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Best version

Cathy or Kenton

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Many stories have multiple movie versions.


Torn on my favorite "Little Women"

You can't beat Hepburn as Jo and God created Dorothy McGuire to be Marmee. But I guess my favorite is the 1940s MGM version.


I'm confused;  In what version did McGuire play Marmee?    In 1933 it was Spring Byrington and in 1949 Mary Astor.


Anyhow I prefer the 1933 version because Hepburn made for a lot better Jo then June Alyson.   (as well as being a fan of Francis Dee and Joan Bennett.


While in both version all the actresses are too old for their parts in the book (teens),    June Alyson is much too old (32) to play a teen tomboy.   e.g. someone like Joan Fontaine might be able to pull off paying a teen when she was 30 but not June.

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It's not a story that I'm that crazy about, perhaps from being forced to read the book back in school, but if I had to pick, I liked the 1994 version with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon the best.


I haven't seen the TV version you speak of, though.

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Actually, it was a 1978 TV version with Greer Garson as Aunt March.Susan Dey was Jo and Meridian Baxter was Meg. Garson and McGuire made it worth watching.


Thanks for the info;   So many versions were made of this classic story.    I haven't seen this 1978 T.V. version but Garson and McGuire were fine actresses so that peeks my interest.    Susan Dey was one of my first teen crushes (Partridge Family),  but her acting ability was limited.

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