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Help findind a version of the War of the Worlds movie


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I'm searching for a version of the War of the Worlds movie. This is a black and white version I have seen a couple of times that depicts a reenactment of the original radio show of the War of the Worlds. This is not the 1953 or Tom Cruise version. The movie cut back and fourth between the actors during the set up of the radio show and actions during the show, also reactions of the public during the show outside the mercury theater. It also had scenes showing how the mercury theaters phone operators were affected by incoming phone calls. I am also trying to find this on DVD to purchase. Any help is welcome. Thanks

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Could it be the Studio One episode, "The Night America Trembled" (see link)? The original live broadcast was preserved and is available on DVD. You might have seen a local station's rerun of it.




Another possibility is the 1975 TV movie, "The Night That Panicked America." It's in color, but you might have seen it on a black-and-white TV. I don't think it's available in any home-video format.



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Hello I remember seeing a War Of The Worlds radio broadcast reenactment here in Australia some years ago.. It was a made for TV special. I recall it being a Orson Wells tribute week or similar here. I cant recall who played Orson Wells, but it the show explained how the radio broadcast evolved ,the impact on the American public and the panic it caused to some not realising it was just a radio broadcast. I think it nearly caused the close of the Mercury theatre and landed Orson Wells in quite a lot of trouble, due to the panic of the public. I doubt if its available to the general public either on VHS or DVD... loging on to an Orson Wells site may give you some information... hope this helps... Irene

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