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"I Am Happiness On Earth" - 2014 - Mexico -

Strange film, especially considering the title, it is directed by Julian Hernandez.

A gay filmmaker,  Emiliano, who is played by Hugo Catalan, meets a gay dancer, Octavio, who is played by Alan Ramirez.

They seem to be attracted to each other, but they are not connectng, either.

Perhaps they are too wrapped up in their own personal worlds.

Or perhaps they are too in love with the films of Michelangelo Antonioni.

Both of them seem to be film buffs.

This part of the fim is filled with interesting imagery in which Emiliano and Octavio wander in and out of each other's world.

At the end of this part of the film, both of these young men just seem to wander back to their own lives.

With the second part of the film, we are treated to what seems to be "a fever dream".

And, surprisingly, the film becomes sexually explicit.

Another young man, who is naked, comes into contact with another young man, who is also naked.

They are eventually joined by a young woman, who gradually becomes naked.

The older young man connects sexually with the woman.

The younger young man tries to join in, but he is kept out of the on-going rapture of the other two

Here, there is a verbal overlay, which is spoken by the older gay man and which is extremely "poetical".

It gives this second part of the film a very heavy aura of "tristesse".

Perhaps it is Emiliano's imaging of what lies ahead for him.

Unable to connect with young men, he will fall prey to a woman.

In the third part of the film, we return to Emiliano's life.

He is now involved with a rent boy, Jazen, who is played by Emilio von Sternenfels.

Jazen is attracted to Emiliano's life and work.

Both of them seem to be hitting it off, too.

But, then, unexpectedly, Emiliano runs into Octavio and Emiliano declares his love for Octavio.

Octavio does the same and then walks off.

They had their moment, as it were, and it did not work out.

Emiliano returns to Jazen, who is happy to be re-united with him.

As I said, a strange film, which seems to be about the turmoil of love in which the participants are not evenly matched.

And the young man at the center of it all, Emiliano, can only worry and wonder.

Emiliano wanted Octavio and could not have him.

He ends up with Jazen, who will work hard for his affection. 

Emiliano and Octavio - who are you? -


Emiliano and Jazen - I am here, look at me! -






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Because my initial review of "I Am Happiness On Earth" was taken down last night - and I had to write another one this morning - I could not be entirely truthful about what it going on in this film.

Suffice it to say, one of the core elements in this film is that of gay men who like other gay men who could be considered "too young" for them. 


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5 hours ago, rayban said:

Because my initial review of "I Am Happiness On Earth" was taken down last night - and I had to write another one this morning - I could not be entirely truthful about what it going on in this film.

Suffice it to say, one of the core elements in this film is that of gay men who like other gay men who could be considered "too young" for them. 


The trailer looks beautiful and artsy

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"Viva" - Cuba and Ireland - directed by Paddy Breathnach (who must be an Irishman) - 2015

Such an interesting film, and a co-production of both Cuba and Ireland - according to the credits, it was filmed in both countries, although the film looks thoroughly Cuban.

It concerns a lonely young man, Jesus (a breakout performance by Hector Medina) who lives alone (no mother, no father) and manages a living by cutting the hair of old women and dressing the wigs of the owner/operator of the local transvestite bar (another fine performance by Luis Alberto Garcia).

He also finds tricks (older men) in the local park so he can add to his meager income.

He would like to perform at the transvestite bar and the owner/operator does encourage him.

But he has a long way to go as a performer.

Surprisingly, one day, his long-lost father (beautifully played by Jorge Perugorria) shows up with no real information about where he's been or what he's been doing.

But the father, who was once an aspiring fighter, is a broken shell of a man and obviously in bad health.

Jesus doesn't want "this stranger" in his life.

The father hangs out at the local gymnasium and hopes for some kind of employment.

Too meek to fight off his father, who is a force of nature, Jesus tries to respect the man, who really doesn't deserve his respect.

There's a very sad scene, in which Jesus manges to scrouge some food together for him and his father - he even takes the time to cook it and set the table, too - only to have his father complain that he can't cook.

Eventually, there is a battle for possession between the father and the club owner.

The club owner wants Jesus to abandon his father and live and perform at the club.

Surprisingly, Jesus chooses to remain with his father, who really cannot take care of himself.

Jesus is still struggling, too, to become a first-rate drag performer.

In the end, Jesus fights to keep his father alive - he takes him to the local hospital.

But the father cannot survive - it is only a matter of weeks or months.

Jesus has been having other relationships, too - with a wild local girl, who gets herself pregnant by a local boxer and an older male hustler, who preys on older men by pretending to have some sort of affliction.

Jesus' father, who is against his working as a drag performer, sees one of his performances one night and is actually able to see the boy's potential and gives him his very real blessing.

Suddenly, the father does die - and Jesus owns the fact that he did acknowledge this man as his father.

Jesus' sensitive nature just had to accept him - for what he was and what he could have been.

Jesus is finally able to own the stage as a drag perfomer - and, one night, after his father's death, he manages to give a stunning performance.

He ends up - with his wild "girlfriend", her illegitimate baby and his older hustler friend.

Somehow, they will manage a life together.

It's a very impressive film - about what it means to be alive, what it means to be human ane what it means to be forgiving.

It also boasts three of the finest performances that has ever blessed the world of film. 

I Am Who I Am! -


I Am Jesus - I Am Viva!


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2 hours ago, jaragon said:

This might be a good film but I have problem with foreign filmmaker exploiting Cuban culture

Yes, it shouldn't work, but somehow it does work - not only was it directed by an Irishman, it was written by an Irishman, too.

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"A Warm Wind" (2011) a gay man decides to take care of his cousin who was wounded in Iraq and suffers from PSTD.   The cast is attractive and it is nice to see a movie about men who take care of each other.  The gay angle of the film is barely mentioned but there is plenty of bro bonding. The script feels more like a play and it's at times a bit slow- the film could have benefited from a bit more action- just like the characters could have used a bit more sex. You can see it for free if you have Amazon prime.


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Amazon Prime has this one listed under gay films but there is really nothing gay about it- just a slow moving drama about two brothers dealing with death, nothing much happens, but it does have beautiful photography


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