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Gallery of Stars!

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The Lane Sisters were big in the late Thirties and Forties. They each had their own career, but Priscilla was the most successful. She was in The Roaring Twenties, Saboteur, and Arsenic and Old Lace. Lola and Rosemary were together in Hollywood Hotel, which is a riot! All three were in Four Daughters, Four Wives, and Four Mothers, a trilogy of films chronicling the lives of four sisters. The fourth sister was played by Gail Page (Who's THAT?). They were great! Loved all three of them in anything I was fortunate enough to see. They are like one of Hollywood's secrets, like Simone Simon, and Oscar Homolka!

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The picture of Lana with Judy Garland was taken on the set of "The Bad and the Beautiful" directed by Vincente Minnelli. I can't remember whether Garland & Minnelli were still married then or not.


I went on that set with Nell to visit lana and we had to wait while this and other pictures were being taken.

Also waiting to be photographed was Elaine Stewart and that's where I met her. We've been friends ever since - over 50 years.



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LOL, MissGoddess, you haven't seen my admittedly odd posts here for the last two years.


a. I've laid claim to Mr. William, IF he ever comes back from the dead and knocks on my door. Mr. dolores has allowed me to live happily ever after with dear Warren.


b. for some reason, his image on the screen and in photos tugs at my heart. When I learned, here, that he died at a very early age, painfully, I too hurt. It's odd, but some stars do that to people.


Mind you, I never really KNEW of Warren William until AMC (curse their soul to hell) and TCM, who bless their heart showed pre-code WW pictures. If one can have a posthumous soulmate, he is mine.


The above is an exaggeration, sort of, but I am quite rabid about Warren William, if you haven't guessed!!!



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I think we're kindred spirits, dolores---I feel mighty mushy about more than one old time star. I think it's great that Warren William can still spin the wheels of someone's heart today! I don't know a thing about his life and am so sorry to learn he died painfully. He certainly should have gone on to have a much longer career, segueing into character roles, etc. Fine actor with a very distinctive look.


Just for you (the earlier picture is NOT what I intended to post!):




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