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I'm sorry but I didn't know how to respond to something I never saw -

I wish I had seen it.

I wasn't here the large portion of that day.

I mentioned I was trying to limit my time here.

I found this very upsetting that anyone who happened by incl. the troll

was able to read it whether it was any of their business or not,

but was addressed to me.

This preciptated two days away from the boards for me.


I understood your explanation of why you didn't PM me a copy

which would have been fine if I'd seen the original.


From what I gathered from your PM it was a public apology to me

and a rip on TCM and now I come back and I read your PM that it was a goodbye message also?


As I said in my initial reply to you:


To: stoneyburke Previous | Up | Next

From: Snarfie

Sent: Jan 8, 2007 1:04 PM


Hi, Thanks,


I'm not quite sure what you're apologizing

for but I'm quite sure it's not necessary.

(If you did post something publicly I don't see it).

I try to put on blinders when I fight the troll.


I have a bit more I'd like to write but have a dental appt. in a bit.


Thanks, take care, Jeff




If you're leaving because of me stop right there!

You are forgiven by me for anything you've done or said

to or about me.


I hope you'll reconsider - we don't want to lose you!



As to the rip on TCM - well I feel there's no one here that

deserves or has earned the right to hear what you had to say about that

more than me.

I too am split between what to say publicly and what

to say privately. I was originally going to include

in my first message below how I'd been sending Private Messages to

TCMWebAdmin (including some unfortunate initial

speculations which were quickly dropped)

once or twice a week for some time starting

in early October when I came across

the "What a Suprise" thread. They never replied

but I continued on in blind hope that they cared.



I know we seldom got along here but I know your heart was

in the right place.

These boards will not be the same without you.


Once again please reconsider.


Your friend, Jeff




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Hi Snarfie....thanks for the nice words and for all the additional pictures!


I came back on because I was so dismayed at the photos used in the obits of Ms. Yvonne DeCarlo. As you saw from the message I included, though, it's to be expected when people are posting that upon seeing Frankenstein for the first time, the first thought that entered their heads was 'gee, doesn't that guy look like Herman Munster?'. And there you have it, welcome to Pop Up Video America.


I wanted to come back for a bit anyway, if only to share that I just...yes, just, how sad...saw the Ben M. and Robert Osborne Odd Couple spoof. I imagine TCM thought it funny, but I, like many here at the time, see it as symptomatic of the audience TCM is trying to court. Nothing wrong in that, I guess, but it's not my cup of tea.


No problem, I just put my two cents into what you were trying to accomplish at the time and then we became at cross purposes. No, I didn't leave because of you. I left because I no longer have TCM and thus don't have much to input on the movies and for other reasons as well.


Not to worry, I'll always lurk.


Thanks again for your well wishes.

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Thanks, that's encouraging.



I remember your thread about not having TCM as of 11/1 was it? I just figured you had switched to satellite.


Thanks, I'd forgotten about Yvonne - haven't had a chance to look around here yet.


Take care and glad you're still around somewhat!



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They didn't get to work together on screen, but here are Joel McCrea and Bette Davis (being visited by English nobility, Lord & Lady Leverhulme) with Cecil B. deMille. They were performing together on the Lux Radio broadcast of Forsaking all Others... U436668ACME.jpg?size=67&uid={8f3545fd-e1e7-4163-84ca-63b9d5feef35}

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