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shearer, any idea what the theme of the 4th musical set is?


Also, is there a site where we can read about the sets you mentioned? Was this an interview with the WB video head. I loved reading the last one (when was it, February?). How would we be able to take part in his next online conversation?

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Well I had got these quotes from this past year's Home Theater Chat with Gerorge Feltenstein who is head of Warner Bros Home Video and is in control what classics get released. To participate in next year's chat, you will first have to become a member of the Home Theater Chat Forum. Here is the link below.



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I am picking up the set today, but, apparently, the set has a problem. Warner Bros. has released a statement:


"Bonus content was omitted from the Superman III Deluxe Edition in the 14-disc Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition. Furthermore, disc one of Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition did not include the Dolby Digital 2.0 mix. Neither disc is known to be physically defective in any way.


Warner Home Video wants to extend apologies to all of our loyal Superman fans who've waited so patiently for these great collections and has taken immediate steps to correct these errors with the intention of standing behind our product 100%.


Replacement discs can be obtained by calling: 800-553-6937. The exchange program applies only to purchases of the Superman III Deluxe Edition in the Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition and to disc one of Superman: The Movie Four Disc Special Edition, available as a single title, as well as in The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection and in the Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition."


In a separate review on Digitalbits.com, they mention that all of the 17 Fleischer cartoons on are on there, not 9 as reviewed in today's L.A. Times. There are plenty of other extras, including (are we ready for it?) the complete pilot episode of "The Adventures of Super Pup". I have seen moments from this and it might make you gag.


One unusual thing I noticed in today's L.A. Times review of it was that they said the set contains 16 DVDs, not 14. But they also said that 9 of the Superman cartoons were in the set, not 17.


I will chime in later tonight with my initial review of the set.

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Wow, and Whew! It's taken me several hours just to skim through all 14 DVDs. All are excellent prints of the 4 Reeve films, the Reeves Superman and the Mole Men feature, and the newest film "Superman Returns". The extra documentaries look terrific and there is a nice loving tribute to Chris Reeve. There is so much on these 14 DVDs, that I couldn't possibly go into too much detail. I would like to say, though, that the 17 Fleischer cartoons look great, really clean and colorful. And there is even a new short on the making of the Fleischer cartoons.


The Superman II Donner recut looks fantastic. So much new to see of Chris Reeve.


A great gift set. Highly recommended.

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I have gotten a number of box sets recently and will spend the next several weeks going through them and will review each here. The most recent arrival is the Preston Sturges Collection. I haven't had a chance to even put them on the DVD player but I am glad to see that Universal has placed each film on a separate DVD, with no double siding. (The labels are as plain as can be, though.)

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Speaking of box sets, if anyone is looking to get some deals on them, I was at Costco yesterday and they had coupons for upcoming specials in December, so these will be even cheaper than their regular low prices:


From Nov. 27-Dec. 3:

M*A*S*H Complete Series (including the movie) $35 off their price, which should bring it down to $125.

Assorted A&E Sets - $20 off

Disney Animated Titles - $5 off



I Love Lucy complete series $35 off


Dec. 11-17


Various Classic DVD Collections (from WB, it looks like, including Thin Man Collection, Bogart Signature vol. 2, John Ford Film Collection, Broadway to Hollywood. Could be others.) $10 off. So that would bring things like the Bogart collection down to about $25. I know in recent weeks past, they have had the Garbo Signature Collection for $64, so if they carry that again it would bring it down to $54 from $99.95. They've also had the Reagan, Fonda, Stewart, Elvis, D.Day, etc. collections. They have had the great Flynn Signature Collection there in the last week or two for $20, down from $59.98.




The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection $25 off


The new James Bond Collections vol. 1-4 $10 off, so their regular in-store price is about $53, so that brings each one down to about $43.


Another thing to check out, if it's not too late already, get to your nearest Tower Records store now. They are going out of business and last week their discount on everything was 40%. Pretty soon it will be 50% but much of the stock is gone. I was able to get Controversial Classics vols. 1 and 2, the Reagan Signature set, Film Noir vol. 3, Bette Davis vol. 2, and others at deep discounts.

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I went to the Tower Records last night in upper Manhattan and while the selection was drastically picked over, I did manage to pick up the Clark Gable Signature Collection, a John Wayne Box Set (Warner Home Video), as well as Gilda and My Dear Secretary (that one was terrible in picture quality---but it only cost me four dollars). One thing they had tons of was b-Westerns---I think I got the last "high quality" John Wayne box-set they had left.


Miss G

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Well I went to my local Tower and it was damn near bare. Mostly all the dvds were gone, they had no classic boxed sets. The only classic films I saw and purchased were Cimarron (1931) and House of Strangers. I didn't know everything was going to be picked over. I will definately be heading to Costco. I wonder when Tower's online inventory will be going on sale. They have to gid of that stuff too.

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Sorry Ms. 04, I should have left some for you. ;)


I just got in from the Bay Street Tower in San Francisco. Got the Elizabeth Taylor and Henry Fonda box sets for $23.00 each. Hadn't planned on buying them previously, but couldn't resist the price. Also picked up Scared Stiff for $3.00, just because I wanted to see Ann Savage when she wasn't taking a Detour.


I might need to call a therapist on this one, but I also bought Even Dwarfs Started Small, the Werner Herzog movie from the 1970's. I saw this long ago and hated it. I'm still disturbed by it after all these years, and there it was on sale. And then I thought if this movie still has me upset, maybe there's something to it and I should check out the audio commentary. Or maybe I just need a DVD intervention. :)


This Tower branch still had the John Ford, John Wayne, Clark Gable, Sidney Poitier box sets at 1/2 price. And there were a couple more Henry Fonda and Elizabeth Taylor sets... The Castro Tower branch is cleaned out. I'm curious about the Stonestown and Emeryville branches...

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The Glendale Tower still has quite a bit of stock but is priced at 40% off which I think is still too expensive. Many of these DVD's can be bought online cheaper especially with no tax and postage. I think some of their box set are still priced too high especially for a going out of business sale. I heard Tower is closing mid-December so I wonder if they will go higher on discounts.

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I was at Costco yesterday and they have a $10 discount off the prices of several Warner Bros. classic films boxsets this week. With the discount, the sets were about $27. The sets I saw were:


The John Ford Collection

Tough Guys Collection

Bogart Signature Collection vol. 1

Bogart Signature Collection vol. 2

Thin Man Collection

Busby Berkeley Collection

Broadway to Hollywood Collection

Martin Scorcese Collection

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I bought the four box sets of the 20 James Bond films this week (Costco at $43.95 each this week only!!!) and have had a chance to glance through a couple of films so far, but in comparing the Special Edition You Only Live Twice to the Ultimate Edition You Only Live Twice, I was amazed. I noticed the picture is a bit better (hard to tell a major difference because the film is older), but the SOUND!!! WOW!!! In watching the Special Edition version, it is Dolby Digital 2.0 and in watching it on my home theater setup, I chose to view the volcano battle since it had the major action. On the Special Edition version, the sound was flat and off in the distance where the screen is. With the Ultimate Edition version, the sound has been remixed into DTS Surround, and you feel are in the middle of the battle. Truly, truly incredible.


The extra shorts that were on the Special Editions are on the new Ultimate Editions, as well as a few more not on the SE.


So far, I can recommend these highly!

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I've got so many movies I still haven't watched within the box sets I picked up recently.


Forbidden Hollywood-Great set! Watched all three films last night, and enjoyed Babyface the most. I was blown away by how good that movie was. Superb set.


Paul Newman Collection-I'm one film into the set, but have seen most of the films already, so it's no biggie.


Tennessee Williams Collection-Haven't even busted the seal yet. I've seen all of those except for Night of the Iguana & Sweet Bird of Youth.


Sam Peckinpah's West-Watched all four classic Westerns and now am suffering from gritty western syndrome...I've got the Western bug right now.


Bogart Signature Collection Volume 2-Finally watched all of these save for the second and third disc of The Maltese Falcon(which I've seen nearly 80 times already).


Awful lot of buying lately...time to stop buying for a second and catch up on my movie watching.

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