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Gallery of Stars!


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Well, you guys, I guess this is something we just have to live with. I don't know why I can't see some of Miss Goddess' pictures, and stoney can't see some of mine. There must be some kind of short in the system, and so, I guess there will just be some pics we can't see!


Cause, Miss Goddess, I have not been able to view any of your pics posted since before Gary Cooper, but you can! And, stoney says she can't see my William Holden, but I can.


I don't get it, but just wanted everyone to know what was going on!

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I am using the computer at school, not home, and everything is coming in clearly and beautifully! But, funny, the picture of William Holden does not show up on this screen, either. I will have to go home and check to see if I can still see these pics of Gene, The Thin Man, and Clark and Ava. And, I will try to repost that pic of William. It is such a great picture of him, too!!! Dang!

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Thanks! Yes, that is why I like it so much. You know he just started in pictures, and he only made about five or so (maybe less) when he was shipped off to the war. Then, when he came back he was a big star, and most of the pictures of him are of that after-the-war period. So, I posted an early one of him.


But, if he disappears again, I hope someone will let me know!

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