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Jeff Chandler was handsome - Brooklyn knows how to produce handsome guys.


My favorite is Vic Morrow - a Bronx boy (not far from Brooklyn) - Vic Morrow was very handsome as well - I guess not too many people remember him - but I thought he was a great actor - plus the charisma as well.

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I totally agree. i remember watching rebecca on tcm once a while back and robert osbourne said that though she tested for the part of mrs dewinter (i've seen her screentest, it's not bad at all, and in fact even without make-up she still blows joan fontain out of the water), but she would have been better suited to play the real rebecca.


I wih she and larry would have done more films together, they had super on screen chamistry. ok, i wish she had done more films, period.


here are a couple more pictures. this is my favorite viv and larry picture ever. it's totally candid, and yet it looks as if it should say 'ralph lauren" across the bottom because aside from the wardrobe, it's totally modern




Rebecca screen test


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MissGoddess - watch Vic Morrow in Blackboard Jungle - he plays the bad student, Artie West. He was great in that film. He's done other good films - but he really shines at Sargeant Saunders in the t.v. series "Combat".


He was in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Men at War", King Creole, "Roots", "Tribute to A Bad Man". He was also in t.v. series as a guest star - I've seen him in a few "Bonanza" episodes.


I just think Vic Morrow was a great, underated actor and quite handsome as well.

Too bad we lost him so young.

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Hi! Oh, I am speechless over that picture of Larry and Viv. It's so perfectly lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

I saw that screen test, too---Vivien is my favorite actress of all, because of so many reasons, but not least is that she had a timelessness that could fit her into most any era as a performer. I too wish she had done more films, her beauty was incandescent on screen and she and Larry were one of the most romantic couples. I truly enjoyed Olivier's autobiography---he spoke so tenderly of her. If you recommend the new bio, I might give it a whirl. I'm always a bit hesitant about biographies these days because they often seem to center on details about stars' sex lives that I NEVER want to know about. I was afraid this one might be another one of those.


Miss G

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this one is just called Olivier by Terry Coleman. it was published last year and it's really good. it's a "official" biogrpahy but for the first time, the author was granted access to all of the documents and letters that Larry had saved over the years, and then Viv's daughter, Suzanne, gave him access to all the letters her mom had saved from larry. I get so put off when people on places like IMDB (god forbid that place is a cesspool) say he was a jerk and he never loved her or he wouldn't have left her. no way, after reading the stuff he wrote to her, it's overly apparent that he was obsessed with her, and her problems were rreally hard on him as well. but he still kept in contact with her after they divorced and would write and visit her. i don't think he ever got over her and she obviously never got over him. yep, good book.

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