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Picture Quality of the [i]Kings Row[/i] DVD

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I received my DVD of Kings Row last Friday, and was I thrilled! I placed it into my DVD player, watched the special features and settled in for a look at the movie. But, alas (sniffle), the picture wiggles, and is disturbed four or five times by a small, grey, horizontal line running through it (one appears during the scene in which Reagan announces his intentions towards Ann Sheridan to her father). This trouble occurs during the run of the feature film only; the special features are quite all right.


Has anyone else experienced this, or have I just gotten hold of a faulty DVD?

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I haven't seen this DVD yet, so I looked up its review on the Home Theatre Forum website. Now these folks are very critical when it comes to quality and there wasn't a mention of the problems you had so I tend to believe you just got a bad copy. It happens. When one or two hundred thousand DVDs are being manufactured the odds are that a least a few will be defective. It even happens to Warners who have very high quality control standards. If you return it to where you purchased it, I'll bet your replacement copy will be perfect. Keep us posted.


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The replacement for my Kings Row DVD came yesterday and, I'm sorry to say, has the same problems as the first. The flaws are minor and easily overlooked when one becomes engrossed in the film, but I'm surprised they would exist at all, knowing the high standards of WBHV. Is it possible that a batch of the Kings Row DVDs could be flawed and the others be perfectly normal?

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Yes, it's possible that a whole batch of them were bad, but coming from Warners I'd be a little surprised that it wasn't caught. I'll check with a couple of other forums I go to and see if anyone else has the same problem.

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