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Foreign Horror

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Looking for some suggestions movie suggestions here. In my personal opinion, Asian film makers have been the only ones to get horror right in the past ten years or so. I'm looking for some truely frightening stuff here.


Start tossing out some flicks from other countries people should check out.


I'll get it started:

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean)




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I'm not up on foreign horror in the past ten years. However, for classic foreign horror, I strongly recommend:


Eyes Without a Face (French)

Onibaba (Japanese)


As for the famous Italian director Dario Argento, I like "Bird with Crystal Plumage," "Inferno" and "Tenebrae."

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Lucio Fulci's Zombie.

Witchcraft Through the Ages.

Nosferatu - both versions


Vampyros Lesbos - for something offbeat


Daughters of Darkness


In the last ten years or so there was a South Korean film about a serial killer that was pretty good. I can't remember the title at the moment but I remember the title didn't sound like a horror film.

Also there was a Japanese horror film made sometime in the 1990's that was really good. Unfortunately I have never been able to find the title. It is about a series of murders that have the police tracking a serial killer, but the murders are commited by different people because there is some sort of monster that transfers from person to person through water. They had a very creative way of destroying the monster at the end. If anyone knows the name of this movie please let me know as I consider it the best Japanese horror film in recent years.

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How could I have forgotten about "Daughters of Darkness"? It is a very well done take on the vampire theme.


After you see that one, you might want to look at Paul Verhoeven's "The Fourth Man," which seemed almost like a sequel to "DoD."


Then for silent foreign horror, "Witchcraft Through the Ages" is fascinating, although it is somewhat like a documentary and not a story, although it has stories in it.


I strongly recommend "The Phantom Carriage," (sometimes translated "Phantom Chariot") which is a Swedish film from 1920 but very effective. I'd bet money Stanley Kubrick watched it before making "The Shining."

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