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Gallery of Stars!

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Thanks for the photos. Buster Crabbe was gorgeous!!! That's a great photo of Steve McQueen. I also like the photos of Simon Oakland, Richard Kiley and Charles Bronson. I'll have to check back to the page to find Vic Morrow's photos.


Were any photos of Brandon DeWilde, Bill Bixby, or Billy Grey (from Father Knows Best) posted?

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Metsfan (by the way, I love the Mets - wish they won the World Series)....


Metsfan - thanks for the Richard Kiley, Steven McQueen and Vic Morrow photos.

Vic Morrow always looks so intense - but he was so sexy with that great scowl and swagger.

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Great photos Metsfan. (Mets are my favorite team)


Those pictures of Vic Morrow and Brandon DeWilde are terrific.


That picture of Vic Morrow wearing the "Combat" uniform is super.


I think that Morrow had such a rugged, handsome face. There's

something good looking about him. Anyone else think so or is

it just me?

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I would once again like to thank James (GarboManiac), Judith (Jdb1), MissGoddess, Metsfan and Ayres for all the wonderful and glorious star photographs on this thread.


It is a positive thread and one that elicits joy in seeing all those magnificent faces, who made Hollywood the golden capital of the movies.


Thanks James, for starting it.



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It was a pleasure posting a few pictures and I would be delighted if it brought a smile to anyone's face. Thanks to those that created and brought life into this thread, it's been a real treat.


Mythoughts, you are right about Mr. Morrow. I haven't seen much of him but judging from the pictures, I can see his charm under the tough attitude. By the way, who's your favorite Met?

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I really don't have any favorites because I love them all as a mother would(even though I'm not the motherly type) but if I had to choose, it would be Dukey and Woody. LoDuca is a fiesty catcher which I love and even though Woody doesn't get much playing time, I like his personality. He's like SuperJoe in many ways, always ready to play the game and play any position the manager puts him in. I'm really going to miss Floyd and Endy if they don't come back. Hope you enjoy these pics:



Mr. Met singin' in the rain. lol

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Could someone tell me where this first picture is from? I saw it on ebay and fixed it a little to post it here. By the way, what do you guys think of the normal Lorre pic?(I know much of you get scared because of his eyes).









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What great photos, all!!


Did you want to know where the first picture was from in terms of what website or what movie? Because I think the movie looks like Lillian Russell....


P.S. I like Peter Lorre's picture a lot---he looks warm and nice....and normal! Lol!


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Yes, it's my favorite picture of Richard Conte. Dolores, I found that picture last night on ebay. If you want the large picture, I can send it to your email if you'd like. Lately I've been collecting pictures of Conrad Veidt, lol. Glad you two liked the photos.

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