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Change the cast

Cathy or Kenton

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Take a recent movie and cast it with an actor/actress from earlier years.


Or Take an old movie and put current actor/actresses in it.


Extra points if you cite a year your "movie" would come out





Thelma and Louise, 1955


Marilyn Monroe as Thelma

Susan Hayward as Louise.




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Several other ideas of "Thelma and Louise" came to me some weeks ago, well before I even discovered this thread today.



"Thelma and Louise" 1958

Anne Baxter as Thelma.

Susan Hayward as Louise.



"Thelma and Louise" 1955

Susan Hayward as Thelma.

Joan Crawford as Louise.



"Thelma and Louise" 1968

Yvette Mimieux as Thelma.

Jane Fonda as Louise.

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"F/X" (originally released in 1986)



released in 1969




Laurence Harvey as Rollie Tyler

John Ireland as Lt. Leo McCarthy

Charmian Carr as Andy (Rollie's young assistant - the young lady) 

Claudia Cardinale as Ellen (Rollie's girlfriend)

Robert Alda as Nicholas DeFranco

Bill Fiore as Martin Lipton

Juano Hernandez as the police captain

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Anchorman (1960)


Dean Martin as Ron Burgundy


Doris Day as Veronica Corningstone


Rock Hudson as Brian Fantana


Slim Pickens as Champ Kind


Jerry Lewis as Brick Tambland


Ed Begley Sr. as Ed Harken


Tony Curtis as Wes Mantooth


John Fiedler as Garth Holliday





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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1951)


Humphrey Bogart as Eddie Valliant


Stan Freberg as the voice of Roger Rabbit


Lauren Bacall as the voice of Jessica Rabbit


Boris Karloff as Judge Doom


Barbara Stanwyck as Dolores


Lionel Barrymore as Marvin Acme

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"The accidental tourist"


1958 or 1959 - with the Oscar-winning star of "The Philadelphia story" (James Stewart), the three-time Best Actress Oscar nominee (Eleanor Parker, "Caged", "Detective story", and "Interrupted melody"), and the Oscar-winning star of "I want to live" (Susan Hayward) - released on the heels of Hayward's Oscar award for "I want to live"




James Stewart as Macon

Eleanor Parker as Muriel

Susan Hayward as Sarah

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The Big Chill (2017)

Sam Weber (Tom Berenger)-Michael Shannon

Sarah Cooper (Glenn Close)-Charlize Theron

Michael Gold (Jeff Goldblum)-Nick Kroll

Nick Carlton (William Hurt)-Jeremy Renner

Harold Cooper (Kevin Kline)-Paul Rudd

Meg Jones (Mary Kay Place)-Amy Adams

Chloe (Meg Tilly)-Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Karen Bowens (JoBeth Williams)-Jennifer Westfeldt

Richard Bowens (Don Galloway)-Tom Selleck

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Shampoo (1993)

Kurt Russell as George Roundy (Warren Beatty)

Veronica Cartwright as Jackie Shawn (Julie Christie)

Meg Ryan as Jill (Goldie Hawn)

Faye Dunaway as Felicia Karpf (Lee Grant)

Gene Hackman as Lester Karpf (Jack Warden)

Don Novello as Johnny Pope (Tony Bill)

Amy Adams as Lorna Karpf (Carrie Fisher)

Taylor Negron as Norman (Jay Robinson)

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