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Well, it was fun while it lasted....

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MrB - Thanks for taking the time to share that with me. I feel kind of silly I didn't figure that out on my own but guessed there was just no way around it! I've printed out your directions and am taping them up nearby!

Happy taping!


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Well stoneyburke, it looks like I will be joining you in the snow. My apartment complex just switched from satellight to Comcast. What I was paying $35 for will now cost $48.50, and that's before all those extra taxes and fees, I just don't think it's worth it. Luckily we have been recording like mad for the last 2 years and I have plenty to watch.

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sweetbabykmd, ain't change grand?


BTW, I called Time Warner and they know nothing about any plans to come to Westchester. So Cablevision's monopoly on Westchester still stands.


I found out yesterday the owner of Cablevision also owns the Knicks. Look for the local politicos in Westchester in those courtside seats.


TCM, if you're not in on this, I'm surprised you don't have any lobbying power with the FCC on what Cablevision and now Comcast is doing.


And so it goes.



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I'm sorry some of you are having a problem with your company providing TCM.


I have to say, I'm a big ole cheerleader for DirecTV. I love 'em to death. Their customer service has been nothing but wonderful with us. We have an HD Dish, which is a bit different than the regular dish and when we were having a few glitches installing it (ourselves) they were wonderful, guided us thru step by step. My TCM is just part of a basic package which is the $49.99 cost. The only portions we pay extra on are a HBO/Starz package, an extra box upstairs, and the HD.


I have to admit though, when we bought the TV we are using now, the HD box for downstairs was tossed in free. I do find though that if you are in the market for updated equipment like TV's or a surround sound system, what have you, the bigger stores like BB or CC will usually throw in free stuff. That was how it was with us and a few of our friends who were upgrading systems though, I'm not advocating you spending your money on a new TV just to get a free box or dish. Maybe we just got lucky.


I do find we watch quite a few channels on the basic, like Discovery, TNT, Bravo, Reelz, The History Channel, more than I care to mention cause it'll sound like I'm a big ole couch potato. I just happen to have fave shows that I watch at individual times on all of them.


Keep all your options open and be sure to ask how long you are locked into a contract depending on which company you choose. Some are as few as a year, some longer.


I hope you find a solution soon.

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I don't know how it is with DISH, but DirecTV has a "retention" department that will offer deals to long-time customers who tell them that they are considereing switching to another service. For example, when I was thinking of switching to DISH because they were offering free PVRs to new customers, I called DirecTV and they gave me a TiVo for free and sold me a second one for just $49. The thing is when you call you must ask for the "retention department". The regular customer service folks don't usually have the authority to offer these deals. I would imagine DISH would have something like that too.

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