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Gallery of Stars!

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Hey Stoneyburke,


I saw what you were trying to do before I left.

I was encouraged to see you contacting TCM by phone

asking them to do something about the troll problem.

I hadn't even thought of doing that.

Plus my verbal communication skills are somewhat

lacking so I wouldn't be the one to

to make an effective case.


You also confirmed something I'd suspected for some time.

That they really don't care about the problem very much.

(Unless something's changed in the seven weeks

I was gone - I'm still somewhat out of the loop).

Well, I've been silent about that for a long time

and that's the last time I'll mention it.


I'm now on vacation from work and while

I have to limit my time here somewhat

I'd like to express my gratitude for those

efforts and apologize for putting

you in the crossfire a few times

without explanation by posting

some pictures here for you.


Please send me or post here

a list with actors/ actresses you'd like to see.

I will post on this thread only from that list

until I return to work after the Martin Luther King holiday.

Feel free to add names as you think of them.


Thanks! Snarfie


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Claire Dodd and Warren William in Case of the Curious Bride (1935).

Dodd's ultra-office girl wardrobe was designed by Orry-Kelly.

Even the sedate evening gown she wears at the climactic cocktail party

has the crisp white detailing of the workplace uniform.

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Mary Pickford, Louella Parsons and Claudette Colbert,

seated and Warren William and Dick Powell at read at a charity event, circa 1938

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Can you believe that first pic?

That's the only time I've ever seen him without a moustache.

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This place may give me a nervous breakdown yet.

Well, I lasted an entire week back before needing a day

or two break - I guess that's not too bad.

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