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Gallery of Stars!

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I did see Freaks (1932) a few years back with Leila Hyams as Venus.

It seems like that might have been her most famous role.


It was followed up by:


Red-Headed Woman (1932) as Irene 'Rene' Legendre

The Big Broadcast (1932) as Anita Rogers

Island of Lost Souls (1933) as Ruth Thomas


It looks like she was at the heigth of her career in 1932 & 1933.


My favorite pic of her here is that stunning photograph by George Hurrell.


I just found a couple more Hurrell portraits of her from 1939

I hope to post soon, but they can't match that one.

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Metsfan - thanks for the Ralph Meeker and Vic Morrow photos. They look a little a like. I just saw Ralph Meeker in Kiss Me Deadly - love the movie and he's so handsome - don't you think so?


Where did you find the Vic Morrow photos? These are really great photos. Thank you again for posting them. I thought the photo of Vic Morrow with the hat was actually Richard Widmark - had to look really close - but it's Vic Morrow because he had a very small right index finger - that's how I know it's him. The color photos are great.

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Metsfan, OMG - I am hyperventilating. Thanks for posting the photos. Ralph Meeker is GORGEOUS. How can this actor not have top-billing in loads of films?

I don't know much about him and he's not often mentioned, but he is really a handsome man.


The Vic Morrow photos are also very good. Some of them I've never seen before. That woman with Morrow in the first color photo is a dead ringer for Geena Davis. Twister - I noticed on Combat! episodes that Vic Morrow had the small right index finger. What kind of bathing suit was he wearing - that must have been the "in" fad in the 1960's.


I think Vic Morrow was mostly thought of as a tough guy in films - and never really was thought of as "handsome" until he got into Combat t.v. series - where he really shined - with his charisma and acting talent. I would say that looking at the photos that were posted here and watching him in various movies and t.v programs - I think he was quite a handsome man.


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