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Scotty Winter

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A few moments ago there was a small discission on cartoons, and possible slurs intended or not....I wud like to go on record that I fail to see what difference it makes whether the characters are Black,White,Chinese,Japanese,,,,,whatever. I doubt seriously that children, that age really give a hoot , the biggest mistake by one and all was in Banishing "Song Of The South" I found a laser disk of it in Japan, and ordered it,for a $100.00..It's Japanese on one side and English on the other. This... for my money...is the greatest story for children,black,White,Red or Yellow, that Disney ever made, and sent down the pike. I am 82, and my grandchildren all have copies of it,

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Is that your best shot, I mean coming from the west side, Barrington Hills, Naperville: you really should be able to talk smack with greater authority. The pseudo-intellectual dribble of negative reflection is just the psycho-dynamics of your bourgeois empiricism. The machinations of your up-bringing must allow you a greater authority than a patronizing insult. Suburbanites like yourself : whom believe themselves to be the novus ordo seclorum, have to do better against a rube from Michigan than what you splayed out on the thread. The fecundity of your mind seems barren if that is all that you can deliver. So..hit me with your best shot, not like the tepid slight you administered so poorly before, please actually try to have something of relevance to say. Anything less, is an insult to my extremely limited intellect.

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