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[b]It's That Time Of Year...[/b] (Your Top 5 Holiday Favorites)

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#1: Favorite Holiday Film


#2: Favorite Holiday Television Special (or moment, as you like)


#3: Favorite Holiday Tradition (or memory, as you like)


#4: Favorite Holiday Radio Song (or artist, as you like)


#5: Favorite Gift (ever recieved or given, as you like)


I'm excited that the Holidays are coming upon us once more. This is one of my favorite times of the year, so I hope all of you will share some of your Holiday favorites with me. I don't care what it is, or how long it takes to explain, I wanna hear about it!


#1: Going My Way. I love when Crosby sings "Silent Night" with the children, or waits up for the other priest to come in out of the rain. Then proceeds to lullaby him to sleep with his classic "Too-ra-loo" rendition.


#2: Charlie Brown Christmas. I just love it when Linus (the one with the blanket, right?) tells the Christmas story... "And that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown..." That always makes me cry.


#3: The Christmas Tree. My family would always make this special... They would get the tree from the same place every year, in the mountains we would travel 3 hours to buy one. It's been nearly 15 years now that they have been doing it. My brother and his wife now carry on the tradition with their children.


#4: Bing Crosby. His voice makes me cry... It's so beautiful. I love "Marshmallow World" with Ella Fitzgerald.


#5: Given. My parents lost a child when it was only a few days old. One year I took the only photo they had of her and drew a portrait... I've never enjoyed giving a gift so much in my life.


And that's mine. Thanks for listening. ;)



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Another great thread, bhf1940! I LOVE Christmas too...everything about it. I'm lucky to have a partner who shares my enthusiasm for all things Christmas so I consider that my greatest gift (even though he wasn't a Christmas gift :)...I hope that counts.) We did "adopt" a kitten recently who was left motherless. We had to handfeed him. He's getting bigger and stronger every day...and so affectionate. When I go home from work I feed him and hold him and he gives me Eskimo kisses...No better therapy than that. Having him this Christmas is all the gift I need. Man, this is getting sappy...

OK-favorite movies would have to be "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Miracle On 34TH Street." "IAWL" is a pretty "dark" portrait, but I always feel melancholy at Christmas and that movie seems to validate my feelings...if that makes any sense. I know it's hokey, but I love it when Zuzu says, "Look, Daddy. Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." As for "MO34THS-" Edmund Gwenn is Santa Claus!

TV specials are "A Charlie Brown Christmas-"Linus gets me with his speech too! and "The Homecoming-"which introduced us to The Waltons...with Patricia Neal as the mother -in a wonderful performance.

I have MANY favorite traditions, but one that I enjoy is driving around looking at Christmas decorations/displays. It makes me feel so connected with humanity. I would love to stop at every house and visit. We just don't do enough of that any more.

I guess my favorite songs would be "O, Holy Night" (especially sung by Billy Porter) and "My Favorite Things" (favorite covers by John Coltrane, Barbra Striesand and The Supremes.) I also love Peggy Lee's "Happy Holidays" and Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas."

And we can't forget the food! I'm an egg nog junkie! One thing that I really miss is my Aunt Lila's divinity. She used to give me my own (large) tin filled with divinity. Haven't had any that comes close to her's yet...

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Great idea:


1- "It's A Wonderful Life." Some very dear friends get together with my wife and me every year and make a day of it.


2- "A Charlie Brown Christmas." For the same reasons you give. (I like the second special as well.)


3- Baking cookies with my family. It goes back to my childhood. I like to eat the chocolate chip cookie dough. Added bonus if it is snowing.


4- Andy Williams and Ray Conniff - My parents had their Christmas albums and we played them to death. Luckily I found them when I grew up.


5- Received an afghan from my wife when we were dating. I thought it extraordinary that someone would put that much time into something for me.


Thanks for listening (too)


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Coming from one of those Brooklyn "multi-cultural" families, and a family that was not particularly close, I made my own traditions out of bits and pieces of what others in the family did.


Favorite Film: "Desk Set" most of the action centers around Christmas.

I'm not tired of "A Christmas Story" quite yet, and I do love

the Alastair Sim version of "A Christmas Carol"


Favorite TV Show: Haven't got one any more. Not a big fan of the mawkish cartoons and such that TV likes to give us. Anyway, these days they start showing the Christmas specials on July 4th, and give us crappy re-runs of the bottom-end sitcoms during Christmas. So I watch "Desk Set" on DVD. I did enjoy seeing "The Nutcracker" ballet, but that is no longer shown regularly during the season. Remember how they used to show the opera "Ahmal and the Night Visitors" every Christmas for years? That dissonant thing used to frighten me.


Favorite Tradition: Never really had one at my house. When I was young, the best part of the season was getting so much time off from school, and maybe seeing my cousins, whom I rarely saw otherwise.


Radio Song: That song that Perry Como sang and I don't really know the name. "It's Christmas, It's Christmas" A sort of German-sounding song, with a kid's chorus. Also The Beach Boys "It's Little Saint Nick," and "The Carol of the Bells."


Gift: I gave my technophobic mother a VCR the year she turned 70, and she not only liked it (she never liked anything anyone gave her), she actually learned to use it.


Then there was the Hannukah side of the family . . . .

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#1: Favorite Holiday Film: I'm a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas; that's definitely my favorite animated holiday film. I think my favorite live-action holiday film would be either It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street. Both those films just make me feel so good every time I see them.


#2: Favorite Holiday Television Special: Like bobhopefan, I love the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It has a good story.


#3: Favorite Holiday Tradition: Decorating the Christmas tree has always been one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time. I remember when I was really little, I would always play with the little ornaments. My favorites were always these little wooden people; we actually still have them, and I hang them up every year. It's just a fun time, and it's a great opportunity to spend time with your family.


#4: Favorite Holiday Radio Song: This is a hard one, but I must say that I loved it when Judy Garland sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in Meet Me in St. Louis.


#5: Favorite Gift: I don't really have an answer for this one, because I treasure all the gifts I've ever received. I do love giving gifts to my family though. It makes me feel good seeing their pleased reactions when they get a present from me.

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Just Two! 1951's " A Chistmas Carol" with Alastair Sim and 1983's Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story". Sorry "It's A Wonderful Life" could not possibly happen in this rotten world! I have personally observed that in time of need friends "Head for the Hills" and do not get involved when a helping hand is needed. To me "A Wonderful Life " is full of "Wonderful BS"! Could you picture the "IRS" dropping a Quarter into the kitty to help out? Ho! Ho! Ho! In today's world George Bailey would have been taken in handcuffs to the police station and rubber hosed for embezzling the bank's money! Ho! Ho! Ho!



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"I have personally observed that in time of need friends "Head for the Hills" and do not get involved when a helping hand is needed."


Sorry to hear it, but want to point out that those aren't "friends"... friends do stay and help out. They're rare, but invaluable.

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> "I have personally observed that in time of need

> friends "Head for the Hills" and do not get involved

> when a helping hand is needed."


> Sorry to hear it, but want to point out that those

> aren't "friends"... friends do stay and help

> out. They're rare, but invaluable.


I guess I don't have any friends than. Just acquaintance's because my "Friends" believe "A friend in need is Trouble"

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> Aftermath:


> The fact that "It's A Wonderful Life" could not

> happen in this world is part of its charm. The chance

> that it might happen is why people love it.


> Chris


And if you pull my left leg you'll hear "Jingle Bells" :)

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Am I pestering people? I did say I did like two movies "A Christmas Carol" ( 1951 version) and " A Christmas Story" (The Red Ryder BB Gun), but stated my opinion that "It's A Wonderful Life" is full of it! That the world is not as depicted in that movie and why were they singing "Auld Lang Syne" for Christmas Day? I thought that song was reserved for New Years Eve. They should have been singing "Grandma got Killed by a Reindeer" for Christmas Day. So you see there are many misgivings in that movie. The Bank examiner giving money? Not even if they spiked the egg nog would he throw a penny into the kitty. All those people in his house while it was snowing outside? Who's going to clean the carpet Donna Reed? See the whole movie is full of gaps and that's why I think it's "BS" Ho! Ho! Ho! :)

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Favorite Movie for Christmas has got to be

1) Holiday Inn -Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire

2) White Christmas _ Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye

3) Going My Way- Bing Crosy- Barry Fitzgerald (see a theme here?)

4) Home Alone (watch this with my 3 small children)

5) While you were sleeping- Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullen (Maybe not a "real" Christmas movie, but it happens during Christmas and I just love it


I love It's a Wonderful Life but as my grandmother was alive, our tradition was we watched this movie New Years Eve night. Still do this. Unfortunately my husband does not like b and w movies, so I usually have to watch it by myself. :(


Favorite Christmas songs:

1) Ave Maria (almost named by youngest child this, but thought it would be sacraligious (sp?)

2) White Christmas- only Bing's verson

3) Christmas shoes _country song, singer unknown

4) Up on the rooftop- doesn't matter

5) O holy Night- several choise



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> LOL.............. you're silly. How can you not like

> Its A Wonderful Life, you snapperhead! Such a warm

> fuzzy movie. The angel Clarence is so funny.


I did like the sequel "It's A Pretty Good Life" better, it was more realistic with George's wife divorcing him and running away with the milkman! :) By the way I have a patent on the term "Snapperhead" and I use it for Dick Cavett. Stop stealing my material who do you think you are Milton Berle?

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#1. A Christmas Story (1983). I just love that movie, because I remember what it was like when I was a kid and I really wanted something for Christmas and got it. :)


#2. Charlie Brown Christmas for all the reason you mentioned, bobhopefan1940


#3. Every year my Mom and I watch classic Christmas movies, Christmas in Connecticut, Miracle on 34th Street.


#4. Judy Garland singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"


#5. When my Mom was in college her apartment got robbed and they stole all her Beatles LP's. So a couple of years ago I bought them all again for her (on CD as she doesn't have a turn table anymore, but I do...go figure). That was the best gift I ever gave. :)

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