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Night Gallery - The Sixth Sense TV Series

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The weather is very nice here, bright and sunny. I checked Accuweather before I left home and brought waaay too many long sleeved shirts. The Byzantine architecture here is a hoot, I feel like I'm on the set of "Star Wars, Episode II." Ooooh, wookie there, it's a bantha!





"There's a signpost up ahead...


Your next stop...



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Well, Istanbul IS Constantinople now.


No. Strike that. Reverse it.


Why they changed it, I can't say (People just liked it better that way).


Changed it back, that is. I mean, from Constantinople back to Istanbul. Unless you really meant Isambul, which I understand is the name of a marketplace in Rochester, NY, and very much closer to bronxgirl48 at the moment. Or so I've heard, but then I've never been to Rochester, though I hear the Byzantine architecture is a hoot. I did go to Ithaca, NY once, and I probably flew over the one in Greece on Sunday morning. Ithaca that is, not Rochester.




Yes, Mr. Benny?


Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser...


Message was edited by: spazhoward

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Hahaha. Part of me sure wishes I lived on a dude ranch with the campfire and the marshmallows but no, I'm still here in Boca, where the marshmallows sell for ten dollars a bag, and no one knows what a campfire IS. (well, I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get my drift)


Nah, not in Binghamton, just a nod to Rod. (hey, that rhymes!) He was standing beside me in my mind, patiently waiting with me for that ride on the merry-go-round. Only one summer to a customer?? Not by me!


Okay, you wanna hear a real scary story?? My mother calls me up last night howling with despair because a certain female presidential candidate visited her condo's clubhouse, and Mom wasn't there to see her. So she was weeping and weeping and weeping......she sounded lost....like the ghost of "Mary Meredith" on the staircase in THE UNINVITED.....


Then, the sobbing died away at dawn.......

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I don't know why I thought Arizona--You know a few years ago I spent my whole summer

vacation tooling around AZ. in an old beat up station wagon, looking for Ghost Towns

found one too, named Calico and I camped on the floor of the saloon--just me an my

pooch Sasquach--

Tell mom to dry her tears SHE will be back, I just saw her itinerary.

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Yes, that's the SHE who must be obeyed I guess. (come to think of it, I'd rather have Ursula Andress instead....then sexy Harry Hamlin could be First Hubby)


Remember the old t.v. series GUESTWARD HO? With J. Carroll Naish as the Indian, and Mark Millar and who else, Pat someone....I think that took place in Arizona. Always wanted to go.

I've got a yen for tumbleweeds (ooh, I'm just recalling that OUTER LIMITS episode with Eddie Albert and June Havoc...)


How's your pooch? I love ghost towns, I'll join you on Route 66 down those dusty American roads.

(we'll probably run into Alton Brown on his motorcycle with his giant box of donuts)

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Do I remember Joanne Dru on Guestward Ho !?

My pooch is five years old and she is full of artheritis-- she is a Heinz 57 breed

and she was the runt of the litter her own mother didn't want her and pushed her away with her nose--I took her and nursed her with a baby bottle- [ she is also my best friend ]

Now I don't know how I ever got stuck up here in New England when my heart is in the West

My best time is just what you said --down route 66 and keep on going--

I was thinking of buying a trailer and just travel here and there. oh well !



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Couldn't see your dog on that little "link"...but I'm sure she's a sweetpea.


Oh, I just remembered -- Ursula never married Hamlin, only lived with him -- but not anymore.

Oh, those crazy movie stars and their revolving partners! One needs a scorecard...


Joanne Dru -- that's right -- I was confusing her with Pat Crowley, who was in the t.v. version of PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES, which I think also starred Mark Millar!


Hey, New England has a LOT of charm, except if you're a Steven King character.




Message edited by Rod Ser--I mean, Bronxgirl



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Yeah, schweetheart, I think I saw that guy with the lamp and the long white robe on Tuesday night, at the bazaar across the street from my hotel in Istanbul. He looked kinda like Jimmy Stewart in drag. He and some dame with gams that wouldn't quit were haggling over the price of a black statuette of some funny-lookin' bird. She was the kind of girl who would leave a guy standing on a station platform in the rain, with a comical look on his face because his insides had been kicked out. I was sitting in the hotel bar. Sam was playing piano while I drank. So I sez to Sam I sez, "Sam?" I sez, "Play It, Sam." But I was miquoted... often, and to my increasing annoyance.


Then I went to sleep and dreamed Jimmy Stewart was now dancing in the bazaar, wearing a brassiere. Bizarre. Musta been something I had for dinner. I was just about to eat my date (you know, the fruit of Phoenix dactylifera, my goodness, whatever did you think I meant?) for dessert, when my friend Sallah snatched it from mid-air and pointed to a dead monkey on the floor. "Bad dates," Sallah said. He wasn't kidding.


Next in my dream, I hightailed it to the airport, but my flight from Istanbul crashed in the desert. The pilot looked like Jimmy Stewart, only straight this time. Some German toy designer who was onboard told us to chop the plane into pieces and weld half of it back together. We tried to fly it out of the desert, but someone screamed "THERE'S A MAN ON THE WING OF THIS PLANE!". Well, actually, all of us were riding on the wing of the plane, there was no place else to sit. So we pushed Shatner overboard, to great applause, and flew to safety. Then I woke up, safe and sound and still in Turkey.


Tell me doctor, what does it all mean?


P.S. I saw Topkapi after dinner tonight. The real place, not the movie.

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To get this thread back on track...Does anyone remember a night gallery about a family of

werewolves--and the way you could tell was their index finger was longer than their other fingers?


Did Leslie Ann Warren play a vampire on a boat? something like that she enticed men from a boat? because she couldn't swim? Thanx

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"The Phantom Farmhouse" is one I go around and around on. The original story was written back in the 20s by Seabury Quinn. Sometimes when I read it, I think it is terrific. Then I read it again, and I think it is predictable junk.


I am not so badly split about the Night Gallery version. They did a good job updating it to the Seventies. I guess I find it more romantic than scary. Perhaps not one of the first rate episodes, in my opinion, but just short of it.


To me, "The Canal" was a far better story (also from the 1920s or 30s) than it was a Night Gallery episode.


It strikes me as odd that "Night Gallery" was often based on stories that were older than the ones "Twilight Zone" was based on. In some ways, "Night Gallery" seemed like more the heir to "Thriller" than to "Twilight Zone."

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Did you mean Thriller with Boris Karloff? I once saw a thriller story about a house with no mirrors. because a vain girl was so beautiful she danced into the mirror. and any reflection they tried to drag you into the window or any reflective surface. now, I think the woman was played by Donna Douglas.



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Good point about much of the source material for Night Gallery being older than Twilight Zone. This could be due to the intended flavor of each series. There are plenty of exceptions of course, but I feel much of the best horror writing was done earlier than the best sci-fi. Like maybe "horror" is based on fear of the unknown, and "sci-fi" is based on fear (or hope) about what you've recently learned. So Victorian shadows and scientific ignorance make for better horror, but when you turn the light on and can actually see what's there, it may not be as scary but may be even more weird.


Like the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, the genres of Horror and Sci-Fi writing seem to have "sweet spots" based on then-current and knowledge and available technologies. The Horror genre got some fresh blood (sorry) once we realized that our next door neighbors might really cook and eat us, then bury any remains in the basement. And with so much technology in the world, real life is almost like Sci-Fi now. So while there is still some great writing in that genre, it may never seem as fantastic as a teardrop-shaped silver rocketship once did, because we can now believe that almost anything is truly possible; even nanotechnology and biological engineering are realities now. Hmmm.. come to think of it, those technologies could be where science and horror get back together for a farewell tour of the real world.

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Yes, I did mean "Thriller" with Boris Karloff. The episode you mentioned was called "The Hungry Glass," and starred William Shatner. The story it was based on is "The Hungry House" by Robert Bloch, who wrote "Psycho."


"The Hungry Glass" is a good "Thriller" episode that feels a bit like "The Uninvited" (1944). I prefer the short story myself, which I think is one of Bloch's best.

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sounds like a great channel....i would put up with the commercials to get the night gallery and hitch shorts....too bad i don't use direct....wondered, does it run any of the old Outer Limits episodes?

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