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TCM Programming Challenge "Get Out The Vote" Thread


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Thanks for passing the torch to me. I think you're very able in performing these duties as well. After much deliberation (and that's an understatement for those in the know), I accept the role.


I guess I'll announce the new Challenge theme on November 1, unless people need more time. And there may be new rules as well, but we'll discuss that.


I'd like to urge those who had participated in the past but hadn't this time around, to do so in the next Challenge. And as for the guest programmers, I hope they got a taste for a whole week's programming, after dining on the flesh of an evening's schedule.


Big thanks to Kyle for his phenomenal idea for his challenge, that was very liberating in its inclusion of numerous premiere potential and the social aspects of his guest programmer ingenuity. I'm going to borrow much of that. And thanks again to movieman for turning things over to me.



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In your other life...what were you, twelve years old?


Yes, I'm a Buddhist, and in that past life I was a bottle of Glenlivet. Instead of a "boyfriend" of GG's, I guess I was either a one night stand or a two day binge.


I don't know if re-combobulating is possible. It should be since there should be some reversible process of discombobulating. I guess Thomas Wolfe was right ... you can't go home again.

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I was feeling like having some fun, and I hope nobody minds that I did it, but I got creative and did up a faux cover of Now Playing for each of the six schedules. Please remember, these are not real, nor will they be the covers in real life. But I just thought it would be fun to imagine the Now Playing covers for the month in which the TCM Challenge's contestant's week took place.



Here is one for lzcutter's winning week:






Here's one for allieharding's:






Here's one for movieman's:






Here's one for matthelm's:






Here's one for Sugarpuss' week:






And one for mine:






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You should be the graphic artist for the Challenge. Those covers were great. Loved the tag line with Ida Lupino.


Really very creative and imaginative work!


Thank you for lifting my spirits this evening. (It's been a tough read tonight on some of the other threads).

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Thanks, matthelm. I am just kicking myself now for not putting in the tagline I had thought of for George Sanders, "Master of Menace and Mirth." It cracked me up when I placed it with that grim photo of him but ended up taking it out when I realized that real Now Playing covers don't usually say anything but the star's name. I should have left it in.

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Congratulations lzcutter! Your schedule would make for a wonderful week. Your guest programmer's (Moirafinnie6) picks were nice additions. -- Throwing in a question/suggestion for the next challenge: would it be possible to include a question or two for the guest programmers to answer regarding their choices... a little commentary?


Congrats also to matthelm on the hosting duties!


filmlover, those covers are wonderful! Glad you were in a playful mood!

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Thanks itsart2too2,


The guest programmer idea was Kyle's brainchild and made this Challenge very enjoyable. If you count both Challengers and their guest programmers, this one had the most participants out of all the Challenges. I don't know if I'm going to use the guest programmer idea since it's been done, or if I'm going to come up with a variation of it. I haven't decided yet. We'll know on November first.


Speaking of which, is that too early to start another one? I know much of the week of Thanksgiving will be blocked out by everyone, so we could add an extra week onto it and set the deadline the end of the first full week of December. That way for those posting later in the month, you have time to get the tryptophan from the turkey out of your system and the crazy uncle out of your house.

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First off, filmlover those Now Playing covers are fantastic! I love the one you did for my week! Awesome stuff and for some reason, seeing Arthur Kennedy's name on one made my inner 12 year old swoon. Sigh.


Second, I have to apologize for my lack of being around this place, except that I live in *that* part of the nation where my power went out for an extended period of time because of a freak October snowstorm. We went without power for almost 4 days and I'm still trying to adjust back to my old life and just relax, since I spent the majority of those days bailing out our basement and cooking by flashlight (not recommended, in case you're interested. I almost sliced off a finger while cutting broccoli). I've also come up with some really interesting swearing combinations, in case anyone is interested.


Thirdly and most important, congrats to Lynn for winning the challenge and for MattHelm getting to host the next one. I'd love to participate again if the time permits (November is one of those tricky grey months for me), and I'm really looking forward to the new theme and rules and everything! This is the thread I was the most interested in checking out (scanning the other ones, I can see everyone is fighting in the ninety Zombie threads. Great.)


Also, thank you to Lynn and movieman1957 for your votes for my schedule and the PM vote as well--apparently, communism is alive and well!*


*carrying over the joke that I made in the TCM Programming challenge thread. I'm just trying to keep my sense of humor intact. I desperately need to laugh.


Missed you all!

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Ah, thanks for the tip filmlover. I was a "johnny come lately" to the whole challenge thread -- happened to see it a couple nights before the deadline -- so I appreciate your pointing me in the direction of the notes! I will be checking them out.


Thanks for responding MattHelm. I understand better now how this all works. I think I like it even better now that I realize a new, fresh twist can be in place with each challenge.


sugarpuss, sorry to hear you were among the many caught off-guard up there with that freaky weather and the power outage ~ yikes. Glad you made it through--with all of your fingers! :-)

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Thanks sugarpuss,


Glad your back online and back to the 21st century after getting a taste of frontier life. I hope you do have the time to participate in the next Challenge. Maybe you can incorporate some of your new swearing combinations into your schedule.

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