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Universal has announced the *Universal Classic Monsters - The Essential Collection* on Blu-ray for October 2. The 8-disc set features Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Phantom of the Opera and Creature from the Black Lagoon (2D & 3D).


Featuring over 12 hours of revealing bonus features plus an exclusive collectible book, each film has been digitally restored from high resolution film elements.


*Dracula* (1931) - English & Spanish Versions



The Road to Dracula

Lugosi: The Dark Prince

Dracula: The Restoration

Monster Tracks

Dracula Archives

Alternate Score by Philip Glass Performed by The Kronos Quartet

Feature Commentary with Film Historian David J. Shal

Feature Commentary with Screenwriter Steve Haberman

Trailer Gallery




*Frankenstein* (1931)


The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster

Karloff: The Gentle Monster

Monster Tracks

Universal Horror

Frankenstein Archives

Boo! A Short Film

Feature Commentary with Film Historian Rudy Behlmer

Feature Commentary with Historian Sir Christopher Frayling

Trailer Gallery

100 Years of Universal: Restoring the Classics




*The Mummy* (1932)





Mummy Dearest: A Horror Tradition Unearthed

He Who Made Monsters: The Life and Art of Jack Pierce

Unraveling The Legacy of The Mummy

The Mummy Archives

Feature Commentary with Rick Baker, Scott Essman, Steve Haberman, Bob Burns and Brent Armstrong

Feature Commentary with Film Historian Paul M. Jensen

Trailer Gallery

100 Years of Universal: The Carl Laemmle Era


*The Invisible Man* (1933)


*The Bride of Frankenstein* (1935)



She's Alive! Creating The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein Archive

Feature Commentary with Scott MacQueen

Trailer Gallery

100 Years of Universal: Restoring the Classics




*The Wolf Man* (1941)


Monster by Moonlight

The Wolf Man: From Ancient Curse to Modern Myth

Pure in Heart: The Life and Legacy of Lon Chaney, Jr.

He Who Made Monsters: The Life and Art of Jack Pierce

The Wolf Man Archives

Trailer Gallery

100 Years of Universal: The Lot

Feature Commentary with Film Historian Tom Weaver




*Phantom of the Opera* (1943)




*Creature from the Black Lagoon* (1954) - 2D & 3D

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Update on the Universal Monsters collection below


*Special Features:*


*The Invisible Man* -

* Audio commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer

* Now You See Him: The Invisible Man Revealed behind-the-scenes featurette

* 100 Years Of Universal featurette: Unforgettable Characters

* Production photographs


*Phantom of the Opera* -


* Audio commentary with Scott MacQueen

* The Opera Ghost: A Phantom Unmasked behind-the-scenes featurette

* 100 Years Of Universal featurette: The Lot

* Theatrical trailer

* Production photographs


*Creature from the Black Lagoon* -


* Original 3D plus 2D version of the film

* Audio commentary with Tom Weaver

* Back to The Black Lagoon behind-the-scenes featurette

* 100 Years Of Universal featurette: The Lot

* Trailer gallery

* Production photographs


In addition, the collection comes with a forty-eight-page book featuring behind-the-scenes photographs, original posters, and rare correspondences.



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Some details about the upcoming Lawrence of Arabia Blu-ray...


from digitalbits.com


"...today we have a few details on what you'll find on the new Blu-ray. Planned as either a 2-disc or 3-disc BD set, the disc will include a pair of new Blu-ray exclusive options including the *Peter O'Toole Revisits Lawrence of Arabia* featurette and an interactive *Secrets of Arabia: Picture-in-Graphics Track*. It appears that the set will also include most (if not all) of the previous DVD special features, including at least 5 legacy and vintage featurettes (*Making of Lawrence of Arabia*, *A Conversation with Steven Speilberg*, *Maan, Jordan: The Camels Are Cast*, *In Search of Lawrence* and *Romance of Arabia* - the latter newly restored for BD), original *Newsreel Footage of the New York Premiere* and a gallery of advertising campaign material. Note that this is a tentative list - we expect full official details soon. But it does appear that Sony is prepping an awfully nice release for high-definition. No street date or SRP yet (this should certainly be a major 3rd or 4th quarter release), but we'll bring them to you as soon as Sony makes the official announcement."

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Independent distributor Milestone is releasing *Rags and Riches: Mary Pickford Collection* on Blu-ray and DVD Nov. 6th. The three films in the set are The Poor Little Rich Girl, The Hoodlum, and Sparrows.

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The Blu-ray release of Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection is £31.24 (approx. $48.50) plus shipping from Amazon UK. Much better than Amazon US's current price of $111.99.






Don't know if it will be region free yet, but several recent titles from Universal have been. there is a chance it may not incluide the book that will be in the U.S. release, but if you can save $63 I am sure you could buy the book a lot cheaper from somewhere.



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Some updated news about the big Bond set coming out on Blu-ray. It looks like the extras will match those that were on DVD before but there will be a 23rd disc that will contain the following new material:


(from Blu-ray.com)


*DISC TWENTY THREE* - Bonus Material

* NEW – The World of Bond – the 007 films have a look, style and attitude that is signature Bond. From the cars, to the women, to the villains and even the music, Bond films stand apart. The World of Bond takes the viewer through the best of five decades worth of classic James Bond in one thrilling montage. The World of Bond showcases the fascinating and entertaining interplay among unforgettable moments of danger, seduction, adventure and a dash of that distinguished humor that fans have cherished from the beginning up until now. To add to the experience, The World of Bond featurette will also offer a Pop-Up Trivia option to challenge even the sharpest of fans with little known facts and interesting trivia from the Bond Universe.

* NEW – Being Bond – there's only one James Bond – but he's proven too much for only one actor to play the role. In the franchise's 50-year run, six distinguished actors have taken on the part and secured a spot in cinematic history. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig each reflect on the impact and importance of taking on such a famous role. With this piece, gain insight into what each actor brought to the character and discover how they shaped the world's most timeless secret agent.

* SKYFALL Videoblogs – behind-the-scenes look at the making of SKYFALL from the cast and crew


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Just in case anyone was thinking about ordering the Blu-ray of the James Mason film, Journey to the Center of the Earth...it is now sold out. Screen Archives Entertainment (SEA), the webseller that is the carrier of SEA Blus, has listed the 3,000 print run is now all gone.


And just a head's up, the Mysterious Island Blu-ray from them is down to 260 copies.

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MYSTERIOUS ISLAND @ $34.99 is just too high a price for me to pay so I passed on this one. At least they lowered the price of the newer SONY releases. BTW. I was amazed at the incredible look of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS in BR.

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> {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote}MYSTERIOUS ISLAND @ $34.99 is just too high a price for me to pay so I passed on this one.


"is" should become "was" because prices of people who have one and are selling are increasing dramatically now. It would have been a good investment since it was limited to 3,000 copies. The Journey to the Center of the Earth Blu is on eBay and it already has bids up to $51.



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In the UK, Studio Canal will bring to Blu-ray two classic French films: Jacques Becker's [Casque d'or|http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Casque-dor-Blu-ray/50541/] (1952), starring Simone Signoret, Serge Reggiani and Claude Dauphin, and Claude Sautet's [César et Rosalie|http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Cesar-et-Rosalie-Blu-ray/50540/] (1972), starring Yves Montand, Romy Schneider and Sami Frey. Street date for both is November 5th.


Also in the UK, Eureka! will be bringing out:


Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen (1924) in a 2 Blu/2 DVD combo set. Oct. 22nd

Samuel Fuller's Park Row (1952) DVD. Oct. 22nd

The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Blu/DVD combo set. Nov. 12th.

Trouble In Paradise (1932) DVD. Nov. 12th.

Gate of Hell (1953) Blu/DVD set. Dec. 3rd.


It is not known at this time if these will be region B locked.





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I've held off on Design for Living, even at $20 at the B&N sale since it came out because the review from blu-ray.com was saying that the PQ was good but not great. However, The Gold Rush review is superb:




I've purchased it but haven't had a chance yet to watch it. And with Gold Rush, you get the 1942 version and a reconstructed 1925 version.


review for DFL:



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Criterion releases for October:


*In the Mood for Love* (October 2nd, 2012) Blu-ray and DVD

* High-definition digital restoration, approved by cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bin

* 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack

* In the Mood for Love, director Wong Kar-wai's documentary on the making of the film

* Deleted scenes with director's commentary

* Hua yang de nian hua (2000), a short film by Wong

* Archival interview with Wong and a 'cinema lesson' given by the director at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival

* Toronto International Film Festival press conference from 2000, with stars Maggie Cheung Man-yuk and Tony Leung Chiu-wai

* Trailers and TV spots

* Two new interviews with critic Tony Rayns, one about the film and the other about the soundtrack

* A booklet featuring an essay by novelist and film critic Steve Erickson and the Liu Yi-chang story that provided thematic inspiration for the film

*The Forgiveness of Blood* (October 16th, 2012) Blu-ray and DVD

* New high-definition digital transfer, approved by producer Paul Mezey

* 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack

* Audio commentary featuring director and cowriter Joshua Marston

* Two new video programs:

** Acting Close to Home, a discussion between Marston and actors Refet Abazi, Tristan Halilaj, and Sindi La�ej

** Truth on the Ground, featuring new and on-set interviews with Mezey, Abazi, Halilaj, and La�ej

* Audition and rehearsal footage

* Trailer

* A booklet featuring an essay by film writer Oscar Moralde

*Sunday Bloody Sunday* (October 23rd, 2012) Blu-ray and DVD

* New high-definition digital restoration, supervised by director of photography Billy Williams

* Uncompressed monaural soundtrack

* New video interviews with actor Murray Head, Williams, and production designer Luciana Arrighi

* Illustrated 1975 audio interview with director John Schlesinger

* New interview with writer William J. Mann (Edge of Midnight: The Life of John Schlesinger) about the making of Sunday Bloody Sunday

* New interview with photographer Michael Childers, Schlesinger's longtime partner

* Trailer

* A booklet featuring a new essay and screenwriter Penelope Gilliatt's 1971 introduction to the film's screenplay

*Rosemary's Baby* (October 30th, 2012) Blu-ray and DVD

* New high-definition digital restoration, approved by director Roman Polanski

* Uncompressed monaural soundtrack

* New interviews with Polanski, actor Mia Farrow, and producer Robert Evans

* Komeda, Komeda, a feature-length documentary on the life and work of jazz musician and composer Krzysztof Komeda, who wrote the score for Rosemary's Baby

* 1997 radio interview with author Ira Levin from Leonard Lopate's WNYC program New York and Company on the 1967 novel, the sequel, and the film

* A booklet featuring an essay by critic Ed Park and Levin's afterword for the 2003 New American Library edition of his novel, in which he discusses its and the film's origins


*Eclipse Series 36: Three Wicked Melodramas from Gainsborough Pictures* (Oct. 9th) DVD only


*The Man in Grey* (1943), *Madonna of the Seven Moons* (1945), *The Wicked Lady* (1945)

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