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Lesser known westerns


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To: movieman1957;

Thanks for your tip on the Granger western "Gun Glory". I'm sure you're right, and I'll confirm it when I can. I've been at this less than 2 months, and I'm still finding my way around this system. For instance I was only vaguely aware of the imdb net, and your reply caused me to further explore the capabilities of that net site.

Again, thanks.


To: CapMetifu;

On 12/30/06, I posted a response to your question about the "western" which turned out to be a South Africa story. I was right in the broad strokes, wrong on a couple of details. My new informant "movieman" drew my attention to the imdb site, which led me to the filmography of the british actor Lionel Jeffries. Scroll to the right place and click the right notations, and you can get the full info on "The Hellions". It includes a full cast list, and that revealed where I was wrong; Mr. Jefferies was the character named "Luke (they used the English spelling). His sons were Matthew, Mark (again, the English spelling) Jubal and John. Again, I

consider this a very good movie; good luck on being able to track it down.



cmvgor, aka flickerfan

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Stewart Granger made some very interesting westerns of course there is 'The Last Hunt' but one of my favorite lesser know ,northwestern is 'The Wild North'

Some good Native scenes with Stoneys(Alberta Assiniboines).

Speaking of Women in westerns,Cyd Charisse was very good in this one.

It was made in the same year as the ultimate women in western movie,

'Westward the Women' 1952

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I just watched William Wellman's "Buffalo Bill" on DVD. It was a lot of fun. Joel McCrae was fine as Bill Cody, and Maureen O'Hara shone as the love interest.


It's not quite a first rate movie, since things speed along to fit everything in at 90 minutes. Stuff gets introduced and then dropped. However, it seemed like a dress rehearsal for Ford's Cavalry trilogy, and the battle between the Indians and cavalry at a river has to be one of the best battle scenes ever filmed for a Western.

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Stewart Granger has always been one of my choices, in most of all he did. I guess I have been a movie nut most of my 83 years. I have over 700 movies in my library. They cover the late Forties thru the 70's. I converted them all to DVD's last year, and gave all the VHS to the Senior Citizens Center here. I notice a lot of you talk about movies, and on the whole it is most interesting. If and when you are of a mind...give me call anytime. I am in a power chair and on oxygen, so I have little else to do, anytime I can help.................just rattle my cage


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Anyone who read these board with any regularity know that I am a very big Maureen O ' Hara fan, but I believe that Linda Darnell, of whom I am also a big fan, was much better in " Buffalo Bill ",than Maureen whose's role was poorly written. Linda, in a smallish role, as an Indian maiden, was really good.

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Welcome on Scotty. Nice to have you here. We like to have new people. I don't know for sure but you may be the most senior member of the board.


Since we're on westerns, did you go to many of them at the theater when you were young? What was a day at the movies like for you?


If you haven't you should go to the "Who Are We All" thread in the "Hot Topics" forum and tell everyone something about yourself.

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  • 7 years later...

Haunted Gold is on 12:00 AM Monday Night.. I guess that's really Tuesday morning, but it's on Monday night's schedule - that's a TCM peculiarity. Be sure to keep an eye out for the original Maltese Falcon atop the heroine's piano.


I'm sorry to say I haven't seen this John Wayne film and, most likely, will not see it tomorrow as I'll be sound asleep (I dislike recordings). So.. adios to this one and hasta.. whenever. Whenever TCM decides to air this elusive little gem in the future - the near future, I hope.

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