definition digital restoration of Ingmar Bergman's feature-length documentary The Making of Fanny and Alexander

Ingmar Bergman Bids Farewell to Film: A sixty-minute conversation between Bergman and film critic Nils Petter Sundgren recorded for Swedish television in 1984

Audio commentary on the theatrical version by film scholar Peter Cowie

A Bergman Tapestry: A documentary featuring interviews with cast and crew

Costume sketches and footage of the models for the film's sets

Stills gallery

Theatrical trailer

Optional English-dubbed soundtrack for the theatrical version

Booklet featuring essays by documentarian and film historian Stig ****?rkman, novelist Rick Moody, and film scholar Paul Arthur



Three Colors Trilogy, 1993-1994 (November 15th, 2011) DVD and Blu-ray box sets



Three cinema lessons with director Krzysztof Kieślowski

New interviews with composer Zbigniew Preisner, writer Krzysztof Piesiewicz and actors Julie Delpy, Zbigniew Zamachowski and Ir?ne Jacob

Selected-scene commentary for Blue with actress Juliette Binoche

Three new video essays, by film writers Annette Insdorf, Tony Rayns and Dennis Lim

Kieślowski's student short The Tram (1966) and his fellow student's short from the same year The Face, which features Kieślowski in a solo performance

Two short documentaries by Kieślowski: Seven Women of Different Ages (1978) and Talking Heads (1980)

Krzysztof Kieślowski: I'm So-So . . . (1995), a feature-length documentary in which the filmmaker discusses his life and work

Two multi-interview programs, Reflections on Blue and Kieślowski: The Early Years, with film critic Geoff Andrew, Binoche, filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, cinematographer Sławomir Idziak, Insdorf, Jacob and editor Jacques Witta

Interviews with producer Marin Karmitz and Witta

Behind-the-scenes programs for White and Red, and Kieślowski Cannes 1994, a short documentary on Red's world premiere

Original theatrical trailers

New and improved English subtitle translations

Booklet featuring essays by critics Colin MacCabe, Nick James, Stuart Klawans and Georgina Evans, an excerpt from Kieślowski on Kieślowski and reprinted interviews with cinematographers Sławomir Idziak, Edward Klosinski and Piotr Sobocinski


The Rules of the Game, 1939 (November 15th, 2011) DVD and Blu-ray



Introduction to the film by Jean Renoir

Audio commentary written by film scholar Alexander Sesonske and read by filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich

Version comparison: side-by-side analysis of the film's two endings, and an illustrated study of Renoir's shooting script

Selected-scene analysis by Renoir historian Christopher Faulkner

Excerpts from Jean Renoir, le patron: La R?gle et l'exception (1966), a French television program directed by Jacques Rivette

Part one of Jean Renoir, a two-part 1993 BBC documentary by David Thompson

Video essay about the film's production, release, and later reconstruction

Jean Gaborit and Jacques Durand discuss their reconstruction and re-release of the film

Interviews with Renoir's son and assistant cameraman Alain Renoir, set designer Max Douy, and actress Mila Par?ly

Written tributes to the film and Renoir by J. Hoberman, Kent Jones,Paul Schrader, Wim Wenders and others

Improved English subtitle translation

Booklet featuring writings by Sesonske, Renoir, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bertrand Tavernier, and Fran?ois Truffaut


Rushmore, 1998 (November 22nd, 2011) Blu-ray (already available on DVD)



New high-definition digital transfer of the director's cut supervised by director Wes Anderson

Audio commentary by Anderson, co-writer Owen Wilson and actor Jason Schwartzman

The Making of Rushmore: An exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary by Eric Chase Anderson

Max Fischer Players Present: Theatrical "adaptations" of Armageddon, Out of Sight and The Truman Show, staged for the 1999 MTV Movie Awards

Episode of The Charlie Rose Show featuring Anderson and actor Bill Murray

Cast audition footage

Wes Anderson's hand-drawn storyboards, plus a film-to-storyboard comparison

Props, posters, behind-the-scenes photos and other graphic ephemera

Original theatrical trailer

Collectible poster

Booklet featuring an essay by film critic Dave Kehr


12 Angry Men, 1957 (November 22nd, 2011) DVD and Blu-ray



Twelve Angry Men: From Television to the Big Screen: A video essay by film scholar Vance Kapley comparing the Sidney Lumet and Schaffner versions

Frank Schaffner's 1955 television version, with an introduction by Ron Simon, director of the Paley Center for Media Studies

Archival interviews with Lumet

New interview about the director with writer Walter Bernstein

New interview with Ron Simon about television writer Reginald Rose

New interview with cinematographer John Bailey in which he discusses cinematographer Boris Kaufman

Tragedy in a Temporary Town (1956), a teleplay directed by Lumet and written by Rose

Original theatrical trailer

Booklet featuring an essay by writer and law professor Thane Rosenbaum


Eclipse Series 30: Sabu! (Nov. 29th) DVD box set


Films: Elephant Boy, The Drum, Jungle Book

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Meet Me in St. Louis is coming to Blu on Dec. 23rd.



* Introduction by Liza Minnelli

* Audio commentary by Garland biographer John Fricke, actress Margaret O'Brien, screenwriter Irving Brecher, songwriter Hugh Martin, and Barbara Freed-Saltzman, daughter of producer Arthur Freed

* 3 documentary specials - Meet Me in St. Louis: The Making of an American Classic, Hollywood: The Dream Factory, and Becoming Attractions: Judy Garland

* The 1966 pilot for the Meet Me in St. Louis TV series

* 2 vintage shorts - 1930's Bubbles and 1941's Skip to My Lou

* Audio Vault featuring an outtake of "Boys and Girls Like You and Me" and a 1946 Lux Radio Theater broadcast


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Filmlover, have you seen the musical TV version of MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS? It stars Jane Powell as the girl next door, Tab Hunter as John Truitt, Jeanne Crain as one of the sisters and Patty Duke as Tootie. Walter Pidgeon and Myrna Loy play the parents. I found a nice movie still of the entire cast which Powell and Hunter autographed for me. The musical special is quite good. I managed to see it at the Museum of TV and Radio in LA. The quality of the video looked very good. Its unfortunate its not included in this set. The pilot film for the movie is quite awful. There was absolutely no magic in the telefilm.

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Three more British classics are on the way from VCI on October 18th. They are:


Reach for the Sky (1956) - Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow, Lyndon Brook, Lee Patterson, Alexander Knox


The Silver Fleet (1943) - Ralph Richardson, Googie Withers, Esmond Knight


The History of Mr. Polly (1949) - John Mills, Betty Ann Davies, Megs Jenkins, Finlay Currie, Gladys Henson

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Three more Walt Disney Club DVD exclusives are now available to members:


Westward Ho, the Wagons! (1956) - Fess Parker, Kathleen Crowley, Jeff York, David Stollery, Sebastian Cabot


The Littlest Outlaw (1955) - Pedro Armendariz, Joseph Calleia, Rodolfo Acosta, Andres Velazquez


Johnny Shiloh (1963) - Brian Keith, Kevin Corcoran, Darryl Hickman, Skip Homeier, Edward Platt

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"The Apartment" on Blu has been slipped into the schedule for NEXT WEEK, Sept. 13th.


Up on Amazon for $13.99




And just a reminder that Citizen Kane comes out on Blu on the 13th. Amazon has the collector's edition, plus an exclusive Amazon release that comes with The Magnificent Ambersons on DVD.

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Some Blu Ray releases not yet mentioned.













THE CAINE MUTINY - Amazon exclusive now available


























ONE-EYED JACKS - November 8




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Edited by: Edgecliff on Sep 11, 2011 12:15 AM


Edited by: Edgecliff on Sep 11, 2011 12:17 AM

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Filmlover, did not see your listing at all. With all the info I read online there did not seem to be a release date at all for this title until the last minute. I think its an Amazon exclusive.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Sep 11, 2011 12:20 AM

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FOX has announced the release of STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER on 12/13 which stars Clifton Webb, as a two disc pack (Blu Ray and Standard). The title was originally prepared for release on standard DVD a few years ago but never made it. FOX is asking a hefty $34.99 list price, that it probably why they combined both versions. I am glad they are finally releasing this classic from the vaults but I think both the Blu Ray and Standard versions should have been split into two separate releases.

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To those who have been wondering about the *Ben-Hur Blu-ray Ultimate Collector's Edition* (it also came out on DVD) that came out on Tuesday, I got my set yesterday and I have started to watch the first half of the film and it looks magnificent. I have a home projector and on a large screen it holds together and is stunning. I haven't gotten to the second and third discs (the third has the extras, including the silent version of Ben-Hur in standard definition), but it will be a treat, I am sure of that. The photo book that comes with this is a treat and Charlton Heston's diary on the set looks like fascinating read.

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The Taylor-Burton Cleopatra is heading to Blu on Jan. 30th in the UK with a release to the US also likely.






Cleopatra Through The Ages: A Cultural History

Cleopatra's Missing Footage

Fox Movie Channel presents Fox Legacy with Tom Rothman

Commentary with Chris Mankiewicz, Tom Mankiewicz, Martin Landau and Jack Brodsky

The Cleopatra Papers: A Private Correspondence

Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood

The Fourth Star of Cleopatra

Archival Footage of the New York Premiere

Archival Footage of the Hollywood Premiere

Theatrical Trailers

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Some various Blu-ray news...



Kino Video have revealed that they are preparing Blu-ray releases of Albert Parker's silent Sherlock Holmes (1922) and Buster Keaton's Seven Chances (1925). Additionally, the studio is also bringing Frank Borzage's original Farewell to Arms (1932), winner of two Oscar Awards, and William A. Wellman's Nothing Sacred (1937).


Street date for Sherlock Holmes and Seven Chances is December 13th. Street date for Farewell to Arms and Nothing Sacred is December 27th.


An early announcement to retailers indicates that PBS will release on Blu-ray Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton's documentary These Amazing Shadows: The Movies That Make America (2011). Earlier this year, the film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Street date is November 22.


These Amazing Shadows: The Movies That Make America tells the history and importance of The National Film Registry, an eclectic collection of films that typify cinema's contributions to American culture. The 550 films inducted thus far constitute a roll call of national cultural and artistic treasures that reflect a nation's self-perception, fears, and ambitions.


While the Criterion Collection will release its January slate later this month, the distributor has posted a still frame on its Facebook page hinting at a potential January title. Criterion will not confirm the film's identity until mid-October, but most believe that the picture indicates a Belle de Jour Blu-ray.


Eureka Entertainment (UK) have revealed that they are getting ready to release a number of classic and cult films on Blu-ray: Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Silence de la Mer (1949), Pier Paolo Pasolini's Accattone (1961) and The Gospel According to Matthew (1964), Shohei Imamura's The Insect Woman (1963), Peter Watkins' Punishment Park (1971), Monte Hellman's Two-Lane Blacktop(1971), and Alex Cox's Repo Man (1984).


Street date for Two-Lane Blacktop, Le Silence de la Mer, and Punishment Park is January 23.


Street date for Repo Man and The Insect Woman/ Nishi-Ginza Station is February 20th.


Street date for Accattone and The Gospel According To Matthew is March 26th.


Ruggles of Red Gap will be out later in 2012.


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