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It's a funny thing. I'd never thought of Herbert Marshall as sexy, but the other night my husband showed me an offbeat Cecil B. DeMille picture from the new box set, called Four Frightened People. The movie was utterly ludicrous but lots of fun, and Claudette Colbert and Herbert Marshall had some great (as well as some truly silly) moments. I really developed sort of a crush on him. What a voice!


And to think that the poor man was traipsing about in the South Pacific with a wooden leg (the movie was made on location--in 1934)!

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Oh I think Herbert Marshall is very attractive! His voice was so buttery and soothing. He could read the phone book and I'd be mesmerized. I liked him alot in TROUBLE IN PARADISE and ANGEL, an Ernst Lubitsch film with Marlene Dietrich.


He worked a long, long time with that wooden leg!

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Cary Grant in north by northwest.Gary Cooer in high noon are tops.Paul Newman in Cool hand luke and Abscence of Malice.Jack Lemmon in Missing and GlenGarry Glenn Ross and Odd Couple.Jerry lewis in king of Comedy and Funnybone.Dean Martin in Bandolero and Rio Bravo

Harvey Korman in Blazzing Saddles and High Anxiety(he's funnier in these movie then anything he did with Conway on the Burnett Show.Dudley Moore in Arthur and 10.Robert Preston the music Man and SOB.Martin Sheen in Missiles of october and Kennedy.Don Cheadle in The Rat Pack.Dick Van Dyke in The Morning After.George DiCenzo in Helter Skelter and Cotter Smith in Blood Feud as Bobby Kennedy.John Cusack in City hall and on Gross pointe Blank.just to name some of my favs along with Sinatra in Manchurian Candidate and Robert Redford in Three days of the Condor stand out the most.

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Thanks for these, metsfan. I think Fred was about 18 years old in that first photo you posted.


I love photos of him and Rita Hayworth. He always looks enamored of her and she looks like she's having the time of her life dancing with him.






Here's another photo of him at a very young age:




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