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OMG! WHV is amazing, that's got to be the best news i've heard this year. 150 titles is daunting, but i'm thrilled to see Love, several Joan Crawford titles, and more! i don't even know where to begin, but i can already tell i'm going to spend a lot of money on these.

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Here's another article on it:


Warner Bros. brings film vault into digital age

The Associated PressPublished: March 22, 2009


LOS ANGELES: Warner Bros. is reaching into its film vaults so it can sell old movies on made-to-order DVDs, in a move it hopes will goose sales of a vital product in a downturn.


Starting Monday, the studio will sell copies of 150 films from the silent era to the 1980s Brat Pack that have never been released on DVD. Internet downloads of the movies will cost $14.95, while DVDs sent in the mail are $19.95. Both can be ordered at http://www.warnerarchive.com.


The initiative, which Warner claims is the first of its kind for a major studio, is an effort by the Time Warner Inc. subsidiary to combat what could be a fundamental decline in demand for DVD purchases ? a falloff that can be blamed on market saturation as much as the recession.


Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger warned of this shift last month when he noted that most U.S. households own 80 DVDs already, leading people to become "more selective" about what discs they buy.


U.S. DVD spending fell 7 percent last year, to $21.6 billion, according to The Digital Entertainment Group, an industry consortium. While high-definition Blu-ray disc spending nearly tripled, it represented a small slice of the market, at $750 million.



Now retailers are cutting back shelf space for DVDs. And digital downloads have come nowhere near to making up the difference, said Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research, who doesn't predict overall growth in home video until 2010.


Home video revenues are a key profit driver for the studios ? in some cases, accounting for 60 percent more money than what a studio collects at the box office. So the recent decline has forced studios to do everything from lay off staff to pare back movie making.


Warner's decision to open up its vault "sounds like it's a risk-free way for them to generate a little money on some very old content," Adams said. By making the DVDs only when the movies are ordered by a customer, Warner doesn't have to worry about filling up a warehouse with inventory that struggles to sell.


Many of the titles Warner is releasing in the new venture have made the rounds on another Time Warner subsidiary, the Turner Classic Movies cable channel, and on VHS. But the studio will keep mining a 6,800-feature film library, amassed when Ted Turner bought Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's archive in 1986, which in turn was bought by Time Warner a decade later.


Twenty more films or TV shows will be added to the program of re-releases each month, with 300 expected by year's end. To put it in perspective, the studio has released only about 1,100 movies on DVD since the technology was spawned 12 years ago.


"There are still thousands of movies that we own that consumers haven't been able to get," said George Feltenstein, senior vice president of theatrical catalog marketing for Warner Home Video. "I expect that we'll be selling thousands of copies of every title over a period of time, and making a lot of people really happy."


Titles include "The Mating Game" (1959), starring Debbie Reynolds, and a string of Cary Grant flicks from "Mr. Lucky" (1943) to "Once Upon a Honeymoon" (1942). There's also "Wisdom," a modern-day Robin Hood tale from 1986 starring Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore.


Reynolds noted that in the past, the only way to watch some old films was to have a projector at home and obtain a bootleg copy. She said fans have been asking her to get some of her films on DVD, like "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady" (1950), which is expected in a later batch of releases.


"I was a girl that was raised with radio and I had to go to the theater to see movies," said Reynolds, 76, during an interview in a screening room on the Warner lot. "Now you get to see everything at home on a DVD. It just seems like a miracle that it can be done this way."


Robert Crawford, a 53-year-old auto worker in Saginaw, Mich., expects to use the new Warner program to add to his 5,000-disc collection, a mix of Blu-ray discs and DVDs.


He bubbled at hearing of upcoming releases such as "Beast of the City" (1932) starring Walter Huston and Jean Harlow, or "Rasputin and the Empress" (1932), which features three Barrymore siblings, including modern "Charlie's Angels" actress Drew Barrymore's grandfather, John.


"Some of these films I've been waiting on for years," said Crawford. "Let's face it, Best Buy doesn't carry every title, neither does Wal-Mart. They don't have the shelf room."


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Okay, the chat with George Feltenstein has ended at Home Theater Forum.


*The Big Parade, The Wind, The Crowd,* and other silent films are coming from WB in the way they were presented by Kevin Brownlow in the Thames series. WB has been talking with Photoplay (Brownlow's company) to work together to update the restorations on all those premiere silent pictures. WB will also be releasing about *20 other silent films* through the Warner Archive (in addition to the ones already there.)


They are still trying to get the remaining three Abbott *& Costello films (Captain Kidd, Beanstalk, and Rio Rita*) on DVD but no date.


WB owns all of the *Tarzan* movies, no matter who produced the, and they will all be coming out in the near future.


There will be more *Jane Powell musicals* and *Ginger Rogers comedies* coming out through Warner Archive.


WB will be issuing *Monogram Charlie Chan* films, done from the original nitrates, in early 2010.


*Brewster McCloud, The Devils,* and *The Power* are under consideration for Warner Archive.


*Riffraff, The Clay Pigeon, Armored Car Robbery, I Died a Thousand Times, The Locket, Stranger on the Third Floor,* and *Born to Be Bad* are all likely to be released through the Archive.


WB will be issuing a 5th *Noir* set in a few months.


*Gone with the Wind* and *Wizard of Oz* are going through a super-resolution process for the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD releases. WB also hopes to to put the 1951 *Show Boat* through the same process for their *Complete Show Boat Collection*. They say it will happen!


*Magnificent Ambersons* is still in the development stage but it will have a significant history on the film. *Journey into Fear* will come out at the same time. *The Lost Squadron* is not in the planning stage right now.


*Gremlins* is planned for Blu-ray.


*Nothing Lasts Forever, Spies Like Us* and *Over The Rainbow* are planned for DVD release.


*Dark Shadows* movies will be released when the new Johnny Depp film comes out.


There will be *shorts and cartoon collections* coming out through Warner Archive.


Nothing firm on any other *SmileBox* editions like How the West Was Won at the moment.


*No Time for Sargeants* may finally get a DVD release.


They are hoping to restore *The Merry Widow* from the original negative, which did not burn in the Eastman House fire. *Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy* films are a bit iffy at this moment due to conditions of the film elements..


Early *James Cagney* films will be in the Warner Archive soon.


*The Outlaw Josey Wales* and *THX-1138* will likely be on Blu-ray in 2010.


A *Bowery Boys* collection could be coming in 2010, as well, on DVD.

WB says the issue of the $19.95 price for the *Warner Archive DVDs* being too high has not come up an that the service has just launched today to astonishing sales."


There are no plans for new editions of *Barry Lyndon* or *Lolita.*


There may be future BD-Live (that's for Blu-ray owners) planned for *The Dark Knight.*


*Frankenstein 1970, The Walking Dead, Zombies on Broadway* and *You?ll Find Out* make up the WB's *Karloff/Lugosi set* for this Halloween at retail. All will be remastered and Frankenstein 1970 is 16x9. Other horror and scifi titles are on their way through Warner Archive releases.


WB will be doing a 25th anniversary BD/SD *Goonies* special edition next year. They are hoping they can readdress *Little Shop of Horrors* issues for BD, but nothing planned yet.


They are proud of the four *Gangster sets* but don't have any others planned. However, there will be more WB classic Bogart/Cagney/Robinson/Raft gangster films out shortly through the Warner Archive Collection.


They hope to get *Green Slime* back on the Schedule, as well as *Wild, Wild Planet* and others.


The *Jason* movies are arriving on Blu-ray soon, at least one this year. *Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me* is not in the plans right now, but it will be done.


Mary Mary is coming through the Warner Archive Collection in September. The Chapman Report and Claudelle Inglish are likely to follow, but no date yet.


*The Prize* is undergoing remastering but no date set yet. *Mission to Moscow* and *Joel McCrea westerns* coming this year through Warner Archive (including *Tall Stranger*).


There will be a *TCM Spotlight: Esther Williams vol. 2* this summer.


*Home Before Dark* and *Young Bess* are coming through the Warner Archive in 2010.


*This Could Be the Night* and *Until They Sail* require remastering but they will be released.


*The Exorcist* is being remastered for Blu-ray by William Friedkin and cinematographer, Owen Roizman. No date set yet.


*The Maltese Falcon* is coming to Blu-ray in 2011 for its 70th anniversary.


No plans for Devil's Advocate on Blu-ray yet.


Of *Judy Garland's* early films, the five that remain unreleased will be coming around Spring 2010 when they released the restored *A Star is Born* special edition.


Q: Why *Casablanca, GWTW, Wizard of Oz* only being released as expensive deluxe editions on Blu-ray? Will they be released in non-deluxe editions down the line?


?Exact plans and pricing for OZ and GWTW are not final yet?we have heard your concerns?and have brought them to the attention of upper management.?


*Heat* is being remastered for Blu-ray under the surpervision of Michael Mann. Could be out soon.


WB has a deal with Criterion to release a select few titles. *Zabriskie Point* is being released by Warners as part of their Director?s Showcase line at at the end of May.


As to the question of how old does a title have to be to be a "catalog" title and under their control, Feltenstein said they get marketing control of titles 6 months after initial DVD release.


No plans for *Demolition Man*.


They do not own any *Sherlock Holmes* movies, but WB is making a new one.


re: Archive: Twenty titles will added each month in the beginnning. There will be about 25 more westerns released this year from the 1940s and 1950. Several Randolph Scott Westerns will be made available from Warner Archive collection next month including *Trail Street*. More Archive titles will be announced on April 1st and 15th.


*Where Eagles Dare* is coming to Blu-ray next year.


No *Hammer films* for Blu-ray yet but they do have hopes for it.


*Alex in Wonderland* MAY come to the arner Archive collection.


*And here is something for Chinaseas...the Harlow collection is coming to stores for her centenary in 2011.*


*John Garfield titles* will be available this summer for the Warner Archive collection.


They are trying to free up The Constant Nymph from legal rights limbo.


Fox owns the 1950 *The Glass Menagerie* that was produced at WB, so don't hold your breath on that one for now.


*Superman: The Movie* and *Superman II* are not planned for any future definitive collections for DVD and Blu-ray.


Contact is coming out on Blu-ray this fall.


Branagh?s *Hamlet* is set for Blu-ray hopefully sometime in 2010.?


More black and white titles will be coming to Blu-ray.


And, finally, *Greed* will be issued by WB through its planned series of silent films prepared by Kevin Brownlow. However, the plans are still in the formative stage."

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A bunch of upcoming release info from Barrie Maxwell's column over at digitalbits.com. Most has been reported here prior to this, so I will edit those items out. You can use the link at the bottom to see the original list of his, if you wish.


AC Comics has relayed news of its latest DVD-R releases. Now available is Th*e Crimson Ghost* (1946 Republic serial), but only in the feature-length version. This is actually one of the better condensations of a Republic serial. Charles Quigley, Linda Stirling, and Clayton Moore star, but be aware that this release is of a colourized version only. Also now available is *TV Classic Detectives: Volume 8* which contains one episode from each of five detective shows: Richard Diamond, Private Detective; Peter Gunn; Markham; Tightrope; and Shannon. All are apparently mastered from original film prints.



Criterion is...apparently planning to release the Leo McCarey film, Make Way for Tomorrow (1937, with Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi), later in 2009.



Disney will have The Story of Robin Hood (1952, with Richard Todd) for release on April 28th.


Looser Than Loose (looserthanloose.com) has added to its catalog of classic and early sound releases with three new titles out in the latter part of January*. The Larger World of Laurel and Hardy*: Volume 10 offers five shorts (one with Hardy, three with Laurel, and the Charley Chase item Now I'll Tell One which has both Laurel and Hardy but not yet together as a team). Sea Devils is a 1931 Larry Darmour sound feature with Walter Long. The Larry Semon Reference Set: Volume 1 is a two-disc set containing 8 Semon shorts from 1917 to 1928.


+Paramount continues with *Hawaii Five-O* delivering the Sixth Season on April 21st. April 28th brings *Mission Impossible: The Sixth Season.*


Reelclassicdvd.com recently made available its latest silent release, a *Griffith Biograph Collection Featuring Mary Pickford*. It?s a two-disc set containing 12 short films directed by D. W. Griffith between 1909 to 1913, most of which are not duplicated on other available Griffith sets: *What Drink Did, As It Is in Life, An Arcadian Maid, The House with Closed Shutters, Wilful Peggy, For His Son, The Mender of Nets, The Girl and Her Trust, A Beast at Bay, Musketeers of Pig Alley, The Reformers,* and *The Curtain Pole.* Also announced as now available is *The Phantom of the Opera (1925/1930): The Supreme Collector's Edition.* This is a three-disc set that includes a brand-new, needle-sharp transfer of the prized Essex Films/Griggs-Moviedrome version of the film. Complete with the famous "man with the lantern" opening (voiced by John Griggs) and the soaring, exciting pipe organ score performed by Lee Irwin - newly re-mixed for stereo! This is the only authorized release of this much esteemed, copyrighted version of the film. Supplements include: (a) Scream Scenes: The Phantom of the Opera - A short film containing some very unusual title cards believed to be from an earlier version of the film as well as a brief "lost" scene of Lon Chaney at the organ. The boudoir scene, long ravaged by nitrate decomposition, appears here in near pristine condition; (B) a newly reconstructed theatrical trailer - Available nowhere else, this version is taken from several sources and blended together to yield the best, most complete trailer possible; © The Phantom of the Opera: 1930 vs. 1925 - An exclusive feature length production created and introduced for this edition by Keith Paynter. Using the 1930 re-release as a foundation, a wide-screen, side-by-side and scene-for-scene comparison is made between the 1930 and the 1925 releases. The sometimes subtle and often unmistakably distinct differences between camera angles, title cards and alternate takes are plainly seen; (d) Two complete versions of the film. Ever since the discovery of the early Technicolor Bal Masque footage, the black and white version of the scene (which is very different in content) has become rather rare. Two versions of the film are presented, one containing the colour footage, the other in black and white; (e) Color vs Black and White - An amazing wide-screen, side-by-side comparison between the Bal Masque de l' Opera scene in color and its black and white counterpart. With commentary by Keith Paynter; and (f) a bonus Chaney film, The Light of Faith (1922).



Ryko Distribution will offer *The Three Musketeers of the West,* a later Italian spaghetti western from 1973, on May 19th.



Shout! Factory has three classic TV releases on tap. Coming on May 19th is *Peyton Place: Part One*, a 5-disc set which presumably covers the first season of the series' five year run that began in 1964. *Peyton Place: Part Two* is apparently set for July 14th. *Father Knows Best: Season Three* is set for June 9th and will also be a 5-disc set. Additionally, the company is working on *Adam 12: Season Three* which it plans to release later in 2009.



There is further confirmation from Sony's Mike Schlesinger that the promised Toho*, film noir, and Jack Lemmon* sets will be out in 2009. As a reminder, the proposed Toho films were *Mothra, H-Man, Battle in Outer Space, and Rebirth of Mothra 3*. Several sets of film noir are anticipated eventually, but this year's first volume may have such titles as Knock *on Any Door and Human Desire*. The Lemmon titles are unclear as yet, although presumably *Phffft!, My Sister Eileen, Operation Mad Ball, and Good Neighbor Sam* are in the mix.



Further to last column's news about the upcoming Universal pre-Code titles, the official press release reveals that the Universal Backlot Series under which the titles are being released will be the home of rare treasures, overlooked groundbreaking work, and films of historical and cultural importance. Each motion picture in the series will be digitally remastered from original film elements and presented in its intended aspect ratio to help preserve its place in cinema history. Many of the films will be available on DVD for the very first time and will include a wealth of revealing new bonus features. The films, along with the documentaries, feature commentary, and archival materials that will accompany them should make the Universal Backlot Series essential additions to every serious cinema collection. There are no further titles hinted at as yet, but all this at least sounds promising.



VCI has plans to release *The Green Hornet* and *The Green Hornet Strikes Again*, Universal serials from 1940 and 1941 respectively, later in 2009. *The Last of the Mohicans* (1932 Mascot serial with Harry Carey) is also in the loop.



*+Warner Bros. offers the Charles Bronson Collection* on May 19th. It'll be a double feature of Telefon (1976) and St. Ives (1977). Other double features that Warner is highlighting at the same time are the *Bank Robbery Collection* [The Great Bank Robbery (1969) and The Great Bank Hoax (1977)], the *Malcolm McDowell Collection* [A Clockwork Orange (1971) and O Lucky Man! (1973)], and the *Steve McQueen Collection* [bullitt (1968) and Papillon (1973)].


Meanwhile, *The Saturday Morning Cartoons: The 1960s and The 1970s* have been delayed one week to May 26th. June 9th will bring *Get Smart: Season 3* (26 episodes on 4 DVDs) and the 23rd will bring *Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection*. It'll be a two-disc set containing 34 shorts from the 1963-1967 period, all remastered for this release. Two bonus documentaries will be included: Tom and Jerry? and Chuck and Chuck Jones: Memories of a Childhood.



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*The Three Stooges Collection, Vol. 6 (1949-1951)* will be coming out June 16th.


Here are the shorts expected in this volume:




The Ghost Talks

Who Done It?

Hokus Pokus

Fuelin' Around

Malice in the Palace

Vagabond Loafers

Dunked in the Deep




Punchy Cowpunchers

Hugs and Mugs

Dopey ****

Love at First Bite

Self-Made Maids

Three Hams on Rye

Studio Stoops

Slaphappy Sleuths

A Snitch in Time




Three Arabian Nuts

Baby Sitters Jitters

Don't Throw That Knife

Scrambled Brains

Merry Mavericks

The Tooth Will Out


Pest Man Wins



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A great announcement through classicflix.com:


Kino has announced a July 7th release date for *The John Barrymore Collection*. The big news with this 4 disc set is the inclusion of the previously unreleased *Sherlock Holmes* (1922). According to Kino's press material:


"Sherlock Holmes was mastered from a 35mm restoration by the George Eastman House Motion Picture Department, and is accompanied by a score by Ben Model, performed on the Miditzer Virtual Theatre Organ."

The other three titles are The *Beloved Rogue* (1927), *Tempest* (1928) [both previously released by Image Entertainment] and *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde* (1920) [previously released by Kino].


The set will retail for $59.95...individual titles will each retail for $24.95...

Here's a link to this and the cover art of the box and the titles:



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This one sounds vaguely familiar. I used the search function to try to find any previous mention of this, and nothing came up. Sorry if it's been mentioned before.


Jack Lemmon Film Collection - Phffft! (1954) Operation Mad Ball (1957) Notorious Landlady, The (1962) Under The Yum Yum Tree (1963) Good Neighbor Sam (1964) - Sony Pictures


(Scheduled for June 9)




*The Graduate will get confused on Blu-Ray in June*


MGM Home Entertainment has added a Blu-Ray Disc version of the 1967 Academy-Award winner The Graduate to their release line-up.

Uncertain of what he wants to do with his life, college graduate Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) returns home. And when the wife of his father's business partner, the sexy Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), seduces him, the affair only deepens his confusion. That is, until he meets the girl of his dreams (Katharine Ross). But there's one problem... she's Mrs. Robinson's daughter!

The release will duplicate the contents from the 40th Anniversary DVD release, so expect to find an Audio Commentary by Actors Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross on the release, as well as another Commentary by Mike Nichols and Steven Soderbergh. A number of Featurettes are included also, such as “Students Of The Graduate”, “The Seduction,” “One on One with Dustin Hoffman,” and “The Graduate at 25”.

Also look for the movie’s Theatrical Trailer. It is not clear yetif the soindtrack CD will also be included on this release, at this time.

“The Graduate” will hopefully pass the grade on June 2 for $24.99.

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from classicflix.com:


Universal has announced 4 more titles in their second wave of their Universal Backlot Series: *Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944), The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936), Lonely Are the Brave (1962)* and *Beau Geste (1939*).


Except for Beau Geste which was released three years ago as part of the Gary Cooper Franchise Collection, all are new to DVD. Bonus features are slim. Retail is $19.99.



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Walt Disney has announced that the Platinum Edition of *Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs* Blu-ray edition will be out seven weeks before the DVD version goes on sale. The Blu-ray will street on October 6th and the DVD on November 24th. However, and this should make all happy, as has been the practice recently with Blu-ray editions of Sleeping Beauty and Pinicchio, the Blu-ray will also include a standard DVD of the movie in the same case.


They have also stated that there will be brand new extras not in the 2001 DVD release.

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I've mentioned the following three items previously, but here are some updates:


First up, here is a list of extras in the DVD and Blu-ray releases coming June 16th of *The Diary of Anne Frank: 50th Anniversary Edition* and the cover art for the Blu-ray (same art will be on the DVD):


diary of anne frank


Audio commentary with George Stevens Jr. and Millie Perkins (Anne Frank)

Introduction: George Stevens Jr. and World War II (New)

The Making of The Diary of Anne Frank: A Son's Memories (New)

The Diary of Anne Frank: Memories from Millie Perkins and Diane Baker (Margot Frank) (New)

Shelley Winters and The Diary of Anne Frank (New)

The Score of The Diary of Anne Frank ? a look at the legendary composer Alfred Newman (New)

The Diary of Anne Frank: Correspondence - Letters between George Stevens and his son written during the making of the film (New)

Fox Legacy with Tom Rothman (New)

Diary of Anne Frank: Echoes from the Past

Diary of Anne Frank: Excerpt from ?George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey?

George Stevens Press Conference

Millie Perkins Screen Test

Movietone News:

-Millie Perkins, To Be Anne Frank in Film of Diary

-Nobel Peace Prize to Belgian Priest

-Anne Frank Diary Star Readies For Film's 1st Nights

-Academy Award Highlights

-Millie Perkins Visits the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

-Brilliant Turnout For L.A. Premiere Anne Frank Diary

Theatrical Trailer

International Trailer

Interactive Pressbook Gallery

Behind-the-scenes Gallery


Next up, from classicflix.com, cover art for the upcoming *The Three Stooges Collection Volume Six 1949-1951*:




And cover art for the various titles in the *Universal Backlot Series 2*:



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A bit of bad news. It looks like Criterion is pulling *Ran* from the upcoming Blu release due to rights issues.


On the good side, it looks like they will be adding a different color Kurosawa in its place. Title not yet revealed, but it will likely be *Kagemusha*.

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the art for Ali Baba is just dreadful, i was hoping it would look a little more like Universal's Arabian Nights DVD. oh, well, at least they're finally releasing more of the Maria Montez/John Hall films, so maybe soon we'll see White Savage and Cobra Woman.

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Sony is not known for doing good art work for their DVD releases. If Sony had THREE FOR THE SHOW in this set I would have bought it. THE YUM, YUM TREE doesn't interest me nor GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM. I think I will pass on this one. Too many better sets coming out on DVD.

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Regarding the Jack Lemmon Collection DVD:

The listing doesn't say if they include any trailers, but let's hope they include the "Operation Mad Ball" trailer. It's one of the best ever, among my favorites, up there with the "Citizen Kane" and "Psycho" trailers. For Ernie Kovacs fans it's essential...a hilarious five-minute comedy sketch telling us almost NOTHING about the movie!

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The *Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Films Collection* has been mentioned here by me and others before. The newest Now Playing magazine's inside back cover has an ad for the next group of six, with a street date of May 5th at $19.99 each. The selections, I think, are really good and a bargain for 4 of the best in each volume.


The ones for the May 5th release are:


American Musicals: The Band Wagon, Meet Me in St. Louis, Singin' in the Rain, and Easter Parade


Broadway Musicals: Show Boat, Annie Get Your Gun, Kiss Me, Kate, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


War Battlefront Asia: Bataan, Back to Bataan, The Green Berets, and Destination Tokyo


WWII: Battlefront Europe: Kelly's Heroes, Where Eagles Dare, The Dirty Dozen, and Battleground


John Wayne Westerns: The Cowboys, Fort Apache, Rio Bravo, and The Searchers


Western Adventures: The WIld Bunch, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Jeremiah Johnson, and The Train Robbers


the ad also states that additional collections will be available later this year: Murder Mysteries, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family, and Holiday.

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