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Hi. It seemed to be a good time to ressurect the individual threads that were set up when I helped get this Forum created. We are getting so many threads being started for so many things that could all be in one place that it makes it hard to find anything.


Keeping within a theme thread makes the Classic Film DVD Reviews Forum a much neater place and better organzized.. Thanks.

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*You Only Live Twice (Blu-ray)*


While all Bond films have something I like, in this story of Bond investigating several U.S. and Russian space capsules that have been intercepted by a mysterious third party located in Japan, there is an action sequence that is so large and so exciting, that it has risen to the top of my favorites. It is near the climax of the film, inside a hidden base in a volcano, which is one of the greatest sets you will ever see in a James Bond movie. Dozens of ninjas stream down ropes to battle Blofeld's Chinese forces, while Bond tries to stop World War III from starting.



Picture quality is simply amazing! They had restored it in high definition for for the DVD Ultimate Edition several years ago. That was very impressive for the time, but now that we really get it in HD it just blows away the DVD! No kidding, this does not look like it was filmed in the 1960s. You've heard the joke that you can see the pores in HD. Well, here, you really do.



Audio quality is exceptional. A great film to crank up the volume. Make sure your subwoofer is on.



The extras: Let me tell you, these will keep you going for a very long time. They have been ported over from the two-DVD Ultimate Edition, and they cover more than just the making of You Only Live Twice. One of the best is a salute to the title sequences by Maurice Binder. Another one I liked, but it was only excerpts, was a Whicker's World b&w TV documentary on the set, capturing a lot of the filming as it happened. There is also a commentary with cast and crew. It almost seems like the extras never end, and that is a very good thing.



Very highly recommended.



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*Dr. No (Blu-ray)*


It is so hard to believe that at the time they made this that Bond hadn't been in a movie before. Wile it may not have had the budget of later films, there is a lot of style in this first feature and Connery is already a natural in the role. Joseph Wiseman's Dr. No is a bit too much as an oriental villain with metal hands. As a matter of fact, the film tried to cast a few roles that were Chinese in nature but played by actors who were not convincing as Asians. But that still can't take away from the fun here.



The picture quality is astounding, a great restoration.



Sound is excellent, too.



There are plenty of extras carried over from the DVD Ultimate Edition. Regretably, they are in standard definition, and one can certainly how much superior HD is to SD while watching these.



Among the extras are:



007: License To Restore - a brief look at the restoration, but because it is in SD you really don't see much except in cases where there are hairs or the like on the original.



The Guns of James Bond - a grainy b&w featurette from the 1960s from the real Boothroyd that Ian Fleming based the character in Dr. No on. Not exactly a thrilling piece but it does have a nice Connery introduction.



Premiere Bond: Opening Nights - this is an interesting look at many of the Bond films opening nights. Some good stars turned out and real-life celebrities like Pricess Diana are included. Future Bond Pierce Brosnan is spotted in the background of a photo at the premiere of For Your Eyes Only.



Inside Dr. No - an excellent documentary about the making of the film, running about 42 minutes. Includes interviews with Ursula Andress, director Terence Young, designed Ken Adams and many more.



Terence Young: Bond Vivant - a featurette about the director and his film history.



Dr. No 1963 Featurette - a b&w TV short, very rough shape and generally uninteresting.



A selection of trailers and TV & radio commercials.



There is a commentary that features voices of people involved in the making of the film. These come from a lot of sources, but the narrator, who works at the Ian Fleming Foundation, gives a brief intro to each before playing the audio clip to let us know who is talking. However, this is still rather awkward, because you really do lose track and it feels very jumbled, though he does try to keep each clip scene-specific.



Plus,an "image database" has a collection of about 100 photos (70 of them were taken on location in Jamaica).



This is a great package and worth adding to your collection.



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