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closed captioning

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Right now, the schedule says that "Thousands Cheer", which is on right now, is supposed to be closed captioned. On my tv it is not closed captioned at all. I am a hearing impaired individual who absolutely loves older movies and musicals. I would like to see this matter resolved!!



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I watched and kept it yesterday, just now double-checked - definitely captioned, hardly missed a word. There ARE mistakes in the listings, occasionally: b/w listed as color, 4:3 movies as letterboxed, CC issues, length, etc. Apparently the database has those errors, meaning they get into the schedule that way until corrected. "Thirteen Women" was about 59 minutes instead of 73! If TCM is now licensing everything they show instead of actually owning the library, it's possible that sometimes the copy they're sent to show just doesn't match "specs."


But "Thousands Cheer" was CC - I'm not impaired but leave my CC on almost all the time since I watch so many things on BBC/America and it helps with the accents - also, great fun to see what the (obviously American) captioners THOUGHT the Brits said....

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I have a severe/profound hearing loss so must have captioning on my TV to be able to understand what is said. I have talked to my provider, Astound, and they tell me that they transmit what they receive, and that I should talk to TCM. I talked to TCM who told me that they transmit to providers, captioning, if the movie has been captioned.


Closed Captioning is activated on my TV and I get many captioned programs. I know that some or many of the TCM movies are or have been captioned. I need to get this solved since I am missing out on the TCM's Do you have any suggestions.

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Their "major" movies that have been in their library a while are all captioned, with rare exceptions. As has been mentioned in a lot of posts lately, especially since they are showing movies from studios they used not to have available to them - Columbia, Paramount, and others - they depend on what gets leased to them. Some of the materials they receive are obviously not already Closed Captioned. Very few things were until the early '90s.


And then there are the really old movies they only show maybe once a year, or even years between showings, often in pretty poor condition - the ones that some of us live to see, and others can't stand: Those are almost never captioned because it wasn't "worth it" to spend the money for the occasional showing (and those are ones they never commercially issued, either). Once they become restored and/or commercially available, you'll find they've been captioned, I imagine.


So, if they're playing something that hasn't been commercially issued since the early '90s, pretty much don't expect captioning. Not what you wanted to hear, but I'm sure it's the real situation.

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TCM is currently working on providing closed captions on all of the films we broadcast. Some the films we show are "rented" from other companies, and if they don't have a CC'ed version, we can't offer it to our viewers. Any film available with CC will be broadcast that way.


TCM is in the process of adding closed captions to all the films in our library. Please understand that we have several thousand titles that require this conversion.


All shorts 10 minutes or less do not, by law, have to be captioned. We hope to have all of our shorts captioned one day, but full length films are our priority.


Providing captions to the Robert Osborne intros & outros is something we hope to offer in the near future.


--TCM Admin

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I am not getting  closed captioning on TCM.   Spectrum has changed the cable box several times. Very occasionally the captions will come in for a few minutes and then go out again. I have hearing loss and really can’t enjoy any of the movies on TCM without the captions

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