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Your three favorite directors

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It's really hard to choose just three, but i really enjoyed:


Luis Bu?uel, Carl Theodor Dreyer and Jean Luc Godard. They literally changed my life forever! I seriously loved cinema after watching their brilliant films.

[i'll write a more thoughtful post later, but i have to end this now since its late]

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I can narrow it down to one: Ishiro Honda. There are/were many good foreign directors, but to me, he's great. Of course, most people could care less for his films, but in his genre, he's unbeatable.

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There are so many excellent directors it is hard to pick three: I agree Ishiro Honda is fantastic.

My pick for top three is probably: 1. Fritz Lang - 2. Sergei Eisenstein - 3. Akira Kurasawa.

Though I'm sure this list will probably change tomorrow.

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Hard one to call especially since my opinion changes regularly but... I'd have to say Ingmar Bergman, Vittorio De Sica and Francois Truffaut.


As far as modern/ recent foreign directors I would have to say Bille August, Guiseppe Tornatore and Zhang Yimou

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Three favourite foreign language directors?


My first would have to be Fellini. He seems to be out of fashion, but then so am I probably. Favourite Fellini movie: La Strada. Which always makes me cry. Most recent Fellini film seen: Toby Dammit (visually just glorious).


My second pick would have to Jean-Luc Godard, purely on the basis of his early movies like Breathless, A Woman is a Woman, Band of Outsiders, etc. Making experimental cinema fun!


My third pick, I think I'll go for Werner Herzog. Aguirre, the Wrath of God being a movie that affected me more than just about any other film I've ever seen. Proof that epic doesn't have to be bad! And I loved Nosferatu too. The carnival of death scene in the piazza!

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