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Need "Romantic scene with war raging" Help!

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I am working on a writing project and need to reference a VERY popular, VERY well known film that contains a well known scene where a couple (yes, a man and a woman) share a romantic moment (kiss, make out, declare their love, any of the above) while war rages around their heads, preferably with bombs bursting, guns firing, tanks rolling, whatever...


Can you think of anything? If anyone can, it's you clever TCM fans!


Thanks for your help!


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WATERLOO BRIDGE - Robert Taylor and Vivien Leigh during the Blitz.


And the remake, GABY, with Leslie Caron and John Kerr.


One of the most touching/wrenching is with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner during the Spanish Civil War in THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO.

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How about African Queen? Don't Bogey and Hepburn share a kiss when they are launching their attack on the German warship? That would be a famous film and a famous pair, but I don't know if it qualifies as tanks rolling.

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Hello are you looking for a older movie or a more recentone? In Enemy At The Gate starring Jude Law , there is a scene with Rachael Weitz..did I spell that right?..where the Russians are taking a well earned break from fighting the enemy..rows of soldiers lying down and Jude and Rachael with very little distance from soldiers either side get amorous and have their way with one another....trying to be discreet under a blanket..much passion on their part but the war is raging over head..bombs etc. but they are in a very large bunker of some sort where they and many other soldiers come to eat and try and sleep between engaging the enemy.. Its been a while since I saw it but I'm pretty sure thats the scenario. A great film by the way...based on a true story......hope that was of help.. Irene

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