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Fa,**** filmmakers/directors own favs. of their own films


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  Wrote about this a couple of yrs back


Famous directors picks as their own best, or favorite movie



*John Ford-(l894-l973) loved "The Sun Shine's Bright" (l953 remake of his own 1935 "Judge Priest" w/Will Rogers)


*Frank Capra-(l897-l99l) of course "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946-RKO Radio)-(TRIVIA: *Welles loathed *Capra's films as being too corny)


Alfred Hitchcock (l899-l980) "Shadow of a Doubt" (l943-*Selznick/UA)


*Woody Allen-(l935-) always used to choose his 1980 "Stardust Memories' But in recent yrs he picks both "Crimes and Misdemeanors" (l989) & "Midnight in Paris" (2010)


*Steven Spielberg-(l946-) cites *"Schindler's List" (l993) 


*Billy Wilder-(l906-2002) *"The Apartment" (l960-UA)-(In which he took home 3 "statuettes")


*Leo McCarey-(1898-l969) "Make Way for Tomorrow" (l937)


*William Wyler=-(l902-8l) *"Best Years of 0ur Lives" (l946-*Goldwyn/RKO)


*Joseph L. Mankiewicz-(l909-93) *"All About Eve" (l950-Fox)


*Martin Scorsese's-(l942-) not entirely certain, though you'd think it's "R. Bull" (l980) however, he now has immense fondness for 2011's "Hugo"


*John Huston's-(l906-87) always voted for 1951's "Red Badge of Courage"-(despite it being chopped up so badly)


*Preston Sturges-(l898-l959)  ???


Ernst Lubitsch-(l892-l947)  ???


*Orson Welles-(l9l5-85) actually always ranked 1942's "Magnificent Ambersons" (RKO) over his legendary "Kane" despite it was thee project that broke his heart in HOLLYWOOD, when RKO brass chopped it up incredibally badly-(approx. 40-45 minutes)


Sam Peckinpah's-(l925-83) was "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid" (l973)


*Stanley Kubrick-(l928-99) is like him, pretty-much an enigma. Though I've heard in the past that 1964's "Dr. Strangelove" was his personal favorite)


Same kind of goes for *Francis Ford Coppola-(l939-) (TRIVIA: He was never a fan of old Gangster movies & only cared about the family aspect of his *"Godfather- Trilogy") :D


King Vidor-(l894-l982) "Hallelulah" (l929) & "The Citadel" (l938)-(1 of his 5 BD *Oscar losses too)


*Vincente Minnelli-(l903-86) "Meet Me in St. Louis" (l944-MGM) though "The Clock" was very personal for him


*George Stevens-(l904-75) "A Place in the Sun" (l95l-Paramount) & "Diary of Anne Frank" (l959-Fox)


*Clint Eastwood's-(l930-) ???-(any info on others, please assist!?)


*George Cukor-(l899-l983) ???


Don't yet have any info on: D.W. Griffith, *DeMille, *Victor Fleming, *Michael Curtiz & many others? :unsure:

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 At the 24th Cinematheque Awards, Clint Eastwood listed the favorite movies he starred in / directed, in order.


"Bird" (1988)


"Letters From Iwo Jima" (2006)


"Million Dollar Baby" (2004)


"Mystic River"' (2003)


"The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976)


"Unforgiven" (1992)





(Ok, what got bleeped out in the thread title?)

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  THANX FOR THE INFO! & not very surprised that *Clint picks "Bird" because he adores that music


& to anybody, if you have info on the favs of Sturges, *Curtiz, *Fleming, *Cukor-(kinda' think it might be his 1933 version of "Little Women" (RKO)

Griffith-(likely "Intolerance" (l9l6) but I only post what I'm positive of & others  i.e. *M. Nichols, *Coppola, *Kazan & the rest please let me/us know?)

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  But there's no doubt that *Bob Fosse-(l927-87) loved 1979's "All That Jazz" the most.


& there's a current docu & in EW magazine thing on Brian De Palma-(l940-) but don't yet have that info?

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  Man, how could I neglect to include: Howard Hawks-(l896-l977) the only director of that glorious era  "The Studio-System" (circa 1925 to 1960) that could handle any film genre!


He always preferred his 1941 bio "Sergeant York" (Warner Bros.) (TRIVIA: As all know *"The Master" as *0rson called him *John Ford, won another of his *Academy (AMPAS) Award record holding BD victories for the same yrs magnificent *"How Green Was My Valley" (Fox)-(by the way that's *Clint's favorite film)

But, *Ford thought that Hawks shoulda' won instead for 1941 & not him. Outrageously, that was Hawks 1 & only BD nod???

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  As for "Cinema's All-Around, All-Time Genius: *Charles (Spencer) Chaplin"-(l889-l977) he always & until he passed away on Christmas day 1977

Admired "City Lights" (l93l) (UA) the most.


& as for  Buster Keaton-(l895-l966) he loved his 1927 silent comedy masterpiece "The General" more than any other he helmed

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