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Firstly, I would like to applaud TCM for this move in the direction of diverse programming. The choice of movies however is a little ill advised. In America there is little exposure in the mainstream to any other culture and therefore as a first it is extremely important that people are not alienated by showing the B movies in the genre. Amar, Akbar, Anthony is considered a cheesy, cartoonish romp even amongst hardened Bollywood fans. There are such wonderful movies out there after all there are according to some accounts hundreds or movies produced each year, a better selection would not be difficult.

Secondly, I have been a fan of Ismail Merchant for many years and some of his movies are amongst my all time favs. However, his explanations of certain aspects of the genre were incompetent. Maybe, he has been out of touch for so long that the culture now escapes him.

Thirdly, I hope this can perhaps be made into a permanent feature with even one Bollywood movie a month. I would hope the powers that be will consider that.

Fourthly, I would comment that those who have not taken to these movies, I would hope would be a little more open minded than commenting "What the .... is Bollywood". What this board has indicated to me is that more education is needed on what the cultural references are and why certain aspects of the movies are constant - such as why are they almost always musicals. I think this is indicative of a lot of American culture today - more education is needed in this country to realize that beyond it's borders, other cultures exist.

Finally, thank you TCM, this is wonderful, please continue with this and maybe we can run some sort of selection on your website where people familiar with Bollywood can vote on what they think should be shown and perhaps you can get better copies also next time. My copies at home ate better quality. This reflects on the opinions of people watching on the whole genre.

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I am also glad that Bollywood is being spotlighted. There are some great Indian films out there and I am thrilled they are getting some recognition on a great network such as TCM. I also wish that a wider variety of films had been spotlighted. I have not had the opportunity to see many Bollywood films, but there are some that I wish they had set up to show. One is LAGAAN. Another (which I am not sure is Bollywood or a non Bollywood film made about Indian characters) is BOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD. I also wish that an OLDER (really OLDER) classic had been shown called PUKAR. I have always wanted to see that one.

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