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Hollywood Star Biography Book Recommendations

Tisher Price

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I didn't know where to post this, it's about written biographies on various movie stars. Right now I am reading an official biography about James Cagney who had a hand on creating the book. Unfortunately the book was dated and did not have info on James' death, since it was a couple years before he died. But it is a great book and easy read. I also have biographies on Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Crawford, Steve McQueen, James Mason, Bette Davis, Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Ingrid Bergman.


Now I'm not a big fan of Joan Crawford personality wise, but she was a very great actor but almost too obsessive with her acting/appearance and what people thought of her. She always wanted to look good (She didn't mind looking "bad" in Strange Cargo).


I learned she was very strict with her children especially adopted Christina and Christopher. I have heard Joan's side of being not a great parent--but Christina's book Mommie Dearest I own but do not know if I should read it. Many say Christina did a character assassination on her mother after writing the scathing book a year after her mother died in 1977. Christina has been called everything to "Wicked" to "Manipulating" apparently making up lies about her mother...but where there's smoke... I don't want to read Mommie Dearest cos it was all doctored up to make Joan Crawford the evil mother. At the same time I do want to read it, but I know I will just get caught in the sensationalism of a bitter daughter, who is self-conflicting. The year it was released it was snapped up like hot cakes, and then the movie. Do you recommend I read this book? Cos I'm not going to waste my time reading lies, although there is always a grain of truth. I wanted to toss it. At least B.D. Hyman had the balls to write about her mother Bette Davis while her Mom was alive. To read Mommie Dearest or not? Anyone else read it?


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I have a copy of the book on Tallulah Bankhead. The end of her life was rather sad (various illnesses, alcoholism, long-standing feuds with others, massive self-delusions at least according to the author) and the last twenty pages are not easy to read. 


Another title I have and enjoyed a lot (more than I expected to) is a biography on Hedda Hopper. It covers her rivalry with Louella Parsons. But it focuses on other areas of Hedda's life, too-- such as her acting career, her relationship with her son William Hopper and her various Hollywood allies and long-time friendships. 


I haven't read the ones on Crawford or Davis.

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