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Hey Bartlett,


I'm curious. What role did Donald Henderson play in Billy Jack? I'm not familar with the actor and Billy Jack is a big guilty pleasure of mine. Has not aged well but made Laughlin a boatload of money.

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Donald Henderson wrote, directed, produced and starred (as Billy Jack) in Billy Jack.>>




Donald Henderson is an alias of Tom Laughlin's. Laughlin, under the pseudoname of TC Frank (with his wife and co-star, Delores Taylor) wrote Billy Jack. He directed the film as well, under his own name as well as produced it.


So basically, Donald Henderson is Tom Laughlin and Donald Henderson does not appear any credits for Billy Jack that I can find.


Laughlin and the other producers basically self financed the film. Warner Brothers released it and it didn't do well at the box office. The story goes that Laughlin bought the film and released it slowly on the drive in circuit and with an ad campaign aimed at teenagers.


The film built on word of mouth became a box office bonanza. This allowed Laughlin and his wife to write, produce, direct and star in "The Trial of Billy Jack" which then led to "Billy Jack Goes to Washington" with Laughlin cribbing from Capra and playing the Jimmy Stewart role. The film was premiered at the old Filmex Film Festival in Los Angeles and then was locked up in a vault for the next twenty years. Rumor was the movie was so bad it just shouldn't be shown but I suspect some rights issues kept it under lock and key as well.

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> Oh... I see. If you look up the movie in the database

> it has the two names credited differently. But I see

> the reason now, thanks.


> :)


What a log jam I caused Heh Heh Heh Heh! :0 :) W / Barbara Carrera / Loverboy



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