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Not yet on DVD, but should be


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I would have to add to your TV shows - The Beverly Hillbillies. Some of the episodes have been released on cheaply done DVD sets and not in complete seasons, so one set may contain duplicates from another set you bought.


I agree 100% on Get Smart and F-Troop season 2. Both shows were among my favorites in the 60's. My favorite was Gilligans Island and they did a great job bringing all three seasons to DVD.

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i used to work with buena vista home entertainment a few years back, and i asked specifically about 'song of the south'. was told that powers that be at buena vista are sensitive about the racial stereotypes in film, and aside from a release on laser disc once, they had no plans of ever releasing the complete film again. seems to be true since they have released tons of disney films and television shows on vhs and dvd over the years, but not that one.

seems a shame, never have and would like to see the whole film. i believe the actor who played uncle remus won a special oscar for his performance.

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I'll restrict myself to 20 titles!



Three Strangers

The Glass Key (1935 & 1942)

Four Daughters (in a boxed set with Daughters Courageous, 4 wives, 4 mothers)

Torrid Zone

And Now Tomorrow

Alias Nick Beal

The Hard Way (1942)

Three Comrades

The Accused (1948)

The Miracle Woman

The Bitter Tea of General Yen

Easy Living (1937)

Remember the Night

The Devil and Miss Jones

Strange Cargo

Rope of Sand

Remember Last Night?

History is Made at Night

Blues in the Night


looking forward to the rumored/announced Harlow, Cagney,Davis v3, Crawford v2, Powell/Loy, Garland/Roney, Film Noir v4, sets, and would dearly love to see boxes devoted to Stanwyck, Colbert, Arthur, John Garfield, Irene Dunne, Shearer, Lorre/Greenstreet, Garbo v2, de Havilland, Capra v2, Jimmy Stewart (the MGM years--with stuff like Shopworn Angel, Of Human Hearts, Seventh Heaven, etc.), and many others, from the appropriate vendors


I'd also really like to see sequel-sets to the Hollywood Legends of Horror and Warner Tough Guys sets from '06


happy new year!

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I think he's well deserving eventually...good to see him represented in the Cagney set twice...hopefully it will spin off his own set later on...after movies like "San Quentin", "Angels With Dirty Faces" and "Knute Rockne All American", I've really became a fan...I recently watched "Stars Over Broadway" on TCM and really liked it...besides I'ma Frank McHugh fan too!!!

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well it looks like my dream set of MGM shorts may not materialize the way I had hoped...but at least they're getting the ball rolling in a positive manner...Tex Avery's Droopy: the Complete Theatrical Collection hits stores on May 15...nobody is exactly sure if this means ALL the Droopy cartoons (24) or just the AVERY shorts (17)...hopefully this sells well and leads to more of these collections...there are plans for a Complete Avery set if this sells well, but I'd prefer if they just continued more theme sets...(I also wish they'd include the 5 Wolf/Red shorts on this collection just because they are so closely intertwined in the Droopy shorts)


next up?? Barney Bear (26 shorts, plus 1 Benny Burro short)

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> Snarf, you're in luck with a couple of your TV show

> hopefuls. GET SMART is being released as a Time-Life

> exclusive on Nov. 13. The complete series (all five

> seasons), with an SRP of $199.96, will be released

> first, with the individual seasons coming at later

> dates. After one year, TL will lose its one-year

> exclusive, and GET SMART should be available

> anywhere. For more details, check here:

> http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6421


> Also, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, including the

> Danger Island segments, should be out next year,

> along with several other Hanna-Barbera classics.

> Check here for a thread with LOADS of information

> about The Banana Splits (There's a complete

> breakdown of the series):


> ttp://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/showthread.php?s=cb

> ca1d4255eda410b8a90c46a404fd7c&t=243205


> Hope that helps,

> Gerb



Wow, thanks!


I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now - I haven't been on this thread for months.

Things got a little crazy around here for a while.


Thanks for the info - sorry it took me so long to get back to you.


I own the Get Smart series but I still didn't know about The Banana Splits release.




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> The Constant nymph has Peter Lorre so I'm al for it's

> release on DVD...I want the Mr. Magoo theatrical

> series too...they released the episodes from TV but

> have yet to release the originals...more Joan

> Crawford....yes!! and don't forget we want Walter

> Lantz cartoons on DVD too...not from Columbia

> House!!!


> nic orizaga




No, I didn't know about the Mr. Magoo episodes.

Wouldn't that be Sony Wonder who has a reputation for ruining these type of projects?

Oh well, I'll go read the Amazon reviews and see what's up.

I agree that Woody Woodpecker should be released.

I'll add that to my list.


Thanks! Jeff

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OK, here's my short list of movies that can't be found anywhere, BUT should be on DVD. All have "A" list stars, but somehow slipped through the cracks.


36 Hours (James Garner)

Assault On A Queen (Frank Sinatra)

Away All Boats (Jeff Chandler)

Bombers B-52 (Karl Malden)

Bridges at Toko-Ri (William Holden)

Carbine Williams (James Stewart)

The Crowded Sky (Dana Andrews)

Darby's Rangers (James Garner)

The Great Impostor (Tony Curtis)

Houdini (Toni Curtis)

The Mountain Road (James Stewart)

PT-109 (Cliff Robertson)

Robinson Crusoe On Mars (Paul Mantee)

Strategic Air Command (James Stewart)

Submarine Command (William Holden)

Take The High Ground (Richard Widmark)

Telefon (Charles Bronson)

Torpedo Run (Glenn Ford)

Whose Life Is It Anyway? (Richard Dreyfuss)

Who Was That Lady? (Toni Curtis)

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BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI has been available from Paramount for some time now. I believe ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS is coming from Criterion. WHO WAS THAT LADY was just released by Sony. In the 90's Paramount released a laserdisc of HOUDINI. Can't figure why Paramount has not released this one on DVD, for some reason they have ignored many of their older catalogue items.

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Looking for 3 Susan Hayward films: I'LL CRY TOMORROW, MY FOOLISH HEART and WITH A SONG IN MY HEART. Youtube.com is running several musical clips from Tomorrow and one from With a Song. Can't figure why the first two have not been released as yet. As for the Froman bio, it seems like music rights are holding this one up. One only hopes FOX can clear this most wanted musical.


I think it will be quite some time before HD DVD's take over for standard DVD's.

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" The Last Angry Man ", which was just shown in TCM, starring Paul Muni, David Wayne, and Luther Adler . An audio commentary is a must. I am glad to see that "Scarface " , starring Muni, George Raft, Boris Karloff, Karen Morley, and the great Ann Dvorak, is finally coming to DVD .

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