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I think I spotted Christopher Lee as an uncredited extra


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I was watching So Long at the Fair (1950) on TCM the other day and, around the 60 minute mark, I am pretty sure Christopher Lee showed up as an uncredited extra. He had a moustache and appeared to be returning his room key to the hotel desk as Dirk Bogarde stood there talking to the owner. He looked about the right age, and he was considerably taller than Dirk which seems to jibe with his 6' 5" frame. According to Wikipedia, he was still breaking into pictures at this time and did seem to be getting roles at Gainsborough, and Terence Fisher, the director of this film, was a fan, and was casting him in small roles at the time.

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Nah, I was watching and I think it was Robert Goulet, Dargo.


Look at that patent leather hair-do.




Oh, you mean like THIS...




(...yep, the more I think of this, the more I think that might have been Laurence Harvey there, CG)

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I love a good mystery so I just went and watched the segment of "So Long at the Fair" on the internet at:



The section with the bit with Dirk Bogarde at the hotel desk is at about 54:18 into the film.


It was interesting to see the person we are discussing, in action in the scene. Now is it Christopher Lee? Well, who knows and I can see a resemblance but this man has a lot of hair which I don't think I've ever seen on Lee even in a toupee. But it is possible.


It definitely is NOT Laurence Harvey. The person it reminds me the most of is Guy Rolfe, but I think he was too famous at the time to be playing a bit part. If you don't recall him, he was the very angularly handsome star of William Castle's classic, "Mister Sardonicus".


So check it out yourselves and see what you think. I actually watched the film the other nite and own it, but of course I was staring at Dirk Bogarde during the scene and thinking he bore a strange resemblance to Ricky Ricardo so I missed the guy in the background.

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Actually, it's the same actor who was mooning over Lillian Gish in Birth of a Nation. He grew a few inches since 1915.

Ha! I thought we determined that he was Dustin Hoffman's daddy, SCSU!


Either him or maybe Tor Johnson's daddy.

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Hold your horses here, everyone!


I THINK I just might've figured out who that dude is in that movie!



Could it be none other than....







Oh sure, his hair is a little mussed up in this picture here, but I think there's more than little resemblance between the two gents, wouldn't ya say?!


(...and who of course was a guy who would so on to become better known for playing an inventor whose inventions..well..let's just say their practicality could often be a bit compromised) 

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