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filmlover, I see the FOREVER MARILYN set has risen to $73.99. I will probably buy this set but way after its release when the price comes down. I am always too quick to order these things, but not anymore.

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More Olive releases:


on DVD and Blu-ray Sept. 18th


A Double Life (Ronald Colman)

Cyrano de Bergerac (Ferrer)

Macbeth (Welles)


p.s. -- Classicflix says the list price for the Blus will be $29.95 each, but they now have a 3-day price special of $17.98 on each title.



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edgecliff, I discovered a way to get Olive Films on Blu-ray at a good price. Go to the website for importcds below:




Most of the Olive Blu's are about $14.43. You will have to list each title individually to locate them, but here is a link to Blu-ray.com's listing all of the current titles:


http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=195802 (each picture on the second half of that first post is linked to the Blu-ray.com review.)


When you get to the order page, there is a place for a promo code. Use "save10" and you get 10% off. That brings the titles down to $12.99 each. There is a shipping charge of $1.49 per title, plus $1.50 handling amount on just the first one. They will also charge you tax if you are in California and on other state I can't recall, but all other states don't have to pay tax.


I ordered:

Geisha Boy

It's Only Money

The Mountain

Sands of the Kalahari


Total with shipping and tax: $64.03


So that is $16.01 per title.

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filmlover, the site is take pre-orders for INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS and HIGH NOON but not yet for JOHNNY GUITAR. But the thing is I am not sure even if I want these titles. But the prices for this site are so much better than AMAZON.

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I can't recall if it has been mentioned yet, but Universal is releasing Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection on Blu-ray on Sept. 26th.




The package includes hours of bonus features, a collectible 15 page hardback book, art cards, costume sketches, correspondence, photographs and more.


Full Movie List:


*Saboteur* (1942) - Bonus Features: Saboteur: A Closer Look, Storyboards: The Statue of Liberty Sequence, Alfred Hitchcock's Sketches, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer


*Shadow of a Doubt* (1943) - Bonus Features: Beyond Doubt: The Making of Hitchcock's Favorite Film, Production Drawings by Art Director Robert Boyle, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer


*Rope* (1948) - Bonus Features: Rope Unleashed , Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer


*Rear Window* (1954) Bonus Features: Rear Window Ethics: An Original Documentary, A Conversation with Screenwriter John Michael Hayes, Pure Cinema: Through the Eyes of The Master, Breaking Barriers: The Sound of Hitchcock, Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts, Masters of Cinema, Feature Commentary with John Fawell, author of Hitchcock's Rear Window: The Well-Made Film, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer, Re-Release Trailer Narrated by James Stewart, BD Live, Pocket Blu (Blu-ray exclusive)


*The Trouble with Harry* (1955) - Bonus Features: The Trouble with Harry Isn't Over, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer


*The Man Who Knew Too Much* (1956) - Bonus Features: The Making of The Man Who Knew Too Much, Production Photographs, Trailers


*Vertigo* (1958) · Bonus Features: Obsessed with Vertigo: New Life for Hitchcock's Masterpiece, Partners in Crime: Hitchcock's Collaborators, Hitchcock / Truffaut Interview Excerpts, Foreign Censorship Ending, The Vertigo Archives, Feature Commentary with Associate Producer Herbert Coleman, Restoration Team Robert A. Harris and James C. Katz, and Other Vertigo Participants, Feature Commentary with Director William Friedkin, 100 Years of Universal: The Lew Wasserman Era, Theatrical Trailer, Restoration Theatrical Trailer, BD Live, Pocket Blu (Blu-ray exclusive)


*Psycho* (1960) · Bonus Features: The Making of Psycho, Psycho Sound, In The Master's Shadow: Hitchcock's Legacy, Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts, Newsreel Footage: The Release of Psycho, The Shower Scene: With and Without Music , The Shower Scene: Storyboards by Saul Bass, The Psycho Archives, Posters and Psycho Ads, Lobby Cards, Behind-the-Scenes Photographs, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer, Re-release Trailers, Feature Commentary with Stephen Rebello (author of Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho)


*The Birds* (1963) · Bonus Features: Deleted Scene, Original Ending, The Birds: Hitchcock's Monster Movie – New! (Blu-ray Exclusive), All About The Birds, Storyboards, Tippi Hedren's Screen Test, Hitchcock-Truffaut Interview Excerpts, The Birds Is Coming (Universal International Newsreel), Suspense Story: National Press Club Hears Hitchcock (Universal International Newsreel), Production Photographs, 100 Years of Universal: Restoring the Classics, 100 Years of Universal: The Lot, Trailer, BD Live, Pocket Blu (Blu-ray Exclusive)


*Marnie* (1964) · Bonus Features: The Trouble with Marnie, The Marnie Archives, Theatrical Trailer


*Torn Curtain* (1966) · Bonus Features: Torn Curtain Rising, Scenes S


*Topaz* (1969) · Bonus Features: Alternate Endings, Topaz: An Appreciation by Film Historian and Critic Leonard Maltin, Storyboards: The Mendozas, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer


*Frenzy* (1972) - Bonus Features: The Story of Frenzy, Production Photographs , Theatrical Trailer


*Family Plot* (1976) · Bonus Features: Plotting Family Plot, Storyboards: The Chase Scene, Production Photographs, Theatrical Trailer


At this time, it doesn't look like the titles will be available individually, but I am sure they will be eventually. And looking at the photo above, I can see one thing I don't like. It appears that the Blu discs are going to be in slots at the tops of the page. Even with Blu's protective coating, those kind of slots have scratched many a DVD.

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*Updated info:*


There has been some more information come out about the set. The picture in the first post below is, apparently, what the UK set will look like.


The U.S. set is to look like this:




The U.S. set will also have one more movie in it, North by Northwest.


Personally, I am glad to see a box set come out where most of the titles will be new to Blu, instead of just grabbing misc. titles that have already been released. In the case of the Hitchcock box set, 13 of the 15 titles will be new to Blu-ray.


In addition, the collection comes with a fifty-page book featuring storyboards, costume sketches, correspondence, and rare photographs.

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More Hiitchcock news...this time from WB...including Dial M For Murder --- IN 3D!!!!!






Release info from WB:







{font:arial}Burbank{font}{font:arial}, Calif.{font}{font:arial}, June 22, 2012 – *Dial M for Murder, *Alfred Hitchock’s suspense classic, was among the first films that helped Warner Bros. introduce 3D in U.S. theatres in the early ‘50s. Now, thanks to advanced Blu-ray™ technology and the tireless efforts of Warner Bros.’ Motion Picture Imaging (MPI) division, Warner Home Video has meticulously and painstakingly restored the original 3D presentation, and, when *Dial M for Murder* {font}*{font:arial}Blu-ray 3D{font}*{font:arial} debuts October 9, audiences will finally be able to see the film in their homes as it was originally meant to be seen. A 2D version will also be included for those who have yet to upgrade TVs and players to 3D. *Dial M for Murder* {font}*{font:arial}Blu-ray 3D{font}*{font:arial} will be priced at $35.99 SRP.{font}



















{font:arial}To ready *Dial M for Murder *for this current release, MPI’s work included a 4K scan of the original camera negative, and a full restoration of the two “eyes,” as well as convergence fixes to ensure perfect alignment.{font}



















{font:arial}Said Jeff Baker, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Theatrical Catalog,{font}







{font:arial}“Given the current trend toward 3D, we’re delighted to be releasing this authentic classic 3D. This is not a conversion from 2D to 3D, but an original work, with a big tip of the cap to MPI, that illustrates just how good 3D can be. The Warner library has the largest number of classic 3D titles (15) of any studio and over the years we’ve been looking to release them, but not until now has the technology been perfected to the point we can do that. We’re hoping *Dial M for Murder *is the first of several classic 3D films to be released, with the long-awaited, much requested “House of Wax” expected next.”{font}






























































*{font:arial}Dial M for Murder{font}*







{font:arial}Special Features:{font}


* {font:arial}Featurettes: Hitchcock and Dial M and 3D: A Brief History{font}


{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}Original 1954 Theatrical trailer{font}

























{font:arial}*Strangers On A Train*


Special Features:{font}


Newly remastered





{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich, Joseph Stefano, Andrew Wilson, Joe Alves, Peter Benchley, Tere Caruba, Whitfield Cook, Katie Fiala, Richard Franklin, Alfred Hitchcock, Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell, Kasey Rogers, Richard Schickel and Mary Stone {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}"Strangers on a Train: A Hitchcock Classic" {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}"Strangers on a Train: The Victim's P.O.V." {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}"Strangers on a Train: An Appreciation by M. Night Shyamalan" {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}"The Hitchcocks on Hitch" {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}"Alfred Hitchcock's Historical Meeting" {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}"Preview Version" {font}







{font:symbol}· {font}{font:arial}Theatrical Trailer{font}

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Yes I read that, I meant at some point would they be available as individual discs. I might get the box set if the price is right - love the design.

I wish North by Northwest wasnt on the set since I have the digibook and the DVD from the Hitchcock set which I may part with with movies getting released from it ( Strangers on a Train and Dial M for MONEY


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filmlover, the USA Hitchcock box set looks more appealing since its not a clunky box. I do have NORTH BY NORTHWEST and PSYCHO in BR and the set is a little pricey. So I will wait and see. Thanx for the info on the Olive releases. I have to make up my mind by Sunday if I want to order.

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filmlover, I had a problem with the site but finally was able to order. Got the two that you want and FLAME OVER INDIA. Too bad they charge for each item $1.50 but its still much better than AMAZON.


Edited by: Edgecliff on Jun 23, 2012 2:09 PM

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No problems, and I placed a second order yesterday. First, did you create an account with them? If so, log in to it and see if either of the orders is in there. If not, you should try again. And I don't know who your service provider is, but if it is AOL you might try instead just going through Internet Explorer since AOL sometimes has so many safeguards built in that you can't do anything.

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filmlover, apparently after several tries it went through. I had similiar problems with the Warner site. It would not recognize any of my credit cards. That site seems to have solved the problems.

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Glad to hear it went through. And, coincidentally enough, besides the High Noon and the Invasion Blus, I had also ordered Flame in that same shipment yesterday. But we are probably going to have to be patient on that because I hear it's release date has been pushed back.


And the $1.50 handling charge is only on the entire package. The shipping is $1.49 per title, which isn't bad, and with that 10% off it comes out about even.


I got my first shipment from them today, so that was only about three days from order to delivery (which is surprising because they are affiliated with deepdiscount.com).

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I left DDD long ago when their prices increased steadily. I haven't checked FAMILY VIDEO who at times was better than Amazon. I wonder how low the price on the Hitchcock set will go when its released.

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I gave up on DDD a few years ago because of the increasng complaints they were getting for bad service.


I placed one last order just now with Importcds in order to get the discount before it expires:


Run For Cover

Boeing Boeing

Come Blow Your Horn

Rock-A-Bye Baby

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filmlover, only COME BLOW YOUR HORN interests me but I decided to pass on this one. However I did order 4 titles from the WB Achives with an extra $10 off.







BTW, I knew THE MOUNTAIN was not a very good film. Too many of those Paramount/Olive releases are not must have's for me. I wish they would release LETS DANCE with Astaire, PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY with Astaire and Debbie Reynolds and FOREVER FEMALE with Ginger Rogers and Wm Holden.


I am trying to cut back but its difficult with so much coming out.


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