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Not yet on DVD, but should be


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> List films here movies you would like to see on DVD.


For the 100th time - " The Gunfighter ". "The Sea Wolfe ", " The Biscuit Eater " ( directed by Heisler ), ' Five Graves to Cairo ", " Brute Force ", and "The Naked City ", both have DVD's, but without commentary.All DVD's should come with commentaries.

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Back in May of this year, there were supposed to be four movies released from Paramount (they're Universal movies, but I guess they have one of those wacky distribution deals).


- "The Dark Mirror" (1946) with Olivia de Havilland

- "Letter From an Unknown Woman" (1948) Joan Fontaine

- "Secret Beyond The Door" (1948) Fritz Lang

- "Body & Soul" (1947) Abraham Polonsky


Then something happened and the release date was pushed to September. And now, there's nothing! No listings, no upcoming dates--it's like these titles were forgotten about. Does anyone know if they're put on hold for good or can we see a release date by the end of the year/early 2007?


Other movies I'd like to see on dvd:


September Affair (1950) Joseph Cotten, Joan Fontaine

M (1951) a remake of the classic 1931 version

Lydia (1941), Merle Oberon

Hers to Hold (1943) Deanna Durbin, Joseph Cotten

Woman's World (1954) Lauren Bacall, Clifton Webb, June Allyson, Van Heflin

Sex and the Single Girl (1964) Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis

The April Fools (1969) Jack Lemmon, Catherine Deneuve

The Anderson Tapes (1971) Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon


Also, the original version of Holiday from 1930, although I read there's only one exisiting print out there.

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a boxset that would include the following:


Background To Danger (1943)

The Conspirators (1944)

The Mask of Dimitrios (1944)

Three Strangers (1946)

The Verdict (1946)


also it should feature documentary biographies on the two actors...


trailer galleries for Lorre (All Through The Night, The Constant Nymph, Arsenic & Old Lace, The Cross of Lorraine, Confidential Agent, The Beast With Five Fingers)


trailer gallery ("Come Closer!!") for Greenstreet (Across The Pacific, They Died With Their Boots On, Pillow To Post, Conflict, Christmas In Connecticut, Flamingo Road)


and the Peter Lorre cartoon parodies from WB...Porky's Movie Mystery (1939), Horton Hears A Who (1942), Hair-Raising Hare (1946), Racketeer Rabbit and Birth Of A Notion (1947)


also hurry up with the William Powell/Myrna Loy non-Thin Man collection with these titles:


Evelyn Prentice (1934)

Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

The Great Ziegfeld (1936)

Double Wedding (1937)

I Love You Again (1940)

Love Crazy (1941)

The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947)


a Four Daughters (Priscilla Lane, Claude Rains, John Garfield) boxset that could include:


--Four Daughters (1938)

--Four Wives (1939)

--Four Mothers (1941)

--Daughters Courageous


Claude Rains Signature Collection: (a couple of these have already been released but lack the amaray dvd case!!)


The Prince & the Pauper (1937)

White Banners (1938)

Juarez (1939)

Lady With Red Hair (1940)

Angel On My Shoulder (1946)


John Garfield Signature Collection:


They Made Me A Criminal (1939)

Dust Be My Destiny (1939)

The Sea Wolf (1941)

Tortilla Flat (1942)

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

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> Tex Avery MGM cartoons.


> Sandy K


here is my dream collection of the non-Tom & Jerry cartoons (200 in all!) and a very feasible way to reach expected commercial sale expectations (using Tex Avery as a selling point) while releasing the lesser known shorts (Happy Harmonies, etc.) as well...it would be five 2-disc sets with around 40 cartoons each (similar to the Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collections) organized by theme (similar to the Looney Tunes Golden Collections):


Volume 1: MGM All-Stars


Disc 1: Tex Avery & Dick Lundy



Dumb-Hounded (1943) Avery

The Shooting Of Dan McGoo (1945) Avery

Wild And Woolfy (1945) Avery

Northwest Hounded Police (1946) Avery

Senor Droopy (1949) Avery

Wags To Riches (1949) Avery

Out-Foxed (1949) Avery

The Chump Champ (1950) Avery

Daredevil Droopy (1951) Avery

Droopy?s Good Deed (1951) Avery

Droopy?s ?Double Trouble? (1951) Avery

Caballero Droopy (1952) Lundy


Barney Bear:

The Little Wise Quacker (1952) Lundy

Busybody Bear (1952) Lundy

Barney?s Hungry Cousin (1953) Lundy

Cobs And Robbers (1953) Lundy

Heir Bear (1953) Lundy

Wee-Willie Wildcat (1953) Lundy

Half-Pint Palomino (1953) Lundy

The Impossible Possum (1954) Lundy

Sleepy-Time Squirrel (1954) Lundy

Bird-Brain Bird Dog (1954) Lundy


Disc 2: Rudolf Ising


Happy Harmonies:

The Discontented Canary (1934)

The Old Pioneer (1934)

Toyland Broadcast (1934)

When The Cat?s Away (1935)

The Calico Dragon (1935)

The Chinese Nightingale (1935)

Barnyard Babies (1935)

The Old Plantation (1935)

Honeyland (1935)

The Early Bird And The Worm (1936)

The Hound And The Rabbit (1937)

The Little Bantamweight (1938)


Little Cheeser:

Alias St. Nick (1935)

Little Cheeser (1936)

Little Buck Cheeser (1937)


Two Pups:

Two Little Pups (1936)

The Pups Picnic (1936)

The Pups' Christmas (1936)

The Wayward Pups (1937)


Volume 2: MGM All-Stars


Disc 1: Tex Avery, Preston Blair & Michael Lah


The Wolf:

Blitz Wolf (1942) Avery

Red Hot Riding Hood (1943) Avery

One Ham's Family (1943) Avery

Swing Shift Cinderella (1945) Avery

Little Rural Riding Hood (1949) Avery



The Three Little Pups (1953) Avery

Drag-A-Long-Droopy (1954) Avery

Homesteader Droopy (1954) Avery

Dixieland Droopy (1954) Avery

Deputy Droopy (1955) Avery/Lah

Millionaire Droopy (1956) Avery

Grin And Share It (1957) Lah

Blackboard Jumble (1957) Lah

One Droopy Knight (1957) Lah

Sheep Wrecked (1958) Lah

Mutts About Racing (1958) Lah

Droopy Leprechaun (1958) Lah


Barney Bear:

The Bear And The Bean (1948) Blair/Lah

The Bear And The Hare (1948) Blair/Lah

Goggle Fishing Bear (1949) Blair/Lah


Disc 2: Hugh Harman


Happy Harmonies:

Tale Of The Vienna Woods (1934)

The Lost Chick (1935)

Poor Little Me (1935)

Bottles (1936)

The Old Mill Pond (1936)

Swing Wedding (1937)

Pipe Dreams (1938)


Bosko & Honey:

Bosko?s Parlor Pranks (1934)

Hey-Hey Fever (1935)

Run. Sheep, Run (1935)

The Old House (1936)

Circus Daze (1937)

Bosko?s Easter Eggs (1937)

Little Ol? Bosko And The Pirates (1937)

Little Ol? Bosko And The Cannibals (1937)

Little Ol? Bosko In Bagdad (1938)


Three Monkeys:

Good Little Monkeys (1935)

Art Gallery (1939)


Bonus shorts:

The Blue Danube (1939)

Peace On Earth (1939)


Volume 3: MGM All-Stars


Disc 1: Tex Avery


The Early Bird Dood It (1942)

Who Killed Who? (1943)

What's Buzzin' Buzzard? (1943)

Batty Baseball (1944)

Jerky Turkey (1945)

The Hick Chick (1946)

Uncle Tom's Cabana (1947)

King-Size Canary (1947)

Little 'Tinker (1948)

The Cat That Hated People (1948)

Bad Luck **** (1949)

Doggone Tired (1949)

The Cuckoo Clock (1950)

The Peachy Cobbler (1950)

Symphony In Slang (1951)

The Magical Maestro (1952)

One Cab's Family (1952)

Little Johnny Jet (1953)

Billy Boy (1954)

Flea Circus (1954)

Field And Scream (1955)

The First Bad Man (1955)


Disc 2: Hugh Harman & Rudolf Ising


The Bear Family:

Goldilocks And The Three Bears (1939) Harman

A Rainy Day (1940) Harman

Papa Gets The Bird (1940) Harman


Harman-Ising classics:

The Little Goldfish (1939) Ising

One Mother?s Family (1939) Ising

The Mad Maestro (1939) Harman

Home On The Range (1940 Ising

Tom Turkey And His Harmonica Humdingers (1940) Harman

The Milky Way (1940) Ising

Romeo In Rhythm (1940) Ising

The Lonesome Stranger (1940) Harman

Mrs. Ladybug (1940) Ising

Abdul The Bulbul-Ameer (1941) Harman

The Little Mole (1941) Harman

Dance Of The Weed (1941) Ising

The Alley Cat (1941) Harman

The Field Mouse (1941) Harman

The Hungry Wolf (1941) Harman

The Boy And The Wolf (1943) Ising


Volume 4: MGM All-Stars


Disc 1: Tex Avery


George & Junior:

Henpecked Hoboes (1946)

Hound Hunters (1947)

Red Hot Rangers (1947)

Half-Pint Pygmy (1948)

Lucky Ducky (1948)


Screwy Squirrel:

Screwball Squirrel (1944)

Happy-Go-Nutty (1944)

Big Heel-Watha (1944)

The Screwy Truant (1945)

Lonesome Lenny (1946)



The Counterfeit Cat (1949)

Ventriloquist Cat (1950)

Garden Gopher (1950)

****-A-Doodle Dog (1951)

Rock-A-Bye Bear (1952)

Cell-bound (1955) Avery/Lah

Cat's Meow (1957)


Tomorrow series:

The House of Tomorrow (1949)

Car Of Tomorrow (1951)

T.V. Of Tomorrow (1953)

The Farm Of Tomorrow (1954)


Disc 2: MGM All-Stars


Barney Bear:

The Bear That Couldn't Sleep (1939) Ising

The Fishing Bear (1940 Ising

The Prospecting Bear (1941) Ising

The Rookie Bear (1941) Ising

The Flying Bear (1941) Ising

The Bear And The Beavers (1942) Ising

Wild Honey (1942) Ising

Barney Bear?s Victory Garden (1942) Ising

Bah Wilderness (1943) Ising

The Uninvited Pest (1943) Ising

Bear Raid Warden (1944) Gordon

Barney Bear?s Polar Pest (1944) Gordon

The Unwelcome Guest (1945) Gordon


Benny Burro:

Little Gravel Voice (1942) Ising


Homer Flea:

The Homeless Flea (1940) Ising

What Price Fleadom (1948) Avery


Spike & Tyke:

Give & Tyke (1957) Hanna-Barbera

Scat Cats (1957) Hanna-Barbera


The Bookworm:

The Bookworm (1939) Freleng

The Bookworm Turns (1940) Harman


Volume 5: MGM All-Stars


Disc 1: Directors


Directed by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera:

To Spring (1936)

Swing Social (1940)

Gallopin' Gals (1940)

The Goose Goes South (1941)

Officer Pooch (1941)

War Dogs (1943)

Make Mine Freedom (1948)

Goodwill To Men (1955)


Directed by Robert Allen:

Little Cesario (1941)

Chips Off The Old Block (1942)


Directed by Jerry Brewer:

The First Swallow (1942)

Bats In The Belfry (1942)


Directed by George Gordon:

The Stork's Holiday (1943)

Innertube Antics (1944)

The Tree Surgeon (1944)


Directed by Chuck Jones:

The Dot And The Line (1965)

The Phantom Tollbooth (1970) feature film


Disc 2: Black & White cartoons & more


Captain & the Kids:

Cleaning House (1938) Allen

Blue Monday (1938) Hanna

Poultry Pirates (1938) Freleng

The Captain?s Pup (1938) Allen

A Day At the Beach (1938) Freleng

What A Lion! (1938) Hanna

The Pygmy Hunt (1938) Freleng

Old Smokey (1938) Hanna

Buried Treasure (1938) Allen

The Winning Ticket (1938)

Honduras Hurricane (1938)

The Captain?s Christmas (1938)

Petunia Natural Park (1939)

Seal Skinners (1939)

Mama?s New Hat (1939) Freleng


Captain Screwloose & J.R. The Wonderdog:

Jitterbug Follies (1939) Milt Gross

Wanted: No Master (1939) Gross


Harding College produced by John Sutherland:

Meet Joe King (1951)

Inside Cackle Corners (1951)

Fresh Laid Plans (1951)


what do you think??


Nic Orizaga

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I had a lot of time on my hands and want to try and make it easier for the execs at WHV...hell I'd rather have a lot of those shorts sooner than later myself (Milt Gross, Screwy Squirrel) and would prefer individual boxsets (Droopy, Barney Bear, happy Harmonies) but I'm looking at it fromthe standpoint of what's going to sell...by putting the B&W cartoons on the final volume you could lower sales expectations but it wouldn't affect the other volumes as they've already been released...in the meanwhile, lets keep seeing these as bonus features!!!


nic orizaga

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Baby Face 1933 Fall ?06 - remastered and restored!!!


The Barbarian 1933 Myrna Loy


Cobra Woman 1944 Technicolor


Convention City 1933 Mary Astor, Joan Blondell ? footage lost


Dreamboat 1952 Clifton Webb, Ginger Rogers, Anne Francis


DuBarry Was a Lady 1943 Technicolor - Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly


Elopement 1951 Clifton Webb, Anne Francis


Fashions of 1934 1934 Busby Berkeley musical ? Bette Davis


Frenchman?s Creek 1944 Technicolor swashbuckler - Joan Fontaine


The Godless Girl 1929 d. Cecil B. DeMille


The Greeks Had a Word for Them 1932


Illicit 1931 Barbara Stanwyck


Kiki 1931


King of Jazz* 1930 Variety, 2-strip Technicolor ? Paul Whiteman, Bing


Madam Satan 1930 d. Cecil B. DeMille


Melody Cruise 1933


Mississippi 1935 Bing, W.C. Fields


Mystery of the Wax Museum 1932 2-strip Technicolor~


Nothing Sacred 1937 restored, not public domain - Technicolor


Not Quite Human 1987 w/ Jay Underwood as boy robot


Not Quite Human II 1989 Jay Underwood reprises his role


On Her Majesty?s Secret Service 1969 George Lazenby?s turn as Bond


Our Blushing Brides 1930 talkie - completes the ?Our Flappers? movies


Our Dancing Daughters 1928 flapper Joan Crawford ? silent


Our Modern Maidens 1929 flapper Joan Crawford ? silent


Pajama Party 1964 beach movie


Pandora?s Box d. G.W. Pabst 1928 Louise Brooks as Wedekind?s Lulu


The Power d. George Pal 1968 George Hamilton, Suzanne Pleshette


Queen of Outer Space 1958 Warner Home Video 2007 release


Reaching for the Moon 1931 currently available very poor copy


Scavenger Hunt 1979 ?You killed Buzzie?!


Show People 1928 will be part of Silent Film Collection DVD set


Song of the South 1946 Disney live-action/ animation


Still Not Quite Human 1992 completes the Not Quite Human Trilogy


Vogues of 1938 1937 early Technicolor feature ? Joan Bennett


Whoopee 1930 Busby Berkeley musical, 2-strip Technicolor


Wild Party 1929 Clara Bow talkie


*( trivia note: contains animation sequence, by Walter Lantz, that was the first Technicolor animation ever produced)


Betty Grable:

Coney Island (1943)

Diamond Horseshoe (1945)

Footlight Serenade (1942)

Song of the Islands (1942)

Springtime in the Rockies (1942)

Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1943)




Animation/ Cartoons:


Heckyl & Jeckyl - Terry Toons 1946 ? 1960 ?

Invasion America 1998 6-part Spielberg anime - WB Network

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures 1987

Mr. Magoo (anim) [incl. Famous Advs of & What's New]

Miffy (nijntje ) original in english as aired on cartoon network not the new CGI

Bob Clampett's: Beany and Cecil


Others of interest:


R. W. Neill's "Black Moon" (1934) Fay Wray, Jack Holt

St. Trinian?s movies w/ Alistair Sim

Three Stooges uncensored shorts as seen at midnight shows in the ?80s

The Constant Nymph 1943 Joan Fontaine legal issues

The Blue Veil 1951 Jane Wyman legal issues

Now You See Him, Now You Don?t -not sure if current DVD is ?matted? or fake letterbox

Phaedra 1962 Has anyone seen this? Is it any good?

I Take This Woman w/ Lombard and Cooper - rights controversy



Television Shows:


Banana Splits Adventure Hour


Daria - animated

Double Trouble - Jean & Liz Sagal

Danger Island - part of banana splits

F-Troop season 2

The Gale Storm Show, Oh! Susanna

Green Hornet

Get Smart

Honey West - Anne Francis

Iron Man animated ?80s

Legend of Ji Gong - Mandarin

Love, American Style

Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

My Little Margie ? complete seasons

My Living Doll - Bob Cummings, Julie Newmar

Munsters Today late ?80s

New Adventures of Beans Baxter

Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Square Pegs



Wonderful World of Disney:


Scarecrow of Romney Marsh , Alias, Dr. Syn 1964

Disney - give us the originally aired 3-parter, introduced by Walt himself

& re-mastered please, since last time Disney aired it (not recently) it looked terrible.


The Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove 1971

Based on a Mad Scientists' Club story by Bertrand Brinley


14 Going On 30 March 1988

I doubt they?ll release this now that there's a movie out titled ?13 going on 30?

Pirates of the Carribbean - Wonderful World of Disney television show - color


The Swamp Fox ? remaining episodes #4 ? 8, January 1960 & January 1961

Give us all 8 episodes Disney.

What is wrong with you guys?


Elfego Baca ? remaining episodes


Texas John Slaughter

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> Baby Face

> 1933 Fall ?06 -

> remastered and restored!!!


> The Barbarian

> 1933 Myrna Loy

> Fashions of 1934

> 1934 Busby Berkeley

> musical ? Bette Davis

> King of Jazz*

> 1930 Variety,

> 2-strip Technicolor ? Paul Whiteman, Bing

> Mississippi

> 1935 Bing, W.C.

> Fields

> Our Blushing Brides 1930

> talkie - completes the ?Our Flappers? movies

> Our Dancing Daughters 1928

> flapper Joan Crawford ? silent

> Our Modern Maidens 1929

> flapper Joan Crawford ? silent

> Song of the South

> 1946 Disney live-action/

> animation

> *( trivia note: contains animation sequence, by

> Walter Lantz, that was the first Technicolor

> animation ever produced)


> Animation/ Cartoons:


> Heckyl & Jeckyl - Terry Toons 1946 ? 1960 ?

> Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures 1987

> Mr. Magoo (anim) [incl. Famous Advs of & What's New]

> Bob Clampett's: Beany and Cecil


> Others of interest:

> Three Stooges uncensored shorts as seen at midnight

> shows in the ?80s

> The Constant Nymph 1943 Joan

> Fontaine legal issues



The Constant nymph has Peter Lorre so I'm al for it's release on DVD...I wnat the Mr. Magoo theatrical series too...they released the episodes from TV but have yet to release the originals...more Joan Crawford....yes!! and don't forget we want Walter Lantz cartoons on DVD too...not from Columbia House!!!


nic orizaga

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Snarf, you're in luck with a couple of your TV show hopefuls. GET SMART is being released as a Time-Life exclusive on Nov. 13. The complete series (all five seasons), with an SRP of $199.96, will be released first, with the individual seasons coming at later dates. After one year, TL will lose its one-year exclusive, and GET SMART should be available anywhere. For more details, check here: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6421


Also, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, including the Danger Island segments, should be out next year, along with several other Hanna-Barbera classics. Check here for a thread with LOADS of information about The Banana Splits (There's a complete breakdown of the series): http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/showthread.php?s=cbca1d4255eda410b8a90c46a404fd7c&t=243205


Hope that helps,


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> Two that come immediately to mind - "Vivacious Lady"

> with Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart and "Easy

> Living" with Jean Arthur and Ray Milland. Top-notch

> comedies that need more exposure.


Good choices!!! I'm glad that Vivacious Lady gets more airplay these days, but Easy Living(TV guide used to confuse this 1937 film with the later Lucille Ball film with the same title, all the time) is a very underrated comedy, one of the best from the 30's and that's saying something!

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He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

A Foreign Affair/Ace in the Hole (Billy Wilder)

Green Mansions (Audrey Hepburn)

Gaby (Leslie Caron)

My Gal Sal (Rita Hayworth)

The Yellow Rolls-Royce (Ingrid Bergman, Shirley MacLaine, George C. Scott)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962 version w/ Glenn Ford)

Brewster McCloud Robert Altman's quirkiest film ever!

Lady L (Sophia Loren, Paul Newman, David Niven)

I Married a Witch (Veronica Lake)

The African Queen (Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart)

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These are just a few that i can think of off the top of my head:


La Roue (1922)

Greed (1924)

The big Parade (1925)

The Crowd (1928)

A Lon Chaney Collection, feat:

He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

The Unholy Three (1925 & 1930)

West of Zanzibar (1928)

La Chienne (1931)

Zero for Conduct (1933)

All of Ingmar bergman's early works

The Magician (1959)

Life of the Marionettes


There are more, but that's all i can think of right now

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