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Gallery of Stars!

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Metsfan....You are THE BEST!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting those photos. (spring training is around the corner.....GO METS)


Do you have any other photos of Marlon Brando - I love looking at him.....


Would you happen to have any photos of Michael Landon....also one of my favorites....


Thanks Metsfan!!!!!!!!

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OMG----Thanks so much Metsfan!!!!!!!!!! Those Michael Landon photos are great - he was so handsome.....


And the photos of Marlon Brando are awesome....this was the best looking, sexiest guy I've ever seen.....he was incredibly HOT....I've got to be fanned down now.......LOL


Thanks again.

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> Snarfie, before I lost TCM, that was one of my 'must

> tape' movies, i.e., Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid. It

> had an older William Powell in it, granted, and was

> kind of a weak movie, but it was one of those lovely

> fantasy movies that I love so well.


> It never did make it to TCM or AMC even. It was a fun

> movie.


Yes, I saw Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid some years ago now - I don't remember what station.


Unfortunately I forgot to rewind the tape the other day before I set the timer


so I only caught the first half hour of Miranda.


Next time I guess.

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What a great thread this is. Wow, that first picture of Marlon Brando looking so young with blonde hair - he's so cute. He must be a teenager in that photo.


I think the photo with him at the piano and the one where he's sitting with those bongos are great and his smile is terrific. This guy exudes sexiness. I bet all the women went wild over him back in the 1950's.


I like Brando - but after seeing these photos, I like him even more - I think I'm going pop in a Brando flick right now - probably Streetcar Named Desire.


I think he could possibly have been the most authentically handsome man that Hollywood has ever seen.

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Welcome to the board Twister. I've never been a big fan of Brando but I like "A Streetcar Named Desire". After reading how much you all liked the pics I've added a few more. These are the last ones, lol. Enjoy.


















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To Metsfan:


Thanks for the welcome. I can see how addictive this board can get. I already came back!!!


The photos of Marlon Brando are awesome. You have some of us ladies hyperventilating over him!! I always thought Brando was a good actor - but after

looking at your photos of him, I popped in my DVD of "A Streetcar Named

Desire" last night and really enjoyed watching the film again. It's a great

movie and Marlon Brando was at his best in the film. His performance was

electrifying and he looked incredibly handsome. It's amazing that the

film was from 1951. He sure was ahead of his time in a lot of ways.

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Kodaprn - If these photos don't make you a huge Brando fan, I don't know what will. Thanks so much for posting those 3 photos of him. I love the one of Brando with the cat on his shoulder.


His physique in the other two photos is something......Wow - he is just way too handsome for words.

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Brando is like a Greek God - although he played a Roman in "Julius Caesar". Terrific photos - I've never seen so many photos of Brando before - and these past 2 days have piqued my curiousity in him. He had classic good looks for sure.

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Geez - Marlon Brando should be pictured next to the word "sexy" in the dictionary. This man oozed sexiness. I hope TCM shows "A Streetcar Named Desire" and fast - lots of us women need to catch a glimpse of Brando in that torn, wet, tee shirt yelling "Hey Stella...." after seeing all these photos posted of him.

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Metsfan: great photos (I know Movielover that you are disappointed because there are no Brando photos this morning - maybe they've finally run out them).


Metsfan: Who are the actors in the photos you just posted. I know Cary Grant, Herbert Marshall, Spencer Tracey, William Powell (I think), Lionel Barrymore, but who are the others? Is that Frank Baum from Wizard of Oz at the bottom? I'm also not sure whether that's Jimmy Stewart. I don't know any of the actresses.


Also, where do you find all those Brando photos? Is there a certain website? I actually have one that I like which wasn't posted - but I'm not sure how to put the photo on this thread.


I think Brando is handsome too. I agree that his personality wasn't the greatest at times, but I think he was highly misunderstood. I also think half of what was written about him was meant to sell tabloids - He was definitely eccentric in his later years - but I think Brando liked to push the envelope and do things for the "shock value" and the rest I think was gossip that was written to sell magazines and books and is unsubstantiated. In any case, I tend not to delve to closely at actors or actresses personal lives because sometimes it overshadows their work as actors and we become disenchanted and disappointed in them. Most actors are eccentric in some way and I think that's part of the make-up of the acting profession. In the case of Brando - I think he's a fine actor and enjoy most of his movies - that's all that counts to me - along with the fact that he is quite pleasing to the eye as well.

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