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Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

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14 hours ago, slaytonf said:

Don't forget Outward Bound (1930).

The previously mentioned Between Two Worlds was also an adaptation of Sutton Vane's play Outward Bound, which opened on Broadway in 1924, with a cast that included a few who went on to appear in the 1930 film version. 

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  • 10 months later...

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


I saw this movie as a small kid somewhere between the late '60s and early '70s. It was an evening movie and I had no idea at the time whether it was a TV movie or a Hollywood flick. I have been trying to figure out the title, though, since the '90s starting with writing to newspaper columnists who answer obscure questions and then moving on to the Web in general and eventually forums in the 2000s. As time has gone on, I am noting more and more people looking for answers to title and cast, and it's not just in the U.S.  People in the U.K. and beyond have been driven just as crazy in their searches for this film as the rest of us posters on this thread, so we're not alone. If one more person firmly insists it's Sole Survivor yet again I'm afraid I'll lose what little is left of my mind, as I have watched it and it is not the same movie. 

The descriptions on here of WWII pilot and crew members crash-landed in desert waiting to be found and killing time playing baseball is spot on. At end of the movie as each of the bodies is found the ghosts, who didn't know they were ghosts, vanish into thin air until only one is left with the awful truth dawning on him. I could have swore they couldn't find him because his body was buried under the plane, presumably crushed as a gunner when the plane skidded in on its belly. All this checks out with the other recollections posted here — however, I thought it was in color, not black and white as most insist, and no one on here has mentioned that throughout the movie Take Me Out to the Ball Game was whistled by members of the crew. Does anyone else remember the whistling in the movie they saw? If they do and still insist it was in black and white I'll concede that point, but as a kid with color movies/TV shows/color TV available I don't know that I'd have watched it if it was in black and white.

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Iv'e got it!  It's the people who post about remembering this movie who are the ghosts.  And they died--well, I don't know how they died, but if we go to each one of their profiles, they will each one of them disappear, until after the last one disappears, this thread will disappear because all along it has been itself a ghost thread!

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I noticed it is this poster's first post, yet seems almost as involved as the original posters.  I didn't find anything at first glance with regards to "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" BTW.

If this is an actual movie, then there is definitely something that has been overlooked in the usual primary resources.  If the entry is indeed there, it lacks descriptors.

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I watched thisas a kid with my step dad in black n white if I remember correctly it started with them walking like through fog or clouds which ever way they went they ended up back at the plane ! There was a lot of baseball being played as they waited for rescue . They did not know they were dead William shatter was not in it ! I’m convinced my stepdad recorded it on vhs however he was always recording over stuff unfortunately he is no longer with us to ask but there is a box of tapes I must look through hope I find it to put us all out of our misery ! If I do I’ll put it on dvd ! 

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Remarkable. How can so many folks not be able to figure out what movie this was. Or if it was a Twilight Zone episode. Obviously there are many of us who will never forget this movie. I have never been able to forget it, or even find out what it was called after multiple searches. It's all quite mysterious that no one can pin it down, just like the ghosts in the story. Confounding...there MUST be someone who can track this down.

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People are not remembering this movie wrong.  There is no mass hysteria.  The movie did exist exactly as reported.  People who did not get the chance to see it, are just trying to speak for the rest of us, and they can't.   It was likely the first ghost story for us who did see it.   We were greatly impacted by it.   The details have hauntrd us ever since. 

I saw the movie on a color tv, but in Black and White.  It was in the 60's before 1970.  It was more than a half hour and more than an hour long TV show.  It was like a "Friday Night Late Show"  (movie).  We did not have movies on broadcast television every day back then.  We did not have movies during the day either.

It was a plane, not a ship.  After the wreck, ALL OF the  crew scrambled out of the plane and began finding ways to shade themselves beneath the wreckage, AS they were sitting around in the SAND.  Nothing to see in any direction, but sand.

The plot was not readily figured out by anybody in advance.  It was not boring.  No one knew until the end - that all of crew's attempts and ideas to save themselves proved useless all along, because they had actually All  been dead - ever since the crash.

I remember the crew making alliances, bonding, and   fighting.  They made little trips away from the plane to look for people, water, or roads.  Thier trips always circled them right back to the plane as if they were somehow tethered to it.

When  the wreckage was finally found, the rescuers saw bodies that were long dead.  Each crew member gradually figured out that they were dead.  They had futilly suffered to survive until help came -- for nothing. 

This would not be the first time that an older movie, record, factoid, map, photo, etc.,  has escaped being put into digital form and added to the internet.

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I was born in 1970 in the UK and I was young when I saw this movie you're describing.

100% not Sole Survivor with William Shatner.

100% not a Twilight Zone episode.

100% not a documentary.


So here's what I remember about the ghost crew in the desert and their crashed ww2 bomber.

1) They played baseball to pass the time.

2) The crew didn't know they were dead, neither did we right up until the end of the film.

3) At the end, one of the crew started freaking out saying something like, 'They're touching me'. His friend tried to help him but he disappeared in front us. But just before the freaked-out crewman vanished, we saw, from his perspective, a flag covering him as he was being laid to rest.

4) They disappeared one at a time, not altogether.


I remember looking for this a few years back and it seems nobody has got any further with it. People are still insisting the move was Sole Survivor 1970 or a Twilight Zone episode called King Nine Will Not Return but they don't fit my recollection. There are obviously a few movies, documentaries, episodes that are of a similar theme and no doubt some of us are searching for the titles that have been suggested already which then validates their thoughts and memories so they insist it's been found. This film is not those.

Hope it's found soon.

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4 hours ago, LawrenceA said:

4) They disappear one at a time in Sole Survivor.


So yeah, probably not Sole Survivor.

4 out of the 5 disappeared all at the same time in sole survivor.

I have no doubt they're based on the same story.

I was able to watch Sole Survivor at http://www.putlocker20.com/watch/sole-survivor-48663

I'm certain the film I'm looking for was in black and white on the colour tv we had.

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  • 2 months later...

Just purchased "King Nine Will Not Return" (Twilight Zone) on YouTube, and watched it with my father. We followed it up with "Sole Survivor." I have never seen the film my dad describes, which is the mystery involving this particular forum.

He describes it, like most everyone else:

*Black and White

*NOT the Twilight Zone episode

*NOT "Sole Survivor."


*The ghosts of the crew are flying away, sitting on their coffins, watching the crew member (and he watching them)


My father says the film is actually emotional at the end, while "King Nine" has a sterile end and "Sole Survivor" has a relief to it. But whatever this mystery film/TV movie is, he said it choked him up.

Also, there are plenty of films lost forever to mishandling. Or the misunderstanding that no one is ever going to watch a show or episode again. (Looking at you, BBC, with early seasons of "Doctor Who") Just the same, I'm keeping tabs on this thread.

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I have wanted to see this movie ever since I found it being debated by Colonel Needham (sp?) et al @  Stump the Staff on the imdb (and I didn't even have the pleasure of being freaked out by it as a child).

I have it on <somewhat><mabye><perhaps> good advice there could be a woman in it at the end when the plane crash area is discovered so don't rule that out.

I may have missed something here but did someone actually watch and verify  that it is NOT Come in Razor Red (1960) from Armchair Theatre ? I know it was dismissed but is that 100%?

Before I try to watch it online at some site that will either give me a virus or will be blocked in my region, any confirmation appreciated.




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I haven't watched it, but "Come In Razor Red", while written by Rod Serling, is not the same story.  It's about an incident during the Korean war in 1951 where an officer is faced with a dilemma.  Should he order an air strike against the enemy, knowing that he has a platoon of twenty men in that same area?   It was first produced on "Studio One" in 1954 as "The Strike".   Just google "Rod Serling:  His Life, Work, And Imagination" and you will see a synopsis on page 77.

Armchair Theatre was a British series.  "The Strike" was adapted as an episode of "Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theater" as "The Command" in 1964, but again, it's not the same story of downed fliers.


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Ghosts of WW II airmen playing baseball in the desert with a sad, shocking ending.  It's not a Kafka, but it sounds awesome. 

Hello, I wish I knew, but persistence will pan out -- i'd bet on it! I'm not on social media ( except here, and I'm new), but I wonder if Facebook or Twitter people, or somewhere like that could draw some lookers in? SOMEBODY knows the title!! If I knew as many people as the Geico commercial living-under-a-rock-guy, I would know this!  Vicariously, I am horrified for all you who have borne the ordeal of not knowing for all these years.  Even if the last reel has crumbled, the title and other details are on paper and still in heads somewhere. And don't forget that the only decent and complete reels of Carl Th. Dreyer's 1928 classic The Passion of Joan of Arc where found in a broom closet of a mental hospital, untoughed and unharmed after 70 years!!!!

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