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The Superman Serials


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> You won't believe this, but the truth is the studios

> and/or DC comics wanted the public (kids) to believe

> that it really was Superman on the screen. Take a

> listen to the radio show, too, and you won't hear any

> credit. Such an innocent age it was.




I also found this.


Thanks for the reponse!

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I am enjoying these so much more this time around than I did on my initial viewing. Kirk Alyn is a great Superman, Noel Neill is the best Lois ever, and the action keeps coming.


I have heard some criticism over the animated flying sequences, but I think they work really well. They're dynamic, well integrated into the film and work far better than the live action George Reeves flying shots. I always found those somewhat boring.


I have never seen the second serial, but have heard that it's superior to the original. If that's the case I can't wait.

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Did anyone catch "Atom Man vs. Superman" this morning? Wasn't it great?


I wondered why Atom Man got top billing. His head looks like an upside down pot covered in glitter. He would make for a terrific Hallowe'en costume, but no one would recognize who you were. I thought Lyle Talbot made for an excellent Lex Luthor though.


One of the things that makes Noel Neill great as Lois is her choice of hat. The single feather sticking out of the top of it - just the thing to help establish Lois as a pushy, aggressive sort. I also LOVED how the bad guys had a TV camera inside of a truck in 1950. I guess they had to hijack Klaus Landsberg's techs to build them one!



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I have been absolutely loving these serials! I decided to watch them when TCM started showing them because I am such a huge fan of The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves (I swear, it's my favorite show). Anyway, I incredibly enjoy the corniness and silliness of these serials, from the "This looks like a job for SUPERMAN" line to the anticipation of seeing what Lois's next hat will look like. But aside from that, I think the casting and the storylines are superb. I am currently eagerly awaiting next Saturday's serial: Was Superman really dissolved into atoms? Will Lois go careening off the cliff? Who knows!

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I am not sure what you mean in this case about lost serials. As far as Superman goes, there were only two serials ever made (and they were produced by Columbia). I believe TCM was showing the Superman serials in particular because of the DVD release by WB next week.


There are a great many serials that were made in the 1930s-1950s that still exist but will not be in the TCM library which concentrates on the WB, MGM, and RKO studios. And of these three studios, they never made any serials during the sound era (WB made a silent serial in 1920). Serials in the sound era were produced primarly by Universal, Columbia, and Republic (which took over from Mascot).

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While watching the "Superman" serials this morning, and although camp and fun, it's hard to believe that we bought this stuff as kids.


It reminded me of a line in the movie "Misery" with Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes:

"He didn't get out of the COCKADOODIE CAR!"

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Finally managed to watch "Superman Returns" today. Kate Bosworth did nothing for me as Lois -- in fact, I prefer Margo Kidder, which is saying something.


Noel Neill is still the best Lois ever, followed by Erica Durance of "Smallville." They should have given the Lois role in the movie to her.


I also checked out the Richard Donner cut of "Superman II." Despite the fact that the denouement doesn't work, it's a far superior movie to the original. Terence Stamp's Zod goes from mean to downright vicious. More footage on Supe's conflict over wanting to be human, and the restoration of Brando's Jor-El make a huge difference.


I also bought the DVDs of the serials. It's a nice package, highly recommended.

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