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Wow. Such florid prose and sophomoric sentence construction. Methinks Mr. Maddin is a wee bit jealous of Mr. William.


Thanks for that, Snarfie. Interesting that he saw fit to write in 2005 about the ethereal Warren. I wonder what possessed him?


smeary stain indeed.


He sounds perfect for TCMU:



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Yeah, it came up in an image search because

it's actually a picture of the article. I don't know why I

posted it - it was in poor taste.

I was going to replace that post with a different link today,

but since you've referenced it I'll leave it.


I should've come back on last night and removed it.


Nevermind - I'm removing it.



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> Who is Warren William? Never heard of him.


> Can someone post a photo of Kevin McCarthy, William

> Lundigan, Ralph Meeker

> and Robert Montgomery?




I'm posting these pictures of Warren William for StoneyBurke

as a form of thanks and apology to her thru Monday.


I'd be happy to post some pictures of Kevin McCarthy, William Lundigan, Ralph Meeker or Robert Montgomery for you next week.


Until then anyone else please feel free.



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This is my first ever post although I enjoy reading almost every day. I usually keep from posting because what gets my dander up is so much relentless negativity -- and I don't want to be negative myself in the response. And as a lover of Truner and good television, I couldn't let pass another criticism of what I think is a really excellent promotional commercial -- the Odd Couple commercial with Robert and Ben. I watch a lot of television and I really think this is one of the best I've ever seen. It's funny and intelligent, two characteristics too often missing from television these days.


And if it's some sign that TCM is trying to bring in more viewers like me then I'm all for it. Keep up the good work everyone!!!

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